Council Meeting Minutes – November 2015

Council Meeting Minutes

November 12, 2015

Attending:  Pastor Vogel, Jim Johnson, Judy Lojko, Ellen WachowskiGuests Attending:  Mark Jacobitz, Liesl Begnaud

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm with prayer by Jim Johnson.

The Vision Study was Chapter 11 of the book “Autopsy of a Deceased Church.”

Judy Lojko made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as presented.  Pastor Nancy seconded.  Motion carried.

Following discussion, Ellen Wachowski made a motion to accept the Financial Report.  Jim Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Novus Way (Luther Springs with other camping facilities of Region 9. ELCA) has begun a capital fund drive and asked for a contact person at SOTH.  Following discussion the Council decided that we are a congregation in transition to a new pastor and cannot participate at this time. The council may consider a donation at a later date.  Diane Bursey is our contact person for Global Missions donations/ministries.

Pastor’s Report:  Novus Way (Luther Springs with other camping facilities of Region 9. ELCA) has begun a capital fund drive and asked for a contact person at SOTH.  Following discussion the Council decided that we are a congregation in transition to a new pastor and cannot participate at this time. The council may consider a donation at a later date.  Diane Bursey is our contact person for Global Missions donations/ministries.

Judy Lojko made a motion to accept Pastors Report.  Ellen Wachowski seconded.  Motion carried.

Old Business: 

Kathy Wright was sent a thank you note in appreciation of her interaction with the sign issue.

Ellen Wachowski made a motion to accept the resignation from Council of Joe Sandor.  Jim Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

The flag on the cell tower will be replaced.

Jim Johnson has checked the church sign and recommends that we use vinyl tape to cover “Wednesday Night Service Schedule.”  Jim will complete this.

Front door security is a concern.  Ellen Wachowski will get the name of a company that she recently secured and is very pleased with their service and cost.

Online banking is felt to be of no benefit to us at this time. The Crown Castle check will, however, be a direct deposit.

Replacing the spot lights in the sanctuary needs to be coordinated.  Jim Johnson will contact Marc Faraci about renting a lift from his company.  Joe Foryan may be able to help with replacing the lights.  The pulpit will be repositioned after the carpet is cleaned and is to be aligned with the piano on the other side of the room. A wireless lamp and wireless microphone will be secured to eliminate the wires that must be taped down to avoiding trips/falls.

The choir monitors issue will be tabled until the next meeting.

Scholarship Endowment-Judy Lojko will meet with the committee to explain the account, which originally held $20,000.00. The committee will be responsible for disbursement of funds.

Monies have been donated for cleaning the carpet.  Judy Lojko made a motion to move funds from Thrivent.  Jim Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.

New Business:

Pastors Housing Allowance for 2016:  “$25,000 of Rev. Nancy C. Vogel’s compensation for the year 2016 is designated as housing allowance (section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code).” Judy Lojko made a motion to accept this clerical notation.  Jim Johnson seconded and motion carried.

The individual council reports for the annual congregational report are due December 10th and are to be submitted electronically.  The Annual Congregational Meeting is the 31st of January following the second service.

HVAC Complaints: There have been complaints about the excessively cold temperature in the office.  Judy Lojko will contact Debbie Kiely or Ripples A/C to inquire about checking/resetting the controls.

Donations (food expenses) for Troy Evans memorial service have been received.  It has been suggested that a special fund be established for future service meals.  Judy Lojko will set up a separate account for this purpose.

A council member orientation is being planned.  There will be a review of structure, activities, and policies. Pastor Nancy will coordinate and lead the discussion. Date agreed upon is 11/19/15 at 6 pm. Judy will discuss finances.

Jim Johnson made a motion to elect Judy Lojko as treasurer. Judy is also to be granted access to the safe deposit box. Joe Sandor will be removed as Treasurer from the safe deposit box and check accessibility.  Pastor Vogel seconded and motion carried.  Check signees will be Judy Lojko and Jim Johnson.

Judy Lojko made a motion to appoint Liesl Begnaud and Mark Jacobitz to Council. This term is effective until the next congregational meeting.  Jim Johnson seconded and motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM with prayer.

Ellen Wachowski

Council Secretary










Council Meeting Minutes – August 2015


Thursday, August 13, 2015

ATTENDING; Pastor Nancy Vogel Jim Johnson Judy Lojko Joe Sandor Ellen Wachowski (conference call)

The meeting was convened by Jim Johnson at 6:55 PM.

The devotion was read by Pastor Vogel, entitled “I Choose You” from the book “Velvet Elvis,” by Rob Bell.

The vision/education segment was from the book “Autopsy of a Deceased Church, chapter 8. Due to a heavy agenda chapter 9 will be discussed at the next meeting.

Discussion from chapter 8 differentiated among various sizes of churches. The family size church leading up to the mega church has different expectations of the ministers. Pastors have a high risk of burnout when the expectations of the congregation are unrealistic. Tenure is also decreasing as a result of this burnout. In churches having 0-50 matriarchs and patriarchs run the church and the pastor covers worship, visitations and rites of the church. In congregations of 50 to 150, the Pastor is the hub of all activities. A program church is where the members number 150 to 300, committees are formed and structure is needed and Pastor develops leaders. Over 300 members is more of a mega church format with multiple staff. Transitions between different size churches are often ignored and one pastor is expected to do it all. In today’s church culture, the pastor is on call 24-7 and expectations are often too high to achieve.

The question we, as a congregation, should ask is, “What do we value as a congregation”? We need to set priorities and realistic expectations.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Jim Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes, Judy Lojko seconded and motion carried.

The Call Committee will meet again to further develop the MSP; a passion for ministry is missing.

Treasurers Report
A redistribution of funds is needed in next years budget.

The funds not used for the recent Detroit trip by our youth will be designated for the Houston Gathering in 2018. The youth group money will be spent for the Rock The Universe this year. Fund Raising will be conducted to increase the funds in both accounts.

Funds for the Flower account will be removed from Worship and Music and placed in the Administrative budget. New numbers have been assigned.

Jim Johnson made a motion to accept the Financial Report, Joe Sandor seconded and motion carried.

Pastor’s Report: Joe Sandor made a motion to accept the Pastor’s Report Jim Johnson seconded. Motion carried.


Thank You notes have been sent to Larry Holihan for his work on the Data Base, to Wayne Ahlers for his work on the sound system and to Diane Bursey for her VBS coordination and volunteering in the office. We are encouraged to provide thank you’s for the newsletter. The deadline for the newsletter is the 23rd of each month for the next month.

Long Term and Short Term Staffing: For the short term, Kathy Wright is on vacation until the September 20th. Diane Bursey is volunteering in the office and doing very well. Joe Foryan is still a worship assistant. Paul Motto will be starting as supply organist on September 6th. Mr. Motto will be paid $100 for one service which includes mileage.
Judy Lojko has requested that all short term employees hours be submitted each Thursday so payment can be made.

Long Term Staffing has been investigated and inquiries have gone out to the schools that have music programs. Pastor has five resumes from musicians. Two are willing to be supply organists. Job Descriptions have been revised and approved.

Pastor has received one resume from a new Rollins graduate that is promising. He is to be interviewed this coming Sunday. Job combinations may need to be considered. Job Descriptions can be revised to share related tasks.

The sign at Caspian Lane entrance is not visible due to trees and bushes obstructing. Jerry Brown will be approached to research and take care of the problem. Joe Sandor and Jim Johnson will follow up on this item.

The Scholarship Fund has been confirmed as an endowment; only interest to be spent. Joe Sandor made a motion to release the interest for the scholarship fund from the investment account, Judy Lojko seconded. Motion carried.

The Scholarship Committee will be reactivated by pastor Nancy. Diane Bursey, Ruth Monzillo and Dave Wallin will be contacted.


Less expensive offering envelopes are available. Several issues regarding identification as well as the need for envelopes for special events such as Easter, Lent, Christmas, etc. need to be included. Joe Sandor will investigate and Diane Bursey will be consulted.

The Emergency lights are operational per Jim Johnson.

Item #5 under new business was considered a non-issue. No action necessary.

The church mailbox is located in an unsatisfactory place. Mail gets wet and there is no outgoing. A better in-out arrangement for mail delivery is needed. Joe Sandor will call the post office to investigate an improved mail delivery system.

We will continue one service through September. For October, several time and energy saving proposals were discussed. It is possible to have two identical services, continuing the Worship and Praise on the first Sunday of each month. In September the decision will be made regarding service times and process, e.g. same bulletin for both services.

A discussion was held regarding Stewardship. We must make Stewardship more creative and personal. Various media can be used. October 4th, 11th and 18th will be Stewardship Sundays. Several suggestions were made regarding having Ken Felt, Sue Sherman, Debby Keily as speakers. Pastor will contact these folks, and some of the members from the last new member class.

A new Altar Guild person is needed due to the health of the current leader. Due to difficulty in finding volunteers, it was suggested that we highlight the need for people to fill these ministries.

Vacation Bible School had over 80 students. The entire worship service this past Sunday was the VBS experience. Twenty-five of the participants attended the Sunday service. Names of all participants will be added to our data base for future mailings.

The Budget was discussed. We need to add $1200.00 for the sound system. This is under Building and Grounds. We have received a bill for exterminating services. Judy Lojko will check on this item.

Joe Sandor will check the battery on the AED. $200.00 will be left in the budget for this equipment should we need to replace the battery.

Playground equipment was discussed. It was decided that only commercial grade equipment be considered. It was decided to put this item on our Wish List and omit it from the budget at this time.

Potential to replace the office copier was discussed. This will be investigated as to cost, etc.

Signed copies of the approved Council Minutes since December 2014 must be sent to the church office for posting and filing. Ellen Wachowski will follow through with this.

The next meeting will be held September 10th.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Ellen Wachowski



Thursday,  December  11,  2014

Shepherd  of  the  Hills  Lutheran  Church

Governing  Council


Members  Present:  Debbie  Kiely,  Judy  Lojko,  Pat  Quelhorst,  Carol  Rosum,  Ellen  Wachowski,  Diane Bursey,  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  and  Michelle  Candage Debbie  Kiely,  President,  opened  the  Meeting  at  7:09pm.

“Gods  Leaders  are  Alight”  was  read  by  Debbie  Kiely  along  with  the  opening  prayer.

The  November  2014  meeting  minutes  were  reviewed.  It  was  moved  that  the  minutes  be  approved  by Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko.  The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.

Treasurer’s Report  –  Pat  Quelhorst  presented  the  November  2014  Financials  and  Treasurer’s report.  The  amount  of  $12,000  was  paid  towards  the  mortgage  principal.  Diane  Bursey  moved  to accept  the  Treasurer’s  report  and  it  was  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko.  The  motion  was  unanimously


Pastor’s Report  –  Action  Items

A  motion  was  made  to  approve  the  Pastors  report  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Ellen Wachowski.  The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.



Congregational  Retreat:  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  will  ask  Sara  Holton  to  document  the  notes  from  the visioning  retreat  on  11/23/14  by  the  annual  congregational  meeting.  The  formalized  notes  will  be provided  to  the  new  council  that  will  be  established  at  the  annual  congregational  meeting  in  January 2015  and  a  plan  of  action  and  next  steps  will  be  determined  by  the  new  council  at  that  time.

2015  Budget:  Council  finalized  the  2015  proposed  budget.  A  motion  was  made  by  Diane  Bursey  to amend  the  utilities  expense  by  increasing  to  $25,000.  The  motion  was  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko  and was  unanimously  approved.  The  2015  proposed  budget  will  be  presented  to  the  congregation  at  the January  2015  annual  congregational  meeting.

Call  Committee:  Council  reviewed  all  call  committee  applicants  and  determined  final  members.  Six candidates  and  no  alternates  were  chosen.  Debbie  Kiely  will  talk  to  those  whose  bios  were  not accepted  for  the  Call  Committee.  For  now,  this  information  is  confidential.

Cell  Tower  Lease:  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  communicated  with  Ken  Schmidt  from  Steel  in  the  Air.  A letter  was  drafted  and  sent  to  all  cell  tower  companies  with  an  expiration  date  of  December  19,  2014 requesting  their  best  and  final  offer  beginning  no  lower  than  $225,000.  If  available,  final  responses will  be  discussed  in  January  2015  meeting  with  next  reports.

Annual  Council  Reports:  Council  liaisons  (5  out  of  7)  submitted  their  2014  annual  reports  in  preparation  of the  annual  congregational  meeting  to  be  held  in  January  2015.  The  outstanding  reports  will  be  completed shortly.


Amendment  to  Constitution  for  Audit  Committee:  Judy  Lojko  suggested  changes  to  amend  the constitution  for  the  audit  committee  criteria.  Debbie  Kiely  will  draft  changes  to  be  discussed  in  the January  2015  council  meeting.

Worship  and  Music  Wednesday  Evening  Service:  Diane  Bursey  made  a  motion  to  discontinue general  Wednesday  services  effective  immediately  due  to  low  attendance.  There  are  no  scheduled Wednesday  evening  services  at  this  time  due  to  the  holidays.  The  traditional  Wednesday  evening seasonal  services  for  Christmas  and  Easter  will  still  continue.  The  motion  was  seconded  by  Ellen Wachowski  and  was  unanimously  approved.

SOTH  Purchases:  A  communication  will  be  made  to  the  office,  committees  and  anyone  spending church  funds  to  let  the  treasurer  know  prior  to  spending  if  the  amount  being  spent  will  be  over  $100. This  will  assist  the  treasurer  with  the  cash  flow.

Police  Department  Donation  Request  /  Shop  with  Cop:  A  request  was  received  from  Lake  County Police  Charities  for  a  donation  to  take  under  privileged  children  shopping  with  a  cop.  The  request  was denied  as  SOTH  currently  supports  the  Faith  Neighborhood  Center  and  Toys  for  Tots.

Boy  Scouts  Eagle  Court  of  Honor:  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  will  be  attending  this  event  on  December 16,2014.

Council Liaison Reports

Christian  Formation  –  Carol  Rosum  –  report  received  –  no  actions

Worship  &  Music  –  Ellen  Wachowski-  report  received  –  action  item

Small  Groups  –  Diane  Bursey  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Property  –  Michelle  Candage  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Finance  –  no  liaison  –  report  received  from  Judy  Lojko  –  no  action  items

Treasurer  –  Pat  Quelhorst  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Adjournment  –  Motion  made  by  Judy  Lojko  and  seconded  by  Diane  Bursey.  The  meeting  was adjourned  at  9:25pm.

Closing  Prayer-  Benediction  given  by  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel.

The  next  meeting  is  Thursday,  January  8,  2015  at  7:00pm.

Respectfully  Submitted,

Michelle  Candage,  Council  Secretary



Thursday,  November  13,  2014

Shepherd  of  the  Hills  Lutheran  Church

Governing  Council


Members  Present:  Debbie  Kiely,  Judy  Lojko,  Pat  Quelhorst,  Carol  Rosum,  Ellen  Wachowski,  Diane

Bursey,  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  and  Michelle  Candage


Debbie  Kiely,  President,  opened  the  Meeting  at  7:05pm.


“Gods  Leaders  are  Gifted”  was  read  by  Pastor  Nancy  along  with  the  opening  prayer.


The  October  2014  meeting  minutes  were  reviewed.  It  was  moved  that  the  minutes  be  approved  by

Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum.  The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.


Treasurer’s Report  –  Pat  Quelhorst  presented  the  October  2014  Financials  and  Treasurer’s  report.

Diane  Bursey  moved  to  accept  the  Treasurer’s  report  and  it  was  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko.  The  motion

was  unanimously  approved.


Pastor’s Report  –  Action  Items


Annual  Council  Reports:  All  council  liaisons  must  submit  their  annual  report  to  the  church  secretary  by

12/11/14  for  preparation  of  annual  congregational  meeting  in  January  2015.


A  motion  was  made  to  approve  the  Pastors  report  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Pat  Quelhorst.

The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.




Congregational  Retreat:  Details  finalized  for  11/23/14  visioning  retreat.


Call  Committee:  Communications  prepared  to  congregation  for  call  committee  applicants.  Anyone

interested  must  formally  apply  by  completing  the  bio  form  by  12/7/14.  Council  will  review  all

applicants  during  December  2014  council  meeting.




2015  Budget:  The  final  budget  changes  were  discussed.  The  final  approval  will  be  discussed  in  the

December  council  meeting.


Altar  Flowers:  Diane  Bursey  completed  the  altar  flower  assessment.  Due  to  the  change  in  church

secretaries  earlier  this  year,  a  few  members  were  not  notified  that  they  needed  to  submit  their

payment.  They  will  be  immediately  notified  so  collection  can  be  made.  Also,  a  note  explaining  the

process  will  be  added  to  the  2015  flower  schedule  so  all  that  sign  up  will  know  when/how  to  submit

payment.  This  should  resolve  any  discrepancies  moving  forward.  Congregation  needs  to  understand

that  when  no  one  signs  up  or  when  the  person  that  signed  up  does  not  submit  payment;  the  money

will  be  taken  from  the  general  fund  to  cover  the  expense.


Council Liaison Reports


Christian  Formation  –  Carol  Rosum  –  report  received  –  no  actions

Worship  &  Music  –  Ellen  Wachowski-  report  received  –  no  actions



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Small  Groups  –  Diane  Bursey  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Property  –  Michelle  Candage  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Finance  –  no  liaison  –  report  received  from  Judy  Lojko  –  no  action  items

Treasurer  –  Pat  Quelhorst  –  report  received  –  no  action  items


Adjournment  –  Motion  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Pat  Quelhorst.  The  meeting  was

adjourned  at  8:30pm.


Closing  Prayer  –  council  closed  the  meeting  with  the  Lord’s  Prayer.


The  next  meeting  is  Thursday,  December  11,  2014  at  7:00pm.


Respectfully  Submitted,

Michelle  Candage,  Council  Secretary







Thursday,  October  9,  2014

Shepherd  of  the  Hills  Lutheran  Church

Governing  Council


Members  Present:  Debbie  Kiely,  Judy  Lojko,  Pat  Quelhorst,  Carol  Rosum,  Diane  Bursey,  Pastor

Nancy  Vogel  and  Michelle  Candage


Excused  Absence:  Ellen  Wachowski


Debbie  Kiely,  President,  opened  the  Meeting  at  7:10pm.


Michelle  Candage  read  the  devotion  entitled  “God’s  Leaders  are  Gifted”  from  an  ELCA  devotional



The  September  2014  meeting  minutes  were  reviewed.  It  was  moved  that  the  minutes  be  approved  by

Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum.  The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.


Treasurer’s Report  –  Pat  Quelhorst  presented  the  September  2014  Financials  and  Treasurer’s

report.  Diane  Bursey  moved  to  accept  the  Treasurer’s  report  and  it  was  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum.

The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.


Pastor’s Report  –  Action  Items


Estate  Donation:  Marion  Fleming  has  donated  $10,000  to  SOTH.  The  Trust  is  now  being  processed  and  we

should  receive  the  money  in  about  90  days.  Pastor  Nancy  emailed  with  the  attorney  and  there  is  currently

nothing  for  us  to  do  but  wait.  The  estate  must  clear  expenses  before  sending  any  amount.  No  challenges  are

expected.  Pastor  Nancy  turned  over  the  will  and  communication  details  to  the  Treasurer.


Joe  Foryan:  A  thank  you  note  to  Joe  was  signed  by  council  for  supplying  the  music  for  both  services  while

Sara  Holton  is  on  PTO  Sunday,  October  12th.  It  was  agreed  to  pay  Joe  $150  for  both  services.  Pat  will  give

the  check  in  the  thank  you  note  to  Joe  on  10/12.


Transition  Check  List:  The  constitution  is  with  the  synod  for  final  formatting  changes.  Thank  you  to

Pastor  Nancy  for  making  updates  to  the  council  job  descriptions  in  preparation  for  2015  open  council

positions.  At  this  time,  the  open  council  positions  include  President,  Vice  President,  Secretary  and



A  motion  was  made  to  approve  the  Pastors  report  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Pat  Quelhorst.

The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.




Cell  Tower  Lease  Buy-Out:  Ken  Schmidt  from  “Steel  in  the  Air”  visited  the  site  on  Sunday,  October  12,

  1. Judywill  meet  Ken  as  a  representative  from  Council  at  about  9  am.


Congregational  Retreat:  Debbie  Kiely  scheduled  the  visioning  retreat  for  Sunday,  November  23rd  at

church  to  include  a  potluck.  Cheryl  Stuart  will  lead  the  retreat  using  “Living  Lutheran.”  Pastor  Nancy

will  be  sure  to  get  a  “Save  the  Date”  published  in  all  mediums  and  support  with  verbal

announcements  at  worship.  More  details  to  follow.




Call  Committee:  Judy  Lojko  will  develop  and  submit  the  call  committee  process  and  application  documents

for  council  review.


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Stewardship  Education  from  Worships  Music  to  Christian  Formation:  A  motion  was  made  by  Diane

Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum  to  move  Stewardship  Education  under  Christian  Formation.  The

motion  was  unanimously  approved.  Pastor  Nancy  will  provided  copies  of  the  updated  documents.


Movie  “When  God  Left  the  Building”:  A  motion  was  made  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum

to  purchase  the  movie  at  a  cost  of  $300  for  congregational  viewing  to  be  held  November  16,  2014.  A  free  will

offering  will  be  requested  the  day  of  the  movie  to  help  defray  the  costs.  Council  discussed  formats  to  get  the

best  attendance  possible.  One  suggestion  is  to  have  a  regular  8  am  service  and  start  the  movie  during

Sunday  School.  This  can  run  into  10:15  with  a  short  closing  service.  A  question  for  this  model  expresses

concern  for  how  this  might  affect  visitors.  Pastor  Nancy  will  discuss  with  Sara  when  she  returns  from  her  trip

and  put  together  a  proposal  for  how  to  organize  on  11/16.  Pastor  Nancy  will  charge  on  her  personal  credit

card  and  will  be  reimbursed  in  the  future.  The  motion  was  unanimously  approved.


Housing  Allowance:  Council  unanimously  approved  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel’s  request  for  housing  in

  1. Thereare  no  changes  to  Pastors  current  contract.  The  request  is  a  formality  for  the  2015

Clergy  taxes:  “$25,000.00  of  2015  compensation  is  designated  as  Housing  Allowance  (Section  107  of

the  Internal  Revenue  Code).”  It  was  moved  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum  as

stated  in  the  contract.


Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  Health  Benefits  –  The  2015  health  plan  benefits  for  Pastor  Nancy  will  be

submitted  prior  to  the  due  date.  Benefits  for  a  new  pastor  (Gold  Plan)  must  be  filed  by  SOTH  with

Portico  by  10/17/14.



Worship  Attendance  Records:  A  discussion  whether  to  use  red  books  or  other  means  of  recording  member

attendance  was  discussed  and  declined  by  council  due  to  anonymity  expectations  of  the  culture  at  this  time.

The  guest  book  will  be  continued.



Blood  Drive:  A  discussion  to  offer  a  blood  drive  on  SOTH  property  was  postponed  until  the  tree

trimming  is  completed  and  the  Ebola  scare  has  subsided.


Altar  Flowers:  Diane  Bursey  will  review  the  2014  payments  for  flowers  and  report  in  the  November

2014  council  meeting.


Council Liaison Reports


Christian  Formation  –  Carol  Rosum  –  report  received  –  no  actions

Worship  &  Music  –  Ellen  Wachowski-  report  received  –  no  actions

Small  Groups  –  Diane  Bursey  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Property  –  Michelle  Candage  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Finance  –  no  liaison  –  report  received  from  Judy  Lojko  –  no  action  items

Treasurer  –  Pat  Quelhorst  –  report  received  –  no  action  items


Adjournment  –  Motion  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol  Rosum.  The  meeting  was  adjourned

at  9:14pm.


Closing  Prayer  –  council  closed  the  meeting  with  the  Lord’s  Prayer.


The  next  meeting  is  Thursday,  November  13,  2014  at  7:00pm.




Respectfully  Submitted,

Michelle  Candage,  Council  Secretary



Thursday,  September  14,  2014

Shepherd  of  the  Hills  Lutheran  Church

Governing  Council


Members  Present:  Debbie  Kiely,  Judy  Lojko,  Pat  Quelhorst,  Carol  Rossum,  Diane  Bursey,  Ellen

Wachowski,  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  and  Michelle  Candage


A  motion  was  made  by  Judy  Lojko  to  affirm  Ellen  Wachowski  as  council  liason  for  worship  and  music.

It  was  seconded  by  Pat  Quelhorst.


Debbie  Kiely,  President,  opened  the  Meeting  at  7:16pm.


Judy  Lojko  read  the  devotion  entitled  “God’s  Leaders  are  Forgiven”  from  an  ELCA  devotional  guide.


The  August  2014  meeting  minutes  were  reviewed.  It  was  moved  that  the  minutes  be  approved  with

edits  to  correct  the  attendees  listed  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko.  The  motion  was

unanimously  approved.


Treasurer’s Report  –  Pat  Quelhorst  presented  the  August  2014  Financials  and  Treasurer’s  report.

Diane  Bursey  moved  to  accept  the  Treasurer’s  report  and  it  was  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko.  The  motion

was  unanimously  approved.


Pastor’s Report  –  Action  Items


Membership  Database:  the  upgrade  to  the  current  database  (Shepherd  Staff)  at  a  one-time  cost  of  $375

was  approved  by  council.


Professional  Conference  on  Ministry  in  November:  Pastor  Nancy  is  required  to  attend  and  it  was

approved  by  council.  The  cost  is  $400  for  the  conference  and  a  supply  pastor  for  Wednesday  evening

service  will  be  scheduled.


Sara  Holton  PTO:  Sara  Holton  will  be  taking  PTO  for  one  week  and  it  will  include  Sunday,  October  12th.

Supply  music  will  be  scheduled.


Banner:  An  outdoor  banner  costing  $260  to  advertise  the  monthly  worship  and  praise  services  was  donated

by  Thrivent  funds.


Christmas  Contada  Music:  The  music  costing  $300  was  donated  by  Ellen  Wachowski.


2015  Confirmation  Students  to  Luther  Springs:  Pastor  Nancy  will  register  all  students  and  two



Constitution  Final  Draft:  President,  Debbie  Kiely,  signed  the  final  draft  of  the  constitution  which  will

be  sent  to  the  synod.


Transition  Check  List:  The  financial  audit  report  was  reviewed.  In  the  constitution,  it  states  an  audit

committee  is  nominated  to  oversee  the  audit  process.  Even  though  a  committee  was  not  formed  for

this  audit,  the  audit  will  be  submitted  to  the  synod  as  conducted  as  no  issues  arose  and  there  was

proper  oversight.  A  proposal  to  change  the  constitution  regarding  the  audit  committee  requirements

will  be  submitted  to  the  congregation  for  review  and  approval  at  the  January  2015  congregational  Pat

Quelhorst  will  prepare  documentation  for  the  organ  for  potential  insurance  replacement.


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Pastor  Nancy  will  update  the  council  job  descriptions  and  send  to  council  for  review  prior  to  the

October  meeting.


Wednesday  worship  service  September  24th:  Worship  service  will  be  attended  at  a  theatre  in

Winter  Park.  The  topic  is  “When  God  Left  the  Building”  and  there  will  be  a  movie  about  what  is

happening  in  the  church  today.


A  motion  was  made  to  approve  the  Pastors  report  by  Judy  Lojko  and  seconded  by  Diane  Bursey.  The

motion  was  unanimously  approved.




Disaster  Response  Plan:  The  plan  was  reviewed  and  approved.


Revised  PTO  Policy:  A  motion  was  made  by  Diane  Bursey  to  approve  the  revised  PTO  policy  and

seconded  by  Ellen  Wachowski.


Full  Time  Employee  PTO  Form:  A  motion  was  made  by  Diane  Bursey  to  approve  the  revised  PTO

policy  and  seconded  by  Judy  Lojko.


Cell  Tower  Lease  Buy-Out:  A  motion  was  made  to  approve  the  “Steel  in  the  Air”  legal  assessment

agreement  and  $2,500  cost  to  evaluate  all  cell  tower  offers  by  Diane  Bursey  and  seconded  by  Carol

Rossum.  The  initial  payment  due  of  $500  will  be  sent  now  along  with  the  signed  agreement.  The  remaining

$2,000  will  be  paid  at  $500  increments  each  month  for  4  months.


Congregational  Retreat:  Debbie  Kiely  is  preparing  a  retreat  and  scheduling  a  facilitator.  The  date,

time  and  location  will  be  determined.




Synod  Share:  The  2015  forecasted  synod  share  of  $200  per  month  or  $2,400  for  the  year  will  be  submitted

as  it  is  due  in  October.


Youth  Fundraiser:  A  Pancake  Breakfast  fundraiser  is  scheduled  for  October  26th.


Council Liaison Reports


Christian  Formation  –  report  submitted  by  Carol  Rossum

Worship  &  Music  –  no  meeting/no  action  items  submitted  by  Pastor  Nancy

Small  Groups  –  Diane  Bursey  –  report  submitted  by  Pastor  Nancy;  no  action  items

Property  –  Michelle  Candage  –  report  received  –  no  action  items

Finance  –  no  liaison  –  report  received  from  Judy  Lojko  –  no  action  items


Adjournment  –  Motion  by  Judy  Lojko  and  seconded  by  Diane  Bursey.  The  meeting  was  adjourned  at



Closing  Prayer  –  Pastor  Nancy  Vogel  closed  the  meeting  with  a  reading  about  9/11  and  a  prayer.


The  next  meeting  is  Thursday,  October  9,  2014  at  7:00pm.


Respectfully  Submitted,

Michelle  Candage,  Council  Secretary



Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Members Present: Debbie Kiely, Judy Lojko, Carol Rosum, Pastor Nancy Vogel and Michelle Candage

 Excused Absence: Diane Bursey, Pat Quelhorst

 Debbie Kiely, President, opened the Meeting at 7:49pm

 Carol Rosum read the devotion entitled “God’s Leaders are Restored”.

 The June 2014 meeting minutes were reviewed as amended. It was moved that the minutes be approved by Judy Lojko and seconded by Pastor Nancy Vogel. The motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – The treasurer’s report was postponed until next month.


Pastor’s Report – Action Items

 Pastor Nancy reported that Sara Holton will research the options for a new membership database.

 Pastor Nancy will establish a meeting with President Debbie Kiely, Connie Schmucker and herself for review of the checklist and requirements for the call process.

 A motion was made to approve the Pastors report by Judy Lojko and seconded by Michelle Candage. The motion was unanimously approved.




Scholarship Fund: Diane Bursey will request Karissa Bursey to develop a communication for the newsletter to let the congregation know that this fund is available for donations as there are several upcoming potential high school age recipients.

 Church Vision Retreat: Council members were given the book “Living Lutheran” to read prior to the next meeting. Debbie will discuss congregational retreat agenda items with potential guest facilitators.

 Transition Check List and Process to a Call Committee: Pastor Nancy stated that the transitional check list is near completion. She met with Connie Schmucker who is the assistant to the bishop for leadership development and candidacy to discuss the call committee process timeline. To complete the transition check list in a more timely manner, a special council meeting will take place on Sunday, 8/10/14 at Bob Evans Restaurant from 2-5 p.m.

 Congregational Disaster Response Plan: Pastor Nancy reports that document drafts are finalized and ready for council review. It will be sent to the Property liaison for review and then Pastor Nancy will provide for website upload.

 Safety Policy-Permission Slips: The policy was approved in April 2014 and the forms were approved as edited in the June 2014 council meeting.

 Ministry and Leadership Development Structure 2014: Pastor Nancy reviewed the updated Congregational/Council Structure Diagram with council members. Council members will think of ways to connect several constitutional tasks to the existing structure.

 New Business


Rock the Universe: To be discussed in the next council meeting.

 Appointment of Carol Rosum to Council: A motion was made by Judy Lojko to appoint Carol Rosum to serve on council as the Christian Formation liaison. The motion was seconded by Michelle Candage and unanimously approved.

 Pledge Cards: A motion was made by Carol Rosum to resume the pledge card process for congregation members to complete privately and be returned to them unopened the following year. The motion was seconded by Judy Lojko and unanimously approved. Pastor Nancy and Sara Holton will coordinate the process in Fall 2014.

 Paid Time Off Policy: The current PTO policy will be reviewed by Debbie Kiely and potential revisions provided to council for discussion in the next meeting.

 Worship and Praise Service: The contemporary theme for the service scheduled for Wednesday, August 6, 2014 is “I Want My Life to Make a Difference”. It will be repeated on September 7, 2014 at 10:15 at both services. Pastor Nancy Vogel discussed the plan to schedule contemporary services on the first Sunday of each month for 5 months beginning on October 2014. A motion was made by Carol Rosum to move forward with the contemporary service schedule above and it was seconded by Judy Lojko.

 Discussion concerning better facilities for the Quiet Room and potential staffed nursery were discussed. The changing table in the Quiet room was noted as falling apart. If we are going to encourage younger families to attend service, we will need to better attend to their needs. Pastor Nancy will take concerns to the W&M team to address. For the current scheduled services, the Quiet room will be cleaned up, furniture checked for safety, and broken toys removed. No staffing at this time.

 Pastor Nancy asked council to support W&M as they move forward with this vision for a more contemporary service to reach more people, young and old alike.


Council Liaison Reports


Pastor – report received – action items

Christian Formation – no liaison – report submitted by Pastor Nancy

Worship & Music – no meeting/no action items submitted by Pastor Nancy

Small Groups – Diane Bursey – report submitted by Pastor Nancy; no action items

Property – Michelle Candage – report received – no action items

Finance – no liason – report received – no action items

Treasurer – Pat Quellhorst – no report received


Adjournment – Motion by Judy Lojko and seconded by Carol Rossum. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50pm.

 Closing Prayer – Pastor Nancy Vogel closed the meeting with a story by Greg Braden “God is always reaching toward you”, followed by a prayer.

 The next meeting is Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 7:00pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Candage, Council Secretary




Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Members Present: Debbie Kiely, Diane Bursey, Pat Quellhorst, Judy Lojko, Pastor Nancy Vogel and Michelle Candage

Debbie Kiely, President, opened the Meeting at 7:05pm

Nanci Etienne resigned from council effective immediately. Pastor Nancy will forward the email received as written documentation for the resignation.

Pastor Nancy Vogel led the devotion and prayer with a reading entitled “God’s Leaders are Equipped.”

The May 2014 meeting minutes were reviewed with no corrections. It was moved that the minutes be approved by Diane Bursey and seconded by Judy Lojko. The motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Pat Quelhorst presented the May 2014 financials.

When conducting the annual insurance review, it was found that that our insurance had increased about $1000. Several deductibles were increased to bring the overall increase down to about $500. Wachovia was listed on the policy as the payee for the insurance policy on the church. The documents have been sent to the appropriate party for signature.

Diane Bursey moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Judy Lojko. The motion was unanimously approved.


Pastor’s Report – Action Items

Pastor Nancy reported that Worship and Music is unable to track an accurate amount of charges to their budget concerning flowers being ordered and reimbursed. The number debited seems higher than it should be. A reminder was being sent to those who ordered flowers. Pastor Nancy will check with Sara on what process is being used in the office to remind/acknowledge flowers ordered/paid.

A motion was made to approve the Pastors report by Diane Bursey and seconded by Pat Quelhorst. The motion was unanimously approved.

Guest: Mike Gallagher was present to discuss the Edward Jones account balances and indicated they were split from one account to two accounts to properly display the scholarship fund. He left the meeting following his presentation.



Scholarship Fund: Diane Bursey will request Karissa Bursey to develop a communication for the newsletter to let the congregation know that this fund is available for donations as there are several upcoming potential high school age recipients.

 Sara’s Days Off/Office Hours: The office staff hours were discussed with days off and work hours established. Debbie will contact Sara to discuss the PTO policy and her status of being a salaried vs. hourly employee. Pastor Nancy will take care of several personnel items including developing a form to report time off/approved for proper salary distribution.

 Revised Spending Plan: reviewed and approved.

Zion Lutheran Church Update: Pastor Nancy reported that Sara Holton took about 8 choir members to join with Zion’s choir on their anniversary weekend. The church was full and the service was festive.

Safety Policy-Permission Slips: Pastor Nancy submitted samples of the permission forms. With the edits suggested the safety policy is now completely finished and approved.

Congregational Disaster Response Plan: Pastor Nancy reports that this plan is almost ready for council review. It should be ready for the next council meeting.


New Business


Transition Check List and Process to a Call Committee with possible vision retreat:

Pastor Nancy reviewed the transition checklist and transition process from July 2013 until present. The congregation is on schedule to elect a call committee at the January 2015 congregational meeting. The Transition check list is almost complete.

Debbie Kiely proposes a visioning retreat for the congregation. After discussion, the council decided that late October early November would be a good date for this planning session (prior to call committee being established). Pastor Nancy will meet with the Bishop soon and confirm details for this retreat, and the call process. The retreat will be conducted by a synod representative possibly using Living Lutheran by Dave Daubert.

Due to the late hour Pastor Nancy suggested that the remaining items on New Business be tabled to the next meeting.


Council Liaison Reports

Pastor – report received – action items

Christian Formation – no liaison – report submitted by Pastor Nancy

Worship & Music – no meeting/no action items submitted by Pastor Nancy

Small Groups – Diane Bursey – report submitted by Pastor Nancy; no action items

Property – Michelle Candage – report received – action item

Finance – no liason – report received – no action items

Treasurer – Pat Quellhorst – report received –action items


Adjournment – Motion by Diane Bursey and seconded by Pat Quelhorst. The meeting was adjourned at 10:13pm.

 Closing Prayer – Pastor Nancy Vogel closed the meeting with a reading from the 23rd Psalm, a place of rest.

 The next meeting is Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 7:00pm.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Candage, Council Secretary




Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Members Present: Debbie Kiely, Diane Bursey, Pat Quellhorst, Judy Lojko, Pastor Nancy Vogel and Michelle Candage

Members Excused: Nanci Etienne

Debbie Kiely, President, opened the Meeting at 7:09pm

Pastor Nancy Vogel led the devotion with a reading about prayer from Henri Nouwen, “The Genessee Diary” followed by a meditation exercise at the altar by reading silently many times “The Jesus Prayer”, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” This prayer can be used to meditate or focus before praying.

The March 2014 meeting minutes were reviewed with no corrections. It was moved that the minutes be approved by Judy Lojko and seconded by Diane Bursey. The motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Pat Quelhorst presented the April 2014 financials.

The 2014 current budget was revisited and a revised spending plan was established to coincide with this year’s income to date. A communication will be developed for the congregation. Pastor Nancy suggests providing a handout of the revised spending plan in an abbreviated form for those who are interested. Debbie Kiely will create the hand out to be reviewed by the next council meeting. Pastor Nancy can announce when available; the PPT and bulletin can also be noted. PN does not recommend using the newsletter.

Diane Bursey moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Judy Lojko. The motion was unanimously approved.


Pastor’s Report – Action Items

Pastor Godfrey received payment for his recent work as supply pastor. Pastor Godfrey will also be leading services when Pastor Nancy Vogel will be at Synod Assembly (June 21, 2014) and on vacation (August 18 – 29, 2014).

Pastor Godfrey will lead services on:

Synod Assembly – Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vacation – Sunday, August 24 and August 31, 2014

Vacation – Wednesday, August 20 and August 27, 2014

A motion was made to approve the Pastors report by Diane Bursey and seconded by Pat Quelhorst. The motion was unanimously approved.



 Scholarship Fund: Scholarship Fund: The fund is with financial analyst, Michael Gallagher at Raymond James, and has an initial investment of $25,000.00. Scholarships can only be given from the interest on the $25,000.00 principal, which is approximately $4,500 at this time. Diane Bursey will request Karissa Bursey to develop a communication for the newsletter to let the congregation know that this fund is available for donations as there are several upcoming potential high school age recipients.

 Awning Update: Michelle Candage has contacted several companies for quotes. Due to the size requirements of the awning and it not having 4 right angles in order to purchase generic, a custom size is required. This requires additional research to find a company that will do custom work for a shade sail only (no construction for poles) within the $500 budget for our large size. If custom cannot be attained, a generic size will be purchased and made to fit best as possible.

Sign Update: The sign was not installed as promised by the company and is scheduled to be installed May 16, 2014.

 Parking Lot: John Mei trimmed the tree limbs around the pastor parking spot.

Pulpit Carpet: Sara Holton has provided the measurements to replace the carpet for the pulpit. Michelle Candage ordered the carpet and will coordinate installation when received.

 Projector Replacement Bulb: The reading on the projector indicated that a bulb is not required at this time.

Church Grounds Clean-Up: Sara Holton met with the County Representative to identify which trees on the property can be legally removed to provide better visibility to the church signs and property. Pictures were taken to clearly identify the trees in question. Oak trees cannot be removed. Next steps include identifying which trees council agrees to remove and if volunteers can do it or if professional services are required. Any costs will require council approval.

Property Core Team Kick-Off Meeting: A meeting was held on May 4, 2014 with 6 people in attendance including Michelle Candage and Pastor Nancy Vogel. A presentation of the new council model (4 officers and 5 core teams) showing the leadership development aspect through small groups was given by Pastor Nancy. Michelle discussed the projects currently underway and other projects needing coordination from the team. Michelle Candage will create a volunteer sign-up sheet to post in the administration wing along with a list of projects needing coordination and/or support as well as for the congregation to submit project ideas and/or improvements. The core team can be assembled once volunteers are established. A new Property tracking form will be created by Michelle that can be used by the project teams to track the project requirements, volunteers and timelines.

 VBS: Diane Bursey agreed to use the Malaria campaign as education for the students this year.

Pastor Nancy will make sure resources are provided to Diane to share with the children.

 Transition Checklist: Children and Youth Safety Policy: The policy was reviewed with revisions made by council. Next steps include creating the permission slips to be reviewed at the next council meeting and then schedule formal training at a later date.

Faith Neighborhood Center Fundraiser: Pastor Nancy will find a SOTH member to attend.

 Review New Structure Diagram: Pastor Nancy distributed the model diagram overview. There are additional diagrams to come explaining the Task Teams and those to contact for information. This will be discussed at the next council meeting.


Council Liaison Reports

Pastor – report received – action items

Christian Formation – no liaison – report submitted by Pastor Nancy; action item Malaria Campaign

Worship & Music– no meeting/no action items submitted by Pastor Nancy

Small Groups – Diane Bursey – report submitted by Pastor Nancy; no action items

Property – Michelle Candage – report received – no action items

Finance – Nanci Etienne – report received – no action items

Treasurer – Pat Quellhorst – report received –action items


Adjournment – Motion by Diane Bursey and seconded by Pat Quelhorst. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50pm.


Closing Prayer – Pastor Nancy Vogel closed the meeting with a blessing.


The next meeting is Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 7:00pm.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Candage, Council Secretary