SOTH Council Monthly Committee Report

Committee Name

Worship and Music

Report Date



Pam Brosonski
Joe Foryan
Pastor Schmidt
Rita Schmidt
Marie Johnson
Larry Holihan

Items Discussed

Review of Christmas season activities: (1) Recommend conducting Lessons and Carols during Advent; hopefully, get someone other than Rita to plan worship service; (2) May need a boom to erect and take down Christmas tree; (3) move nativity scene from under altar; (4) review times of Advent services.

Lenten and Easter Schedule:
Ash Wednesday Service – Feb 26 at 11 am and 6:30 pm
Lenten midweek services moved to 11 am. Bring brown bag for lunch.
April 5 – Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday – April 9 – candles/prayer – 6:30 pm
Good Friday – April 10 – Tenebrae Service – 6:40 pm
Easter – April 12 – Two services breakfast between services
April 19 – Pastor not here. Pastors Steve Tolander and Roy Godfrey will preside. Financial obligations need to be discussed with council.
May 3 – Pentecost – Wear red.k Encourage congregation to bring red flowers.
Move to one service for summer starting May 17.

Possibility of creating more banners, Pentecost, Lent, etc. Cost about $200/banner. Could use Memorial funds or request assistance from Virginia Circle. Rita investigating this.

Need more tables, including wooden table for funerals. Can be funded from Memorial contributions.

The committee discussed going to one service throughout the year. Various opinions on this subject. Possibility of losing members. With two services there is a constant problem with obtaining worship volunteers and low attendance at early service.

Need to order candles for Advent wreath and candlelight service.

Schedule a potluck or fellowship activity in second quarter (maybe hot dog fest?) Recommend Saturday pm for these activities.

Several issues regarding the organist attendance and other issues discussed; committee recommended bringing this issue to council.

Next meeting scheduled for Feb 20 2020 at 6:30 pm