Monthly Council Minutes Nov 2018

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Connie Kersten, Pam Massaro & Jim Johnson


Tom Klinger
Marion Larson
Tina Crawn

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p
Devotion by Peg Massaro – Your integrity is the best piece of character we have. That is what we leave behind us
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

2019 budget review and approval is scheduled for the November council meeting. 2019 salary proposals are also to be discussed at this meeting. The special needs of Altar paraments and parking lot lighting were presented to the congregation at morning services. A donation to pay for the paraments and over $3,000 (to date) has been received for parking lot lighting improvements. The finance committee did not meet this month. Monthly finances will be added to the council blog as soon as some minor changes are made to the budget report. (my fault, not the bookkeeper). The audio/video project should be completed this week; final payment will be made to the contractor upon completion. I plan to leave a small amount in the Insurance Funds account in case some further work on restoration is approved in future months.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 9, New Member visits – 6, Hospital Visitations – 2, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 2, Private Communions – 6, Crisis Interventions – 5, Meetings – 5, Consultations – 3, Worship Services – 7, Mtg. with Conf. Pastors – 0, Classes taught – 2, Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts – Memorial Service for Ray Riley – 10/19/2018, Memorial Service for Tammy Foryan – 11/3/2018,
Conference on Ministry – 11/5-11/7

Committee Reports

• Property Committee Report – Street light on Caspian will be replaced, Joe Montfort is taking care of ladies’ restroom in the Education Wing. Clean Up Day 11/17 is good to move forward, need to replace parking lot lights, Jim will continue to investigate his avenues to determine final costs, Normal lights will be put into the poles this Saturday (maybe)

• Christmas Decorating Committee – New Tree for sanctuary was ordered, other decorations will be purchased and made this week to be ready for our hanging of the greens

Old Business

*Sound System Update – new system is now installed. Preview of new projector went well, and our projector will be installed soon.
*Electric Bill was slightly lower than last month but not by much, our 20 thermostats were all set on different temperatures and back storage room was at 45 degrees. We will set the classrooms (except the middle one where everyone meets) at 78-80 degrees and we will lock those other rooms. We need to get in touch with boy scout leader for them to check the thermostat before they leave. Connie will investigate adult proof plastic covers for AC thermostats. Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Dennis and Renae Wick has been approved.
*Electric Sign – Sign company will take care of the engineering side; Permit about $875, we may want to put up a base ourselves, because theirs will just be a metal base. We can put up paneling to look nicer. Larry will keep us updated from sign company

New Business

*Garage – A motion was made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Jim Johnson to keep the 4×8 Choir risers that were in the church and get rid of the other adjustable risers that we cannot use because they will cut the new carpet. All in favor, motion was carried.
*Question was raised as to why are we not getting younger members to replace members that we have lost? One suggestion was to make movements to adjust music and loudness. Diane and Larry will be having a documented discussion with Alex the beginning of December. Need to work on new contracts to have on place once the 2019 budget is approved at the annual meeting.
*Budget – Adjust Supply Pastor item to $900 for the additional 2 Sundays off for Pastor; Discussion of Salaries; The council agreed on tentative salaries on the budget. Will finalize before the annual meeting.

Closing, Next Meeting

No council meeting in December
Next Council meeting Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 6:30 PM
Devotions by Larry Holihan

Monthly Council Minutes October 2018 (Draft)

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Pam Massaro, Marion Larson, Tina Crawn & Jim Johnson


Connie Kersten

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order- 7:00 PM
Devotion by Tom Klinger- Testimony begins with test. The tests we experience in life allow us to give testimony to those that need to hear it.
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

Treasurer’s Report:
1. Renovation: Contractor has been paid in full and all known bills paid. Residual in this fund allowed us to go ahead with the Audio/Visual improvement project. Project is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, October 29 and be complete by the following Sunday (if all components arrive in time).
2. Pam Brosonski has agreed to audit the church books for 2018.
3. Proposed 2019 budget to be presented to Church Council at the October meeting. Hopefully to be approved by council at the November meeting.
4. Financial procedures are being updated with the latest ELCA financial recommendations.
5. Electric bill has risen to over $1700 the last two months. This bill needs to be controlled as it is way too high.

Pastor Report

Member visits- 37, New Member visits- 3, Prospective Member Visits- 4, Hospital Visitations- 9, Nursing Home Visitation- 2, Private Communions- 7, Crisis Intervention- 1, Meetings- 3, Consultations- 4, Worship Services- 4, Meetings with conference pastors- 1

Committee Reports

Financial Committee Meeting Minutes
1. 2018 Audit – Pam Brosonski has accepted the responsibility of performing our 2018 Financial Audit. This audit will be conducted under the guidelines of the latest ELCA Audit procedures.
2. 2018 Budget: The Finance Committee will present the Church Council with a proposed 2019 Budget at the October council meeting. This year, an Income Budget will be added. The church council needs to review this proposal and submit revisions before the November council meeting. We hope to be able to approve the budget at the November meeting.
The council also needs to provide input on the following items:
(1) Mission Share for 2019. The committee proposed $12000 for the year.
(2) Pay for staff members.
(3) Recommendations from various committees (eg. Property, Music and Worship, etc.

3. Personnel actions:
Should independent contractors be paid if they do not work?
How should pastor’s Professional Allowance be paid?
Bookkeeper does not qualify as an independent contractor. Should be moved to employee?
Custodian does not qualify as a salaried employee. Should be moved to hourly?
New contracts should be signed for 2019 by independent contractors. Employees should have updated job descriptions.
4. Financial policies and guidelines need to be consolidated and updated in accordance with ELCA procedures.
1. Conduct 2018 financial audit per ELCA guidelines.
2. Review and approve 2019 budget. November council meeting.
3. Reclassify staff members as required – effective January 2019
4. Update staff job descriptions effective January 2019
5. Approve compensation for all staff for 2019.
6. Review financial guidelines and submit proposal for addition to by-laws by end of 2018.
Property Committee Report:
Power washing algae off the building on October 13th by Jim Johnson
Royal Morse ordered and installed bulbs for the sign as well as added an outlet for the scrolling sign- cost $146
Estimate to repair awnings with similar material
Leave the frames as they are and just recover awnings $5797.31
Install handrails in men’s restroom
Flushing issue in admin wing unisex restroom
New folding changing table in education wing first unisex restroom
Find cost from amazon or e-bay
Congregational Cleanup Day 11/17/18 to include: Tree trimming, backfill drainage area behind monument, trimming bushes and pulling weeds, weed/feed grass in front of church, Island weeds/ replace plants, Fountain replace suggestions, INSIDE, Wax and strip admin hallway
Piano in choir room tuned?

Christmas Decoration Committee:
THIS YEAR: Advent Banners on the pillars on the sides. Four banners one for each Sunday in Advent will be put up each week; Rita will make
THIS YEAR: One giant tree, At least 15 feet tall and 80-87” wide
THIS YEAR: Same nativity under the altar
THIS YEAR: For the front brown pillars get the bouquets from Kendal’s Pinterest, If speakers are still there, then start the bouquets a foot and a half above the speakers
They need to be above the 15’ tree, need to be 5-6’ long. Find some horns or trumpets working into it LARGE ribbon with wire
THIS YEAR: Cluster of trees in the overhangs above the entrance doors
THIS YEAR: old trees ask for donations for smaller trees, three or four trees each for above each portico. All green with white or gold lights. Trees will be stored for the following year, possibly leave them above the portico and lay a sheet over them to collect the dust.
THIS YEAR: Green garland running down the white pillars at entrance with gold ribbon worked into it. Pine cone bouquet for table centerpieces- from Kendal’s Pinterest. We can make- we just need to get pine cones
MAY NEED TO WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR: Nice outdoor nativity scene to go by the fountain. Silhouettes of nativity that folds flat with floodlights on them
THIS YEAR: Real tree outside with just white lights
MAY NEED TO WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR: Wreaths with the gold ribbon in front of the five back windows
SEE IF WE CAN USE EXISTING WREATHS: Wreaths outside on the two main windows outside of nursery and office
THIS YEAR: Normal sized tree for family ornaments in the back between welcome center and coffee table
THIS YEAR: Outside angels- look good in the daylight- to go in front of bushes in front of entrance doors
THIS YEAR: Draped cloth to match the bouquets around the base of the altar or pine cones or bushy garland with white cloth or thick ribbon wrapped around it and pine cones garland across welcome center
Worship and Music Report:
No significant new items discussed; More planning of previous items from last month’s meeting. Possible men’s breakfast around second or third week of December. Possibly wait for after the first of the year and as a dinner

Old Business

Audio Visual Project
 Covered in Financial Report

New Business

Electric Bill: Could be AC is working more, could be we do not have the correct bat insulation above the sanctuary. Ask audio visual guy to look while he is here. No dampers in the wings? It is 60 degrees in the morning and stays. This could be expensive to fix, Pastor has called for an estimate and is waiting for a call back. Before next AC season we need to consider putting bat insulation in the wing rooms. We need to look at digital and programmable thermostats for each room to specify times when AC should be turned on
Use of Church by Hispanic Congregation: No for weekend proposal. We will discuss the use of our facilities on Sundays beginning in January further
Budget for 2019: Larry made a motion to move custodial position and bookkeeper position to part-time hourly. Council members will look at proposed budget and will discuss changes or acceptance at the next meeting

Closing, Next Meeting

Next Council meeting Tuesday November 13 at 6:30 PM
Devotions by Peg Massaro

Monthly Council Minutes – September 2018 (Draft)

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Connie Kersten & Tom Klinger


Pam Massaro, Marion Larson, Tina Crawn & Jim Johnson

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order- 7:00 PM
Devotion by Pastor Dennis
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

Safe deposit box has been moved, Mortgage is $255,308 as of current
$45,000 is in building fund, Excess to be sent to Mortgage
Finance committee will meet this month to develop a 2019 budget draft and audit plan

Pastor Report

Member visits- 37, New Member visits- 3, Prospective Member Visits- 4, Hospital Visitations- 9, Nursing Home Visitation- 2, Private Communions- 7, Crisis Intervention- 1, Meetings- 3, Consultations- 4, Worship Services- 4, Meetings with conference pastors- 1

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report:
Maintenance log rough draft will be sent to the church around 9/22 for people to sign in if they do any work at the church, Toilet in men’s room; new toilet and taller one for handicap. Garage door lock has been changed and keyed to match the deadbolt.
Quotes on repair and replace canopies coming for October meeting, Wishlist for first congregation cleaning day coming in October meeting along with day for cleaning.
Dumpster enclosure; Need engineer drawings, cannot go above 6ft tall, tabled

Worship and Music Report:
1. God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday – September 30.
Sandwiches, chip and beverage after worship. Chris Morse to coordinate with Norma Thompson on food. Participants to work on dressing ME dolls. Participants to bring cookies, cakes, etc. to be distributed to local police departments.
2. Resumption of two services. Scheduled for October 7, 2018 to April 28, 2019. Services to be identical. Coffee hour after each service.
3. Bible Study class. Pastor Godfrey will teach a six-week Bible study class entitled Parables starting on October 7, between worship services.
4. Reformation Festival – October 28. One service at 9:30 this day followed by Festival at 10:45 am. Pot luck featuring German food. Brats cooked by Pastor Schmidt. Festival schedule: 10;45 – Luther Songs taught by Joe Foryan. Then a Reformation Trivia contest at each table while food is being prepared. Then Reformation dinner. After dinner Rick Steve’s Luther and the Reformation film shown to those who stay. Kids activities (including possible bounce house) hosted by youth who attended Houston youth festival. Martin and Katy images used for those desiring photographs.
5. Thanksgiving Eve. No Thanksgiving Eve worship will be scheduled this year, due to previous lack of attendance. Thanksgiving themed refreshments will be offered on Sunday November 18 to include cider, donuts, etc. Chris to coordinate with women group.
6. Hanging of the Greens scheduled after worship on November 25. New Christmas decorations needed — will be discussed at council September meeting.
7. Wednesday Advent worship will be held On December 5,12,19. Pot luck will be held on December 5 at 6:00 pm. Worship all days at 6:30 pm.
8. Men’s Christmas Breakfast – December 9 between services. Men will cook for congregation — menu includes pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee, milk, juice. Free will offering. Proceeds to Christmas needy.
9. Christmas with the Children – Saturday, December 8 at 9:00 am. community children invited. Breakfast, crafts, etc. for needy children. Headed up by Ruth Godfrey.
10. Christmas Program December 23 at morning worship. Program produced by Rita Schmidt. Coordinated by Pam Brosonski. Composed of kids and some adults. Primarily a narration of the Christmas story. May use some pageantry and/or PowerPoint slides. Will replace morning sermon.
11. Christmas Eve services at 6 and 8 pm. No worship on Christmas Day, due to day of week. (three days of services in a row)
12. Larry to obtain an additional member of Worship and Music Committee from members attending 8:00 am service.
13. Audio/visual project implementation is on hold until Restoration fund finalized. Should be in next week or so.

Old Business

Restoration update; Replacing left-hand side of carpet next week, should only take a few days. Final meeting should be happening within the next one or two weeks
Security System- proposal from last meeting would require a 3-year contract, so we will not pursue this proposal.
Keys and Lock up procedure – Ask Joe to lock doors and educate members to make sure doors are closed completely when they leave.
Guide One- we are unable to split up into separate policies
Church rummage sale will be held the 2nd weekend in November
Christmas of the Angels- see above (Music and Worship)

New Business

Purchase of new Christmas decorations. Old decorations will be put out at rummage sale in November. Put together 4-5 members as our Christmas Decoration committee to plan new decorations. Looking into making new Advent banners which will be hung each Sunday of Advent. Ask the Virginia Circle to fund new tree and for all proceeds from Rummage Sale go towards new Christmas decorations. Larry will contact the members who donated to the music fund and see if we can use their funds as well towards the purchase of new Christmas decorations. Council Members now have mailboxes in the copy room. Council members will now have new name tags with a different color. Woman’s toilet on admin wing- the sewer gas is coming up from the drain so we need to call Roto Rooter.
Thank you and gift card for Bill Koch and Alma Wehr
Council Meetings moved to 6:30pm beginning next month at our October meeting. Motioned by Karissa Bursey seconded by Chris Russell unanimously carried
Electronic Sign – Lake county rules have been rescinded, will need $150 building permit so we can put the sign back up. Will then trim the trees and bushes around the sign.

Closing, Next Meeting

Motion to adjourn at 8:08 PM by Connie Kersten, seconded by Chris Russell
Next meeting October 23rd at 6:30pm
October Devotion: Tom Klinger

Monthly Council Minutes – August 2018 (Draft)

Meeting Date



Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Jim Johnson & Tom Klinger


Pam Massaro, Connie Kersten, Marion Larson

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order- 7:00 PM
Devotion by Jim Johnson- God does care about our problems
Motion to accept July Council Minutes by Jim Johnson, seconded by Tina Crawn. The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report

Financial Report: A lot of changes in balances,
• Transition to ChurchTrac and working with Tina is complete. Tina is working on organizing, filing, or shredding all old paperwork. Building fund donations are lowering each week in offering. Need to start budget discussions in September. Will discuss with the Finance Committee. Will make a budget draft for September meeting. There is a financial policy created in 2011 that the Finance Committee will potential move to put in the church bylaws

Pastor Report

• Member Visits-23, New Member visits-0, Prospective member visits-4, Hospital visitations-1, Nursing home visitations-3, Private communions-2, Crisis interventions-0, Meetings-5, Consultations-2, Worship services-4.

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report:
• LED bulbs in Pastor’s office, choir room, and admin office. Tree trimming in progress as weather permits. Congregation approved new sound system and projector. Dumpster enclosure- someone needs to contact Lake County office to see what permits, if any, will be required to move the enclosure. Needs to be done so driver has clear access to dumpster. Need to set a day for Congregational Work Day- November 4th or 11th. Diane will speak with Virginia Circle to see when the annual rummage sale will be held. Drainage issue behind memorial monument; bring in fill dirt which will be done when weather is cooler and no rain. Repair and replace awnings at entrance doors; get quotes on repairing the cloth and alternate metal. Lights on signs outside. Wireless security system- to be covered in more detail later in New Business. Next meeting for Property Committee- September 12th 7:00 PM
Worship and Music Committee:
• Need to determine dates to move back to two services and if we will still have Wednesday services

Old Business

• Restoration Update: On July 8th, 2018 we met with Tom Reeves with Restorsurance, Hector Haguayo with Floor Crafters Inc and Independent inspector, Matt Skowron who inspected the Shaw carpet in our sanctuary and took samples to be tested for defects by ProSource Wholesale. Hector with Floor Crafters Inc advised us he will do whatever it takes to make it right.
• After Hector and Matt left, Diane sat down with Tom and Pastor Dennis to go over the Scope of Work item number by item number and compared it to a list of item numbers to be completed by Shepherd of the Hills as a “sub-contractor”. Church is to be paid as a sub-contractor, however the item numbers did not match up to the actual work we completed. Further discussion needed to finalize.
• Lightning rods installed by roofers are not in the same places as before, now there are no lightning rods in the front of the church and two in the back. One on a PVC pipe and one on the vent that leads to the kitchen. This will be added to the punch list.
• Replacement of ceiling tiles: All cleaning and sanitizing has been completed except the sacristy and Tina’s office. Doug should be finished by the end of next week Sunday 8/26.
• Need to look at the AC again, leaking in sacristy
• Audio System approved by congregation on Sunday, August 19th. Larry contacted Jinx IT yesterday, contract coming within the next few days. Company will schedule to come in on a Monday, service walk through on Saturday to ensure everything is done correctly. Money for parts up front, Money for installation after project completion. Concern that money will not come in from insurance company before we want to complete this project. Jim made a motion to approve the purchase of the audio materials and continue with projector when all financials are received from Guide One, all bills are paid and given there is still enough funds and no oversights. Chris seconded, carried by a 5-2 vote
• Office Coordinator position: Motion to offer Rita Schmidt the part-time office coordinator position at $13.75 per hour for 20 hours a week. Motioned by Tina Crawn, seconded by Jim Johnson. The motion was unanimously approved.

New Business

• Security System: Option 1: Contacted previous security system installers to get a quote on upgrading our current non-active system. Proposal was to update the inside keypad on both the education wing and administration wing. Groups meeting on the education wing will be given their own individual codes to enter. Church members will enter through the administration wing. Install 4 outside cameras with a DVR that would record 4 channels and will hold data for up to 30 days. Proposal; 3-year contract, $713.98 installation plus $70 per month to monitor. Security company does not monitor the cameras they will only call the Police if the alarm should go off. Would also install a DVR that would Reach out to determine how much it would cost to install system without monitoring
• Option 2: Amazon-purchase Arlo by NETGEAR security system cameras 4-wireless for $317 that we would install, however there would be no alarm system
• All outside locks have been rekeyed; discussing who will get keys.

• Diane and Tina went to BB&T to close all the final accounts. There is a safety deposit box that only Pat Quellhorst can access. We need to contact Pat and open the box to transition to Mainstreet
• Ruthanne Godfrey and Rita Schmid are looking into a program during Christmas time called “Breakfast with the Christmas Angels”. This will be a Community event with local children and families. People will come and eat breakfast foods and do activities or crafts. Adults will stay with children the entire time
• Norma Thompson, Ingrid Kjenslie and others would like to volunteer to contact members after deaths; “Bereavement Committee”

Closing, Next Meeting

Motion to adjourn at 8:54 PM by Jim Johnson, seconded by Chris Russell
Next meeting September 18th at 7:00 PM
September Devotion: Pastor Dennis

Council Meeting Minutes – June 2018


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Members present: Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell & Tom Klinger

Members not present: Jim Johnson, Pam Massaro, Connie Kersten, Marion Larson

Diane Bursey, President opened the meeting at 7:00pm.

Devotion – Chris Russell

The May 2018 meeting minutes were reviewed with no corrections.  It was moved that the minutes be approved by Pastor Dennis and seconded by Tom Klinger.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report – 

Beginning July 1st, all financial transactions will be processed via ChurchTrac including our Raymond James financials and payroll.  Financial binders with all transactions are being put together to be kept by Larry Holihan, Diane Bursey and the bookkeeper in case any questions arise. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Tina Crawn and seconded by Chris Russell.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Pastor’s Report

Member visits -6, New Member visits – 3, Hospital Visitations – 3, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 2, Private Communions – 5, Crisis Interventions – 0, Meetings – 6,

Consultations – 12, Worship Services – 3, Mtg. with Conf. Pastors – 0, Classes taught – 0

Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts – Attend Synod Assembly – June 1-3, 2018

Mileage for the month – 234.1 miles total. Pastor’s report was unanimously approved by electronic vote.

Worship and Music –  

No meeting was held this month.
The worship area was completed in time for returning to our sanctuary on May 27.
A new lighted cross and fellowship tables were purchased through the Memorial Fund.

New chairs were funded through Designated Funds.  The organ was returned from the contractor with the foot pedal board not working. Fixing this item is being addressed through the contractor.

We still need volunteers to work at the Welcome Table each week. So far, we have had several new visitors be greeted through this new area. Congregational sign ups and other questions are also routed through the Welcome area. The TV above the Welcome area announces coming events.  We have recently added financial income and attendance to the weekly info.  A variety of worship techniques and music is being selected for summer worship. We plan to resume two services and a Wednesday service in the Fall. The possibility of replacing our sound system and projector with new technology is being investigated.  Chris Morse has joined the committee.

Property Committee:

  • Recruit Royal Morse to become a member, his expertise with Electrical, would be of great value
  • Jim Johnson brought up gradually upgrading our current lighting fixtures with LED Panels. Starting with the Pastor’s office and gradually working our way around the administrative and Sunday School wings of the Church. LED Panels cost between 78.00 and 80.00 per panel see attached for cost savings chart.
  • The Committee Agreed to finish the Drainage trench at the front of the Church (the area behind the Memorial Monument) the monument needs to be moved so we can get in and finish. Pastor or the Contractor can move utilizing the LULL currently on site sometime next week.
  • The New tile at the front of the church is a no wax vinyl, Jim and Marie Johnson will dust and Damp Mop
  • Jim mentioned re-waxing the tile floors in the Admin wing and Sunday School Wing when the “stuff” is out of the way.
  • It was suggested that we have a “Church Cleanup Day” 4x per year with Congregational participation. Maybe a couple of hours and serve a lunch (sandwiches and such)
  • The Kitchen clean out needs a permeant fix. Jim agreed to find a cover, the current clean out is a tripping hazard which explains the hazard cone in the middle of the Kitchen!!
  • Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 11th at the Church at 7:00 PM.  

Finance Committee:

Items Discussed: The committee discussed the status of converting to ChurchTrac financials on July 1st and the transition from the current QuickBooks financials. The committee also discussed how the financials should be produced beginning July 1.

Recommendations/Action: The committee will present its recommendations at the June council meeting.

Implementation: Mainstreet Bank will be our new bank effective July 1. We are in the processing of establishing accounts and credit cards. Conversion from BB&T bank will be gradual as we phase into our new system.

Old Business

Restoration Update – The roof above Administration Wing was being worked on when the sub-contractors broke for their lunch break. During this time, a storm passed over the church damaging the Pastor’s office and Joe’s Office.  Contractor will replace the ceiling tiles and insulation in both offices and will pay Joe to re-paint his walls.  The paint was already purchased; however, the bill will be given to the Contractor to reimburse the church. Unfortunately, the contractor will not cover the cost to replace the rugs in either office.  Pastor’s office will soon have new carpet put in and Joe’s office will have vinyl tile put down.  

Bank transition – Tomorrow, June 20 Larry and Diane will go to Mainstreet Community Bank to open a new account and begin the transition from our current bank, BB&T to Mainstreet Bank.  New credit cards will also be set up and will be held by Pastor Dennis, Diane Bursey and Joe Foryan. 

VBS – Due to the additional damages to the church and the timeframe we are now looking at for completion, the decision has been made to cancel VBS.  An email is in the process of being sent to all our VBS families and we are asking everyone to respond, acknowledging they have read it. If we do not receive an email of acknowledgement, we will call those families for verbal acknowledgement.  Next week, we will begin refunding our VBS families who have already paid.

Finance Committee Recommendations –

Next step in converting financials: All Finances have been duplicated in ChurchTrac and everything balances with the bank. This will help with a smooth transition on July 1, 2018.

Currently waiting on reports from bookkeeper to finalize the payroll transition to ChurchTrac.

Discussions were held regarding our current financial procedures and processes; a motion was made by Larry Holihan and seconded by Chris Russell to have Tina Crawn oversee our church finances effective July 1st.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Facility Use – Both churches requesting to use our facilities for worship have found permanent space.

New Business

Restoration Wish List Team: New sound system and projector – met with Jinx-it and received proposal. Larry, Wayne, Royal, Diane and Pastor visited the Summit Greens Clubhouse to see the work completed by “Jinx It”.  Also worked on several churches that we will call for references.

New computers for Joe’s office and sound room

Complete all outdoor lighting with LED lighting

Purchase additional 6ft plastic tables for education wing

Replace carpet in Pastor’s office

Replace flooring in Joe’s office – to be completed by Diane and Susan

New Altar candles – Larry looking at memorial funds

Items already completed:

Quilting room – new floor and paint

Purchased 2 new vacuum cleaners

Kitchen refrigerator was fixed so no longer need to replace

A motion was made by Karissa Bursey and seconded by Chris Russell to close the “Pastor Call Fund” and move the sum of $11,666.50, to the “IT Equipment Software” account.  The motion was unanimously approved.

A motion was made by Larry Holihan and seconded by Tina Crawn to purchase two new computers.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Proposal from Doug Biss: Proposal to remove, disinfect and replace all ceiling tiles in the education wing and administration wing excluding Pastor’s office and Joe’s office.  This proposal was denied due to insurance coverage and no hazmat certification.

Diane will contact companies and get estimates on what it will cost to ensure each room is free of any hazardous smells or waste in addition to the cost of replacing all ceiling tiles and insulation.

Information regarding the IRS definition of Employee vs. Independent Contractor:

Under the IRS definition of an “employee” we have improperly classified Joe Foryan’s position as a 1099 which is an Independent Contractor.  We need to immediately transition Joe Foryan to the correct classification of “employee” and request Joe to complete a W-2 form. Tina and Diane will discuss this change with Joe this week.

Having “employees” under a 1099 and not on a W-2, could potentially lead the church to a $20,000 fine from the IRS. 

Positions such as an organist ‘s can remain as a 1099 (Independent Contractor).

Once we complete the transition of payroll to ChurchTrac, all employees will be on the same pay period; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Church Council chose bi-weekly.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 9:16pm by Diane Bursey, seconded by Tina Crawn, approved

Closed with the Lord’s Prayer

Next Meeting: July 17, 2018

Devotion – Connie Kersten

Council Meeting Minutes – May 2018


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Members present:  Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Marion Larson, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Connie Kersten & Peg Massaro

Members not present: Jim Johnson – excused

Diane Bursey, President opened the meeting at 6:58pm.

Devotion – Tina Crawn, To Allow God to Lead

The April 2018 meeting minutes were reviewed with no corrections.  It was moved that the minutes be approved by Connie Kersten and seconded by Tom Klinger.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report –  Deductible Insurance fund- new donation has brought us closer to our goal and will lowering rates from contractor we will end in the positive. Altar flower funds are in the positive. Youth funds have achieved their goal for their mission trip. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Tina Crawn and seconded by Marion Larson.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Pastor’s ReportMember visits- 11, New Member visits- 2, Hospital Visitations- 4, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations- 6, Private Communions- 8, Crisis Interventions- 0, Meetings- 7, Consultations- 21, Worship Services- 3, Mtg. with Conf. Pastors- 1, Classes taught- 0, Adult Bible Study- 0, Mileage for the month- 341.9 miles total. Motion to accept Pastor’s Report made by Chris Russell and seconded by Tina Crawn. The motion was unanimously approved.

Worship and Music –  

  • May 27- first Sunday back in our Sanctuary planning a celebration potluck following service. Diane will add to weekly email. 9:30 worship through the summer with new worship experiences. In September go back to two services and bring back Wednesday services.
  • Spanish congregations interested in renting the facility, Pastor is in contact and will keep us updated.
  • New sanctuary- no clutter, very simple
  • New round and rectangle tables that are lightweight for move in day
  • New backlit cross to be delivered and installed next Tuesday 5/22/18
  • Pastor Godfrey will preach on 6/3/18
  • Pastor and Joe will be at the Synod Assembly, that is open to all who would like to attend
  • Chris Morse will join the Worship and Music committee

Motion to accept Worship and Music Report made by Peg Massaro and seconded by Chris Russell. The motion was unanimously approved.

Old Business


  • Steeple has one more side to be painted.
  • Steeple was mounted and anchored today 5/15 before it rained.
  • Sanctuary roof is complete
  • Almost all ceiling tiles and lights are fixed
  • Need to buffer and remove all old glue before installing new carpet
  • Carpet and vinyl will be done by Friday 5/18/18
  • Office and Education wing roofs still need to be complete
  • Education hallway and nursery will be painted this week – Hallway will be Honeydew green and Nursery a baby yellow
  • Office Hallway, Secretary’s office, kitchen etc. will also be painted this week
  • Strip off shingles on the garage and the shingles will be redone
  • When we move back in, we are still not finished with restoration, need a lot of new ceiling tiles in many of the rooms
  • Once the work is complete NO LIFTS UNLESS WE LAY MINIMUM ⅝” OF PLYWOOD. Vinyl will bust, and the wheels will split carpet

VBS:  July 9-13 theme “Babylon- Daniel’s Journey” – Looking for assistance with decorating

LED lights – All installed, they will be aimed in the correct direction tomorrow 5/16. Lights on steeple and on the corner have been converted to LED. All fluorescents are now replaced and lit in sanctuary. Royal Morse has converted the secretary’s office to LED

New Business

Finance Committee Report – May 15, 2018

  • INTRODUCTION – The Church Council approved the formation of a Finance Committee to review current financials and to recommend areas for improvements.Tina Crawn, Pam Brosonski, and Larry Holihan are members of the committee.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIONS – The committee reviewed current accounting and payroll procedures. We manually inputted all financials from check stubs, bank statements, and Quicken inputs into ChurchTrac (our Membership program) from January 1 through April 30.  These transactions match the bank statements.  We set up ChurchTrac Financials to allow us to view the status of all Designated Funds including initial balances, income and expenses for any designated period.  We also created a Budget report which can replace the one currently reported through Excel. We established a report which shows current balances of all fund which match bank totals.  Tina checked with ChurchTrac support to insure we can produce accurate payroll through ChurchTrac.
  • FINDINGS – The current excel monthly report does not give a complete picture of church financials. Items listed on the spreadsheet and not complete and totals do not add up correctly. There is a lot of opportunity for error in the financials because income is recorded in ChurchTrac (our membership program), then manually transcribed into QuickBooks, and then manually transferred to an excel spreadsheet. In our analysis, we found several instances of omissions, adding errors, etc.  The QuickBooks financials added up to the total bank statements but excel spreadsheet did not.  Some Designated Funds were taken from the General Account and others from Designated Accounts.  The Flower fund was located separately on the spreadsheet.  The current method of using QuickBooks provides us with limited access to financials and doesn’t give us an easy way to analyze individual designated fund accounts.  We do not have ready access to all the financials. We must rely on the bookkeeper each time we want to look at specific items. ChurchTrac financials are in the “Cloud” and are professionally backed up each day.  These financials are available to those church members authorized to view them at any time on any computer (with proper password protection). Income records from ChurchTrac and Online Giving are automatically added into financials without any manual input. Three separate bank accounts are being used.  The totals of all three match the financials, but individual accounts do not.  We are being charged bank service fees and payroll fees.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – The financials be moved entirely to the QuickBooks financial and payroll module. This move will eliminate moving any manual movement of data and provide reports without relying on a separate worksheet.  We already have access to the Accounting module in ChurchTrac.  (Note:  Financials have already been added into ChurchTrac beginning with January 1, 2018 and match the bank statements.)  Formal conversion to ChurchTrac (including payroll) should be moved on July 1, 2018. Payroll should be produced through the ChurchTrac payroll module (which we already have).  If possible, automatic bank deposits be provided through a bank at no charge.  Ancillary payments to the pastor (such as Car Allowance, etc.) not be run through payroll, but provided as a separate check.  We move our bank to one that does not charge service and payroll charges and allows automatic payroll depositing without charge.  We only establish one general account, not three as we currently have. This could eliminate up to $600 in bank charges each year.

Respectfully submitted, Larry Holihan, Tina Crawn & Pam Brosonski

Motion to accept the Finance Committee Report and Recommendations made by Karissa Bursey and seconded by Peg Massaro. The motion was unanimously approved.

As a council representing this church, we unanimously approved to give Pastor Dennis a gift of gratitude for all his hard work and dedication to our Restoration Project. 

Motion made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Chris Russell to adjourn meeting at 8:10pm. The motion was unanimously approved.  Closed in The Lords Prayer

Next Meeting – June 19, 2018

Devotion – Chris Russell

Council Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Council Meeting 04.24.18

Attendees: Connie Kersten, Tina Crawn, Diane Bursey, Larry Holihan, Jim Johnson, Peg Massaro, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Pastor Dennis.

Excused:  Karissa Bursey and Marion Larson

7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Diane Bursey.

Diane Bursey led devotion with a passage from Devotions from Celebrate Recovery.

The minutes from March’s meeting were presented. No changes needed. Tom Klinger made a motion to accept the minutes seconded by Jim Johnson. All approved and the motion carried.

The treasurers report was discussed in fine detail. There was a committee formed of Larry Holihan, Tina Crawn and Pam Brosonski to look over the church financials for discrepancies. The committee found that while no church money is missing, the financials are extremely incorrect from being exported from QuickBooks to excel. Larry, with the help of others, recreated January through March in Churchtrac and the bank figures are very comparable. They will keep working on it to figure out the fund discrepancies. Larry also spoke to someone at the Synod about getting help with the insurance deductible. They asked for certain financial data that we had to get back to them on because Gizella has all those figures. The Synod was very concerned about the church financials not being done 100% at the church and by a church member. The committee will continue to work on these issues and come to the council with recommendations once they have had a chance to review everything. Gizella owns the QuickBooks copyright which is why we are not able to access just our records. Larry is working with her to get her to provide to us all the necessary reports from all of 2017. A special thanks to Larry and all others who have helped sort out this financial situation. Peg Massaro made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Chris Russell seconded the motion. All approved and the motion carried.

Pastor’s report was generated to all and is attached in the council blog. There were no questions or concerns with his report. Connie Kersten made a motion to accept the Pastor’s report, seconded by Tina Crawn. All approved and the motion carried.


The digital sign concerns have been put on hold until the restoration is complete.

Restoration Update: The foreman Mike said we can look to be completed by mid to end May. The back wall behind the altar will be finished with a skim coat and then the power point will be turned on to make sure it is working. The steeple is down and will be power washed, sanded down and then repainted with heavy duty paint before being reinstalled. The painting is done inside except for the doors and cold air returns. Joe and Joe would like to repaint the offices and hallways while painting is going on elsewhere. The electricians removed the lights from the roof that were pointing at the steeple but we are unaware of where they are now. The door guy was here and replaced all the weather stripping for a total cost of around $329.00. Royal Morse would like LED lights to be installed in all the spotlights outside. A motion was made to replace every light we can possibly replace with LED lights. Chris Russell made the motion seconded by Tom Klinger. All approved and the motion carried.

Maintenance Proposal- there was a proposal to bring Doug on as a maintenance worker for the church. We will need to wait until the restoration is complete and the finances are accurate before we can decide on this.


Minneola City Hall- our last week at the Clermont City center is the last Sunday in April. We have contacted the Minneola City Hall and they have agreed to let us use the facility again. However, we may have an issue Memorial Day weekend as no one will be around with keys to let us in.

The little sign out front indicating where worship service is for now needs to be updated. Also, the ad in the News Leader needs to be extended and the new meeting time and place updated. Tina Crawn made a motion for Larry to take care of these two items seconded by Jim Johnson. All approved and the motion carried.

Vacation Bible School will be held July 9-13, 2018.

The church has received two proposals to use our church during our down time. The first one came back in October before renovation from Pastor Raul. The second one came recently from Daniel Barrios. Pastor Dennis will contact Pastor Raul to see if he is still interested and see if we can work something out with both churches. This would give our congregation the opportunity to grown in ministry.

The next meeting will be on May 15th and Tina Crawn will lead devotions.

Jim Johnson motioned to adjourn the meeting seconded by Connie Kersten. All in favor and the meeting ended.

Submitted-Tina Crawn, Vice President

Council Meeting Minutes – March 2018


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Attendees: Karissa Bursey, Diane Bursey, Tina Crawn, Jim Johnson, Larry Holihan, Chris Russel, Marion Larson, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Connie Kersten, Tom Klinger, Peg Massaro

Absent: Mark Jacobetz

Call to order 7:01pm

Devotion:Mark 12:14 What would belong to God? We do, we are God’s coins within the world, so pay the emperor what belongs to the emperor but give yourself to God because we belong to him.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

A motion was made by Jim Johnson and seconded by Chris Russell to approve the February council minutes. All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Treasurer Report

Larry Holihan has accepted to be temporary Treasurer.
Larry went through the financials to try and answer some questions from February’s meeting.
First question, why was only one mortgage payment made? We have automatic payments and due to higher payments last year, payments this year may be lower.

There were errors in beginning balances and Larry brought it up to Gizella and she will be analyzing the financials over the last year are highly filled with errors.
Larry proposed a committee composed of Tina Crawn, Pam Brosonski and Larry Holihan to go over the financials to find all discrepancies called the Financial Review Committee.

A motion was by Connie Kersten and seconded by Jim Johnson to accept the Financial Review Committee as stated above.  All council present voted unanimously to approve.

As of right now counters count the offering, then Gizella inputs information in QuickBooks, then Gizella composes the spreadsheets that she presents to Council.
February Financials: The total of designated funds does not match the designated funds balance in the top right. The deduction from the building fund towards the deductible for insurance was taken from the building fund but was not added to the line item of the deductible total.
The total on the sheet for the designated funds is $20,000 off from the bank account.
Line item 02-04 Fellowship has a $37.77 expense that we cannot find in P+L
Balance sheet: We want a balance sheet that could be sent to the Synod.
In the liability section of the Balance Sheet needs to include insurance payments. The words “Net Income” also needs to be removed because we are a church and do not make income, we are a nonprofit.
Motion to accept treasurer’s report was tabled until corrections are made.

Pastor Report

14 Member visits, 4 New Member Visits, 4 Hospital Visitations, 5 Nursing Home/ Hospice Visitations, 7 Private Communions, 1 Crisis Interventions, 4 Meetings, 7 Restoration Meetings/ Consultations, 9 Consultations, 4 Worship Services, 1 Mtg. with Conf. Pastors, 1 Class taught, and monthly mileage for February is 309.7 miles.

As of May our AED pads expire. We have a $95 expense (not sure if it is for one pad or two pads).  Pastor needs to attend a meeting with the Bishop and all other Clergy- only costs $100 for meals.

Need volunteers for Synod Assembly- a business meeting in Kissimmee June 1-3 Wednesday- Friday. Chris Russel may possibly attend.
Sheetrock in church is complete but if it storms badly again then it may leak, or the waterlogged insulation may damage new sheetrock. Tomorrow 3/28 the ceiling tile, ceiling insulation and roof insulation will be delivered. The contractor said that the insulation will be installed ASAP (before the roof?) We need to have assurances to be sure that if Tom does not pay subcontractors, that we do not have to. We also need to make sure that the baseboards are properly removed, and the sheetrock repaired from resulting holes.
Carol Fulmer would like to be present when next we meet with the contractor, upon council approval. No one on council objected.

A motion was made by Tina Crawn and seconded by Jim Johnson to approve the February Pastor’s report.  All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Committee Reports

Worship and Music Committee report sent by Larry through Council Blog.

Old Business

Digital Sign has been temporarily removed. We need to get a zoning variance to put the sign back up. This costs $500 for a zoning application plus a zoning permit fee if application is approved. Larry suggests we hold off on this until the issues with the renovations is finished. The city also said that we were in violation for the old sign and that it wasn’t approved in 2013 because there was no landscaping around it. Larry Holihan, Chris Russell and Royal Morse went to purchase plants and planted them. We are now within compliance on all counts. Since the sign was purchased with Memorial Funds, Larry suggested that the funds be restored to the Memorial Fund from other funds (Pastor Fund?). Marion Larson suggested to leave it as is for when we get the appropriate permits and it is installed again.

Restoration update covered in Pastors Report. A new backlit cross will be made locally and will be financed out of the Memorial Fund and other funds. Projected cost is less than $1600 and is 8 feet tall. The old cross can be moved to the office hall in front of the admin office.

New Business

Council Devotion Sign-Up: April- Diane Bursey, May- Tina Crawn, June- Chris Russell, July- Connie Kersten, Aug- Jim Johnson, Sept- Pastor, Oct- Tom Klinger, Nov- Peg Massaro, Dec- Larry Holihan

Extra Room for Easter at City Center has been resolved. We will find out on Sunday if we can rinse our dishes in the kitchen.

Easter “Fancy” Coffee Hour: Since we cannot have an Easter breakfast we will play this by ear. Holy Week Services: 4pm Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at Zion Lutheran Church in Groveland.

LED light replacements in spotlights are now brighter using a 70-watt bulb verses the older 200ish watts. This change is more economic as it uses less electricity. This was tabled until after the restoration process is complete.

Check Signers: Jim Johnson will stay on as a check signer. Karissa Bursey will step down. Diane Bursey suggested that she as President and Tina Crawn as Vice-President also become check signers.

A motion was made by Karissa Bursey and seconded by Chris Russell to accept Diane Bursey and Tina Crawn to be added as check signers for the church. All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Larry suggested that Gizella fill out an hourly time sheet with dates and number of hours both for her records and ours.

Door Repair: Before carpeting is installed we need to have new weather stripping installed. This could be taken out of the building repair fund. They charge $75 per hour plus parts and a flat fee of $50-60 for the company to come out. The company is Florida Commercial Door from Lakeland.

A motion was made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Tom Klinger to have Florida Commercial Door come out.   All council present voted unanimously to approve.

We also need to remove the bushes out front by the memorial garden. We need to dig a trench to temporarily place plants until they can be put back OR we can dig up old dead bushes by the front and replace them with the live bushes from next to the memorial garden. This will need to happen immediately after the restoration to limit possible rain damage.

A motion was made by Jim Johnson and seconded by Peg Massaro to make plans to make a French Drain on first opportunity. All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Council Responsibilities: Marion Larson stepped down from Stewardship Liaison due to her summer schedule. Jim Johnson stepped up to take over Stewardship with Marion Larson to help. Chris Russell and Tom Klinger are Property, Connie Kersten is Youth and Family, Larry Holihan is Worship and Music, Karissa Bursey is Education (VBS and Sunday School), Peg Massaro is Altar Guild.

Other Business

We would like to thank Mark Jacobetz for his service on council.


A motion was made by Jim Johnson and seconded by Marion Larson to adjourn meeting at 8:48 pm.  Closed with the Lord’s Prayer

Next Meeting; April 24, 2018

Council Meeting Minutes – February 2018


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Members present: Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Marion Larson, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Jim Johnson, Connie Kersten & Peg Massaro.

7:01 Meeting called to order by Jim Johnson. Pastor Dennis led devotion with Psalm 22

The minutes from January’s meeting were emailed out week before. No changes needed. Diane Bursey made a motion to accept the minutes. Marian Larson seconded. All were in favor…no opposed.

Treasurer Report

The treasurers report was discussed with numerous concerns. There is a question over whether the building fund line includes the money we voted on previously for the hurricane deductible or has it already been moved to the deductible fund. We would like a breakdown of the deductible fund to show what portion is from the congregation, the building funds, and the insurance money. There was no mortgage payment shown for January. Is this an oversight or was it not paid? The beginning totals for numerous accounts to include lilies and poinsettias and the Virginia Circle are incorrect. We are paying high managerial fees for the Raymond James investments and are looking at other options for the funds. The memorial fund is showing $3010.00 in donations in memory of Charlie Monzillo and will be moved to the deductible fund. Diane made a motion to accept the report with the proposed changes. Connie seconded. All in favor…no opposed.

Pastor Report

The pastor presented a hard copy of his report which was covered. Mark made a motion to accept the report. Tina seconded it. All in favor…no opposed.

Committee Reports

The president report presented by Jim Johnson included the contacting and securing our temporary worship facility. Pastor, Larry and Joe went to Clermont to see the set up. Jim spent time working on the budget with Gizella.
The worship and music report was deferred to new business because of the renovation.

Old Business

We need to purchase a construction sign size 18×24 down for down by the stop sign. $37.49 is the cost and must be aluminum. It needs to say no trespassing. No one can be on property once the crane is here. We also need large orange cones to block off the drive once you get to the top of the hill. Has to be able to be moved by the workers.
The letter for the Weibush family has been prepared. Pastor and Jim will sign the letter and mail out. They will ask them if they would like to resend a check they may. Either way the names will remain in the memorial list.  The church questionnaire that was presented to council last month has been filled out. IT was then given to Joe to mail. The question of changing online giving was brought up. The person who wants to change their giving needs to alert the office, so they can log in and help the person change their giving. We need to mention this when we do the stewardship drive. Also let people know they can take a QCD from their retirement plans and use it for their offering. When doing so, this makes it tax free.

New Business

Need to elect new officers. Karissa Bursey nominated Diane Bursey for President. Tina seconded. All accepted. Diane accepted the position.
Karissa Bursey nominated Tina Crawn for Vice President. Marian seconded, and all were in favor. Tina accepted the position.
Treasurer: We still currently need this position
Secretary: Jim nominated Karissa Bursey. Tina seconded. All were in favor and Karissa accepted the position.

Mary Walsh would like to start a Thursday night AA group meeting starting around 6:30-7. Tina will reach out to her and find out more and report back next meeting. OA will still meet in the choir room during renovations. NA will be meeting elsewhere but we are not sure where. The Saturday ladies AA meeting has moved already until after the renovation. The Faith Neighborhood Center offered their conference room for any groups that needed a meeting place. We need to be sure we have names, information, and contact to reach groups in case we need the facility (i.e. Symphony), All info needs to be given to Joe.  Need Keith Tolbert’s info (from Jim) to reach NA. Friday’s OA will still meet in Choir room. We need to contact Boy Scouts to find new meeting place. Larry will email Diane Bursey information to get into church’s email so that messages are not kicked back as “undeliverable”

Electronic Sign – We did not have a permit to put the additions on the sign- permits expire after a year? We were cited- Larry went to Lake County on 2/20/18. We need to get a permit and pay a fine for not getting a permit.  We need to make amendments to the permit for the electronic signs. Problem- we lie on Clermont/ Lake County Joint (JPA). This is now in the hands of a supervisor (from zoning department) that will let us know- they will call Larry or Pastor. Electrical fee of $90 and Building fee of $150 to get the new permit. Also need an engineering group to come in and tell us how to put up the sign to code (not with 2x4s). They will not renew the old permit because Clermont banned scrolling LED signs, so we will need to go to a hearing to get us “grandfathered in” or they will give us a new permit if we adjust the points above. Maybe check with our General Contractor about signs for Construction Zone and keeping them to code.

Restoration Update – We need a 3-person committee to make some of the big decisions. Larry will speak to Royal Morse and Karissa will speak to Kendal Bursey. Karissa Bursey and Marion Larson volunteered. Need ASAP because carpet needs to be decided before March. Could go to look at other churches to see what colors can do for a vibe. Who will we hire to paint the sanctuary. Insurance company has covered 4 coats- primer, seal, and two coats of paint. Joe has volunteered- will roll and not spray- will take a week or less. Needs to make sure that he is bonded and has worker’s comp. Ask for references that have been happy with work. Possibly rent a lift- safer than a ladder for the vaulted walls. Rita will fill in the office.

NEXT STEPS: Speak to Tom and see if Joe will be approved to perform the job. Carpet must be put in AFTER the wall is painted.

Worship and Music suggestions
Warmer and more inviting, Two different warm colors, Old cross replaced by new backlighted cross, Power point wall painted with projection paint or remote controlled projection screen with wood valence (thin board at the top to hold the rolled up screen)
Paint is very expensive and has glass beads that will make the wall look slightly different.
Replace carpet with new rug that is “multicolored”, Place 8-10’ strip of tile or linoleum (that looks like wood) for pot luck dinners and leakage. Power point projector in back- need to get new lens, Corner molding on pillars at the front stained to match the altar. Recruit and train welcome center participants before we come back so that they are at the table and ready each week.

Publicity- peeled sign to go on lighted sign as well as a banner to go on the corner stating new location and time. Possibly place an ad in the News leader? (paper that everyone gets)
Contract for 13 weeks, run separate ad for return service to church, Price: 1×4 ad in black and white ($299) or color ($400), Take from renovation budget. Chris made the motion to place the ad and Tina seconded- council voted to approve the color ad for 13 weeks

Temporary Locations
Hand written “Project Plan” Church Relocation, Plan that dictates who is in charge of every piece of the move. We will need people to set up and take down chairs at the City Center (not Minneola), Volunteer list by Sunday? Coffee Hour- we need to transfer the coffee, maybe we buy gallons of coffee from Dunkin Donuts? Coordinate with Coffee Hour people about how to do that. Music will be in bulletins. East Wing (Sunday School side) cleaned out, already sorted and mostly packed. Bathrooms- put plastic sheets over toilets so that debris does not enter. Movie room electronics need to be covered. West Wing (Office Side), Office, copier, etc. will stay. Quilting room has been cleaned out and will be sealed, Choir members will take robes home and cabinets will be sealed, hallway has solid ceiling, so debris should not come into rooms, but debris may leave room and go into hallway. Storing our blue chairs, we will not rent a trailer when we move the chairs- possibly rent a forklift to lift chairs into truck. We will look into using youth first then look into the fork lift, chairs will be moved Saturday March 3rd. Youth from our church, boy scouts, and youth from the Methodist? Will have a dehumidifier in truck so chairs do not mold or start to smell. Symphony found another location for their last two concerts. They want to come back to our location next fall for acoustics. Lanyards and name tags for Council members, easily identify for congregation members, folders for council members, we decided in the past not to continue folders to prevent paper usage and toners. We need a welcome thing for new council members

Closing, Next Meeting

  • Motion to adjourn at 9:39 PM by Diane Bursey, seconded by Chris Russell

Council Meeting Minutes – January 2018


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Members present: Tina Crawn, Diane Bursey, Mark Jacobetz, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Jim Johnson, Pastor Dennis Schmidt & Marion Larson

Members not present: Karissa Bursey

Special Guest: Joe Montfort

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm by Jim Johnson and Pastor opened with devotion from Matthew 11: 28-30.

Old Business:

  1. We talked about leasing two difference properties for our time away from the church. Jim stated we have two calls in for possible opportunities. One is in the Winn-Dixie plaza on HWY 50 and Bloxom and the other one is the closed down Chevy Dealer on HWY 50. Leasing one of these spots would leave open the possibility of Mid-week services.
  2. Council was asked to address any rumors to Pastor Dennis or to council president Jim Johnson. They have been overseeing the talks with the insurance company and the contractor and have the most up-to-date information. Some rumors they have had to resolve includes thinking every room in the church must be completely emptied. The roof and insulation needs to be removed, however, the decking on the roof will be staying. Another concern was the church has Hazmat conditions meaning the workers will be in full hazmat suits during the construction. This is also not true. The contractor is saying due to OSHA conditions, no one can be on property while they are working unless in hard hats and other OSHA approved gear. With these concerns, they are asking that church members do not just show up because they are curious of the progress. The more visitors we have with these concerns, the longer it will take to complete the task at hand.
  3. There are concerns over the amount of people who Pokémon hunt at the church. It was decided we need to post constructions signs warning people to keep off the property during this time. We will also need signs for the doors to show where we have moved as well as updating Facebook and the website.
  4. The remote WIFI for the digital sign has been completed. We voted in December to approve this purchase since the scrolling is no longer allowed on digital signs and can only be changed once every 24 hours.

New business:

  1. There was a discrepancy found in the memorial fund. A check from James and Melinda Wabushes for $500.00 was found in a blank pew envelope. It was dated 09/14/2016. This makes the check stale dated and cannot be cashed. The memorial fund was used to pay for the digital sign which included this money. Larry suggested the shortage of funds come from the Thrivent account until the matter can be resolved. We will contact the family and ask what they would like to do. If they decide to reissue the check, we will put the funds back into the Thrivent account. We decided that would be the best solution.
  2. There was a questionnaire that was received from the insurance company that needs to be filled out. It was addressed to someone who is no longer at the church. Jim Johnson offered to handle the questionnaire and send it back in.
  3. Our goal on council is to become good stewards for the church as a whole. We are looking for new people to join the council this year, so we keep this close to our hearts as we go to God. Karissa is wanting to stay on council, but she would like to step down as Treasurer. With the departing of Carol Kenderdine, we will need a council secretary as well. Some people who have made an interest in joining are Peg Massaro and Tom Klinger.
  4. We received a Benevolence letter of intent from the Synod Committee of 1% of help which could equal between $10,000-$11,000.
  5. Pastor had a meeting with the insurance company and was told that the church could hire ourselves for some portions of the construction. This would allow us to put that money back towards the deductible. This includes moving most items out of the church ourselves as well as painting the sanctuary. The contractor will need to approve whoever we hire (Joe is one person we are considering). No spraying is allowed, and the contractor expects a prime, a seal, and two coats of paint.
  6. There will be a funeral at the church on Friday, January 19, 2018 for Charles Monzillo.  
  7. There are few areas of the budget that still need attention to include Pastor’s salary and the bookkeeper. Jim proposed we talk about a salary increase for Gizella. She has never had a raise since working for us. She charges us hourly to help keep our costs down. Jim suggested we change her rate of pay from $12 an hour to $15. After some discussions, Chris Russell made a motion to increase the pay to $15 per hour. Mark seconded the motion. All in favor. No opposed.
  8. When speaking of Pastor’s salary for 2018, Jim reminded us all that Pastor’s new insurance was going to save the church $6,000 a year. The council explored several options. The final discussion was to include a 5% increase in salary. Tina Crawn made motion for a 5% increase. Chris Russell seconded the motion. All were in favor. No opposed.
  9. Discussion of Alex Palmour’s compensation for next year was discussed as well. The council reviewed his contract of $75 per service. The motion was made by Mark Jacobetz to offer Alex $80 per service. Marian Larson seconded the motion. All were in favor. No opposed.
  10. The council reviewed the budget line by line and made adjustments where we could. We all agreed to make sure to let Gizella know most employees are on a 1099.
  11. The last thing discussed was the need to have a Stewardship Drive. The last one was several years ago. Church members were asked to put their yearly tithe intentions in a sealed envelope and it would stay between them and God. The council will revisit this again.

The meeting adjourned at 9 pm.

Respectfully-Tina Crawn