Monthly Council Minutes – July 2018

Meeting Date



Tina Crawn, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Jim Johnson, Pam Massaro, Connie Kersten Tom Klinger


Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Marion Larson

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Diane Bursey, President opened the meeting at 7:00pm.
Devotion – Connie Kersten

Treasurer Report

The June financials have been completed and are in the Council Blog. I recommend you review these prior to the July council meeting. An update on the status of Restoration funds will be presented at the meeting. The conversion of the financials to ChurchTrac has been completed and went live on July 1. Transfer of entries from QuickBooks to ChurchTrac for the first six months of this year is complete, so the entire year of 2018 is now in ChurchTrac. Gizella Guba has resigned as our bookkeeper. Effective July 1 bookkeeping duties were assigned to Tina Crawn. We have opened new accounts at Mainstreet Bank in Clermont and are in the process of transferring funds between banks. New credit cards (assigned to individuals) are being processed through Mainstreet. The finance committee has completed all actions assigned to it and will now enter an inactive status. However, we will re-activate this committee as needed. Need to zero out Faith Neighborhood Center Fund by sending out a check at the end of the month. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Tom Klinger. The motion was unanimously approved.

Committee Reports

Worship and Music –
The committee did not meet this month. However, bids are being received for possible audio and projector upgrades. The committee will meet in August to begin planning Fall and Winter worship activities. It is recommended that Council approve improvements to the Audio and Projection system as allowed by available funds.

Old Business

Restoration Update: Diane met with Guide One insurance adjuster, Pat for a walk through the building and reviewed our punch list. Pat took many pictures and made recommendations. Patches of insulation are tucked in and not correctly installed, Cove Base is not correctly installed, there are many bubbles. We will be requesting warranty on the carpet in the sanctuary because it may not have properly been installed.
Bank transition – Bank Account and payroll moved successfully to Mainstreet. LED lights now installed in Pastor’s office

New Business

Property Committee: Ceiling Tile Job, Property Committee will ask Doug Biss to get Occupational Accidental Insurance before moving on with the project. Looking at new garage door openers, replacing deadbolts on garage doors, LED light replacements.
Tree Trimming will be included during Congregational Workday, waiting for better weather and more congregation members to return. We need to move the dumpster so that it is now straight and not at an angle. Forgo moving Memorial block, we can lay down a vapor barrier, back fill it with sand or gravel. Next Committee meeting August 8th
Insurance- insure land, building, garage, and contents separately

Conversion to ChurchTrac is complete, Gizella has resigned as our bookkeeper and Tina Crawn has stepped in. Send Gizella a letter and flowers or edible arrangement to thank her for her service to our Church. Tina has begun putting payroll in ChurchTrac and has also begun putting in online automatic payments rather than mailing in monthly checks

Joe Foryan has resigned as office coordinator; August 3rd will be his last day. He will continue as our Music Director and convert to a 1099. We will need to find a new Office Coordinator.
Paper Usage; cut down on the number of bulletins passed out to families, cut down to 12 pages, make announcements smaller- trying to condense to one page and cut down prayer list.

Closing, Next Meeting

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:18pm by Peg Massaro seconded by Tina Crawn, approved
Closed with a prayer by Connie Kersten
Next Meeting: August 21, 2018
Devotion – Jim Johnson