SOTH Council Monthly Committee Report

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Pam Brosonski will audit the church financials in the next few weeks.

The Capital Campaign to raise $150000 started on August 1. The goal is to raise this amount by the end of 2020, eliminate the church mortgage, and pay for remaining air conditioner upgrades.

As of this date about $13,000 has been designated toward this goal. Some of the money was raised prior to the August 1 start date.

As of yet, we have not yet seen savings from the energy reduction projects (e.g. outdoor lighting, led lights, new a/c, etc.). Usage seems on a par with last year. It is difficult to ascertain if any additional usage is due to hotter weather this summer.


We need to come up with a plan to obtain more counters. Counting should be accomplished in a group of at least two members and counting conducted on the church site.