Memorials 2012

The following items were purchased in memory of honored love ones:

BrightHouse Cable installation: Dedication Date – Nov 16, 2012

  • Bette Ann Jakob
  • Karl Krier
  • Ray Will
  • Charles Bremer
  • Conrad Johnson
  • Joe Wiebush
  • Richard Spejchier
  • Robert Dilley
  • Milton Rehbein
  • Bea Ross
  • Jack Brozowsky

Materials for Choir Handrail: Dedication Date – Nov 16, 2012

  • Phyllis C. Ahlers


The following is a list of proposed Memorial and/or Gifts that may be given to the church:

  • Tables for educational wing.
  • Selected communion ware (contact Memorial Committee for more information)
  • Dividers for sanctuary — be able to section off fellowship area of church from sanctuary.

Members of the Memorial and Gift Committee include

  • Terry Krier
  • Wayne Ahlers
  • Larry Holihan