Greeters Guidelines

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Greeters Job Description April 2012


Arrive on Sunday morning for the following services at:

8 AM          7:45 am

10:15 AM  10 am


One greeter each week is to be at the sanctuary door closest to Education Wing. (Few people enter the sanctuary on the side of the administration wing).


Put on Greeter Name tag along with your personal name tag (overlapping them works well).


Make note of Visitor Gift Bags on Welcome Center Table and distribute to those who are local visitors.


The Welcome Center should have the following available: Gift Bags for Visitors (extras in book case), request for Baptism Forms, Congregational Annual Reports, Newsletters, The Little Lutheran Books (free), seasonal and varied literature for programs and activities.


Greet people as they enter, be friendly and helpful, and use welcoming phrases such as:

“Welcome, glad you are here! Please sign our register book.”

“I don’t believe we’ve met, are you from the area?”


Offer the visitors a gift bag.


Offer helpful information such as the location of the Welcome Center for congregational information, the education wing for Sunday School (9-10 am), the adult education class that meets in the library (9-10 am) and the rest rooms on both sides of the sanctuary.


If children are part of the visiting group, let them know about the Quiet Room, how to get there, and offer a Busy Box for each young child. At the end of the service, put any un-distributed children’s bulletins in the Busy Boxes. The boxes should be on the end tables to the Welcome Center.


If someone asks about hearing devices, connect them to an usher.


After the service stand behind the Welcome Center tables to answer questions and distribute material. If you can’t answer a question and see no one else that might answer the question, offer to have the office call them.  Take their name and phone number and give to church office.


After you finish greeting guests at the Welcome Center following the service, you are free to go.

Usher Guidelines

Usher Guidelines

April 2012


These guidelines are provided to assist ushers in achieving their assigned tasks. Please contact Ruth Monzillo with feedback that can enhance these guidelines.


Objectives of Usher Teams: To be an attentive and participating part of the overall Worship Team (pastor, musicians, choir, lectors, acolytes, greeters, powerpoint, communion assistants, prayer partners, etc.) during worship services.


Head Usher: Each usher team should have an identified Head Usher who coordinates all General Tasks.


Each Usher Team may assign the following General Tasks as appropriate:    Please….

1.              be at assigned posts at least 30 minutes before the start of service.

2.              wear an usher name tag.

3.              distribute bulletins to those who arrive at worship (if short of bulletins, ask couple to share).

4.              stuff any inserts into bulletins.

5.              (along with Greeters) remind people to wear their name tags.

6.              check that doors to the administrative wing are locked while worship is happening.

7.              be ready to receive offering plates from the pastor, receive offering, and bring offering forward.*

8.              use at least two microphones for closing announcements (for 10:15 service wait to take microphones until after choir sings).

9.              utilize youth whenever they are available to serve.

10.           be prepared for emergencies (extra chairs, fire extinguisher, adjust heat/AC, AED unit, etc.).

11.           know how to direct people to restrooms, quiet room, name tags, telephone, Welcome Center (know what is at the Welcome Center).

12.           have one usher available to distribute bulletins to latecomers

13.           ask latecomers to wait to be seated during the Confession of Faith, Prayers, and the reading of scripture.

14.           light candles when there is no acolyte

15.           be friendly and helpful as you assist members and guests in making their worship experience meaningful.


Special Instructions:


  • Please secure your own substitute of if unable to, call Ingrid Kjeslie at 352-408-2750. If you make a change at least one week in advance, please call the church office to change the bulletin.



Communion Flow (one or two tables up front):

  • Direct people forward using two ushers on inside aisles; alternate rows of people forward as “traffic” allows.


Communion Flow (two tables up front and one in rear)

  • When a communion table is located in the rear, be sure to have two ushers guide people from the back of the church to the back table while two other ushers move people forward from the front rows (eventually the ushers will meet in the middle to complete the communion flow).


*Receiving the Offering:

  • Two ushers (8 am) and four ushers (10:15 am) will wait in rear, ready to proceed forward when pastor waiting at altar to distribute plates (stop sharing peace early to be ready); at the altar, the ushers will form one line across so the plates may be distributed in an orderly manner. One or two ushers will bring the offering forward and present to the pastor.


Close of Service

  • One usher is needed to stand with the pastor as she/he greets people leaving through the center aisle; be prepared to take notes or direct people to what they might need so pastor can continue greeting
  • Other ushers will check seating to pick up stray bulletins and refresh the pew packets (hanging from chairs) with pencils and envelopes (supplies located in bookcase under the window, behind Welcome Center tables).


Seating for Christmas, Easter and other Special Services:

  • When above average attendance is expected, consider “Ushering” people to their seats. Ask and some will tell you the general area where they wish to sit. Try to fill in rows where vacancies exist to assist with passing the offering plates.


Thank you for providing this important ministry. Your service is appreciated.