Church Council Meeting – December 2016

Church Council Minutes
December 13, 2016

 In attendance:

 Pastor Schmidt
Jim Johnson
Karissa Bursey
Chris Russell
Marian Larson
Mark Jacobetz
Larry Holihan

Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m.

Pastor Schmidt opened in prayer.

Motion to approved November minutes made by Marion.  Seconded by Chris.  Approved.

Motion to approve November financial report made by Jim.  Seconded by Chris.  Approved.


Pastor requested to buy new 3-hole punch – about $180. Motion to approve made by Jim.  Seconded by Chris.  Approved.


Discussed new Welcome Table and duties of volunteers.  Items such as tee shirts, coffee mugs, etc.  may be available for sale.  Larry to hold meeting with volunteers about implementing this project on Sunday, Dec 12 between services.

Youth purchased about $230 in clothing for Christmas presents at Faith Neighborhood Center.  Money used from member contributions.

We are considering a Mission Trip for two (or more) youth.  Pastor will coordinate this project.

Pastor and Larry attended a meeting with Copytronics who proposed a new lease for copier as ours in expiring in middle of next year.  We can get very favorable leasing if we sign before the end of the year.  Cost of the monthly lease and per copy costs will go down and we will get a new copier with automatic folding and stapling. Six-year lease at $187.40/month.  Motion made to proceed with new lease now by Jim.  Seconded by Marion.  Approved.

Larry proposed donating six of our blue chairs for the reception area in the new Faith Neighborhood Center.  Jim made motion to approve; Karissa seconded.  Approved.

A discussion was held by council regarding the content of the Congregational meeting in January.

A special council meeting was set for January 3, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the new proposed budget for 2017.

Motion to adjourn at 10:03 by Jim.  Seconded by Chris.  Approved


Minutes taken by Mark Jacobetz


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