Congregational Annual Meeting ’06

The annual congregational meeting was held on Sunday, November 19 after the 10:15 service. 

The president’s report, pastor’s report, and committee reports were received and approved. 

The proposed budget for ’07 was discussed and presented.  A budget of $234,311 was approved, compared to this year’s budget of $231,665.  Staff increases (except for Laurie Freshour) were around 3%.  Laurie was given a 10% increase because of her low initial salary and excellent work.  Some concern was expressed that the church was not expending enough attention (and money) on outreach, but on internal problems.  A spirited discussion revealed that there are many outreach programs (prayer shawl, quilts, hospital ministries, neighborhood center, website, etc. etc. etc.) that are quite active.  For the most part they are funded by private donations that do not appear in the financials.  The youth program and women’s groups have their own checking accounts and for the most part, raise funds for their outreach activities.  It was suggested that a clearer picture of what’s really going on in the church be presented at future congregational meetings.

Michael Mohr and Ruth Monzillo were elected as new members of the council.  Carroll Fulmer, Susan Sherman, and Diane Bursey were re-elected as council members to new terms.

The treasurer reported that we are about $26K below budget in actual revenues so far this year and are having problems meeting expenses.  Members were encouraged to consider increasing their contributions or to volunteer services (such as lawn cutting, custodial work, etc.) to the church.

— Reported by Larry Holihan 

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