Congregational Meeting – March 2, 2008

2007 Congregational Annual Meeting                                                           March 2, 2008

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Quorum of 71 members required, 87 members counted. Meeting called to order at 11:40 a.m. in the church sanctuary by President Carroll Fulmer followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg. 

November 19, 2006 Congregational Meeting Minutes approved and accepted.

Annual Report

A printed copy of the Annual Report for 2007  was provided to all members present. 

This report included the following:


Congregational Minutes –  November 19, 2006

President’s Report

Evangelism Report

Building &  Property

Music & Worship

Virginia Circle

Youth & Family Ministry

Ladies’ Evening Circle

Youth Report

2007 & Proposed 2008 Budget

Building Fund Income & Expenses 

Pastor’s Report

2007 Congregational Data

No other information was available as of Friday, February 1, 2008

                        President’s Report – approved and accepted

                        Evangelism Report – approved and accepted

                        Building & Property – approved and accepted

                        Music & Worship – approved and accepted

                        Virginia Circle – approved and accepted

                        Youth & Family Ministry – (correction: 10 new folding chairs for Sunday

                           school rooms purchased with the assistance of Thrivent) –  approved and


                        Ladies’ Evening Circle – approved and accepted

                        Youth Report – approved and accepted

Proposed Budget for 2008:   $ 237,238.00 – approved and accepted

Budget for 2007:                   $ 234,211.00

David Wallin, Congregational Treasurer reviewed the “Miscellaneous or Pass Through” items (donations) which appear on the monthly Treasurer’s Report … items ( “monies”) that do not affect the budget but must be recorded. He stated the proposed 2008 budget increase is as flat as possible compared to the 2007 budget. Increases are limited primarily to staff salary adjustments. Wallin also reported, with additional payments made to the capital (building) fund, so far this calendar year, the balance now stands at

Less than $700,000.



   2007 Congregational Data

            Membership:   714 Baptized    474 Confirmed 

32 New Members: 23 Confirmed   32 Baptized

                                           23 Baptisms   2 First Communions   1 Confirmation   5 Deaths                                     

    11 Transfers Out   157 Worship Services

President Fulmer reported an effort has begun to clean-up the congregation’s list of  confirmed members. This action should help in solving the problem of meeting  a quorum for Annual Congregational Meetings.

In response to a question: Can we offer “Associate Memberships ?” it was noted that Associate Members have no voice / no vote.

It was suggested that consideration be given to holding only the 10:15 service on  the Annual Meeting date … supported by several weeks of promotion. 

Pastor’s Report – approved and accepted

Pastor Jon thanked the Congregational Council, Laurie Freshour and individual members for their support and prayers. He also thanked Barbara West for her dedication, support and hard work. For the safety of Barbara and anyone who works in the building alone, he asked everyone to be vigilant in making sure all doors are locked when leaving the building. 

Pastor Jon also stated for the church to grow,  planning should be given to increasing our church staffing; on a part-time basis in the beginning, such as the Youth and Family Ministry. He cited several possible positions. 


 In response to a question of  “How do we create a position ?” it was suggested that the position be defined and a job description written. Another suggestion was to start with volunteers. 

Election of Church Council

Walt McCarty, nominating committee member, reported three Council Members have fulfilled terms on Council: 

Carroll Fulmer

                                                Diane Bursey 

                                                Troy Evans. 

These nominees were presented to fill the open positions: 

                                                Ken Stoyer

                                                Milan Barabas

                                                Karla Carson

The three candidates were elected by voice vote.


On a motion and second from the floor, Laura Dilley was nominated to fill the unexpired term of Peggy Wilk on Church Council. Hearing no other nominations, President Fulmer directed the Secretary to cast a unanimous vote for Laura Dilley.

Pastor Jon explained Peggy Wilk recently resigned her position on Council. She and her son, Chuck, will be moving to Jacksonville.  

Audit of Church Financial Statements As of December 31, 2007 – Approved and accepted.

A copy of the audit report, prepared by Michael Kiely CPA, is filed with this report. 

Amendments To The Constitution As Required By The Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (ELCA). – Approved and accepted. Copy filed with this report.

Acknowledgements of Appreciation by members of the congregation:


  • Recommendation to grant a one month sabbatical to Pastor Ostenburg in recognition of 10 years as Pastor of  Shepherd of the Hills.  (suggestion will be referred to Church Council for discussion and action.)
  • Recognized Larry Holihan for sharing his time and talent in production of the church’s print and electronic media.
  • Recognized Mike Mohr for his leadership in maintenance of the church building and grounds.
  • Plaques recognizing their years of service on Church Council were presented to Carroll Fulmer by Vice President Ken Felt, and to Diane Bursey and Troy Evans by President Fulmer. 
  • An illustrated book titled; “The Little Lutheran” was presented to the Youth And Family Program by President Fulmer.  

President Fulmer suggested members give consideration to subscribing to “ The Lutheran” magazine. A significant discount is available if enough  members subscribe.

President Fulmer declared the 2007 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Annual Congregational Meeting closed at 12:40 p.m.

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