Council Meeting – August 2007

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills

Lutheran Church 

Governing Council 

Thursday, August 9, 2007 — 7:01 p.m.


Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, President Carroll Fulmer, Vice President Ken Felt, Secretary Troy Evans, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Kate Baumann, Brian Grussaute, Mike Mohr, Heather Faraci, Gary Janz, Diane Bursey and Susan Sherman. Members excused: Ruth Monzillo, Peggy Wilk and teen representative Karissa Bursey. 

Members were provided with agenda for August meeting, Disbursement Report, Report of Income for July, copy of memorandum from Carol Rosum to Pastor Jon (Memorial Garden), copy of Child Enrichment Center literature, a ministry of St. Peter’s United Methodist Church, and minutes of July 12 meeting.

 Meeting was called to order by President Fulmer, followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg.


Minutes of Council’s July meeting were approved, as presented, on a motion by Diane Bursey and second by Heather Faraci..


Treasurer Dave Wallin reviewed Disbursement Reports and Reports of Income for July. He said “For the first time in a long time, and despite low attendance, income exceeded expenses for the month of July. And attendance should begin to grow through the end of the year”. In response to a question by President Fulmer, Wallin reported the Building Fund is on schedule. “Funds borrowed from the Building Account have been repaid..”

During the month of  July (5 Sundays), attendance at the 10:15 service averaged 76. Attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service averaged 30, and, on average 6 worshippers attended Wednesday evening services.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion by Diane Bursey and second by Gary Janz.


President Fulmer reviewed a promotion letter from the Florida-Bahamas Synod detailing a day-long event to connect and equip lay leaders in the area of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Communication, Stewardship and Faith Formation (Christian Ed). The event will be presented at three locations – the nearest being August 25 – Nativity Lutheran Church – Weeki Wachi. Registration is needed by August 10. No action was taken due to the short lead time for making reservations. 


Pastor Jon said, “This has been an interesting summer. The need for counseling is way up.” He has interacted in a large number of counseling sessions in addition to shut-in and hospital visits. Pastor Jon will be on vacation August 17 to 24.

In other business, Pastor Jon expressed a concern for the security of the church building, noting the large number of keys that have been distributed since the building was constructed. These keys are in the hands of members, former members, cleaning services personnel, leaders of various community groups meeting at the church, etc.

On motion by Heathers Faraci and second by Mike Mohr, Pastor Jon was authorized to obtain cost estimates on various types of controlled entrance/locking systems.

The pastor’s report was approved on a motion by Heather Faraci and second by Diane Bursey.


Vice President Ken Felt introduced Daryl Larson and Stuart Lesser who spoke of their experience in the use of table tennis as entertainment for people of all ages. They proposed use of the church’s education wing classrooms one night per week (6:30 – 9:30) for supervised open play table tennis. Mr.Larson will provide a table. Young people (under 18) would play free. 18+ would be charged $ 2.00. The two dollar fee would be used to purchase equipment. Any profit would be given to the church.

Troy Evans moved to accept Mr. Parson’s proposal. Second by Diane Bursey. Following a discussion of space needed, cost of utilities and storage requirements, motion was defeated. Ken Felt will advise Mr. Larson of Council’s decision.


Volunteer Pre Kindergarten Program: Pastor Jon reported Paul Rosum has accepted   responsibility for developing a VPK Business Plan. He will be assisted by Carol Rosum, Pastor Ken and Ruth Stoyer. The plan will be submitted with a request for state funding.

Memorial Garden: Reviewed Carol Rosum’s memorandum to Pastor Jon in which she  accepts the Chair position and asks for Council’s blessing of the project.

On a motion by Gary Janz and second by Susan Sherman, Council reaffirmed its support of the Memorial Garden Project and landscape­­- architectural design.

Backflow Valve Inspection and Certification: Council awarded contract for this service to Eagle Fire Protection on a motion by Mike Mohr and second by Diane Bursey.

Caspian Way (safety hazard): Pastor Jon was requested to send a letter to the president of Spring Valley Home Owners Association explaining trees near the exit to Caspian Way block the view to on-coming traffic … and request the trees be trimmed.   

Cleaning Educational Wing Floors: Mike Mohr will schedule a workday Saturday, August 25 for stripping/waxing floors in the educational wing. Heather Faraci’s husband will donate the use of a stripper/buffer.

Wash/Seal/Paint Church Building: Mike Mohr presented cost estimates from Brown’s Painting, Inc and Testerman’s for power washing, sealing and painting the front of the church building. Estimates ranged from $ 5,087 + to $ 5,700.+. Mike will contact both painting  contractors with  requests for more detailed descriptions of what is included in the cost estimates. Heather Faraci’s husband will provide a “scissors jack” for the project.

Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System Certification: Pastor Jon presented cost estimate received from contractor that installed the system. President Fulmer suggested an estimate be requested from a qualified contractor located closer to Clermont.

Tuscany Village (Land development project adjacent to church property to south): Council members reviewed Plat Plan and architectural drawings. It was noted that a service station/convenience store may abut the church property to the south. No action was taken (for information only).


Lawn Service Price Increase: Discussed request from Lawn Service for $ 75./mo. increase. President Fulmer will review current arrangement with the service provider and negotiate “no increase” at the present time.

Friends of the Library: Approved request from Larry Dodge for Friends of the Library to meet monthly at the church.

Update Church Directory: Susan Sherman suggested the current directory be updated due to incorrect phone numbers, changes of address, etc. Susan will work with Barbara West to complete the project.

Quiet Time Before Church Service: Suggested moving announcements to the end of service and moving cookies to the kitchen at end of Sunday School. A power point message will be added to identify “Quiet Time.”

Background Checks of Staff and Volunteers: Noted background checks are now a requirement for all types of businesses and organizations. Pastor Jon was requested to research sources for this service and obtain costs.



Youth Ministry Vision: Pastor Jon provided each Council member with the first draft of goals for our youth.

Mutual Ministry: Pastor Ken Stoyer will fill this position.

New Members: New members will be accepted one Sunday each month.

                          A New Member Dinner will be hosted as a group, as needed.

                          The next New Member Dinner is scheduled for October 7, 6 p.m..


 Pastor Jon closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Troy Evans, Secretary

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