Council Meeting Minutes – September 2007

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 

Governing Council


Thursday, September 13, 2007 

7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, President Carroll Fulmer, Vice President Ken Felt, Secretary Troy Evans, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Kate Baumann, Brian Grussaute, Mike Mohr, Heather Faraci, Gary Janz, Diane Bursey and Peggy Wilk. Members excused: Ruth Monzillo, Susan Sherman and teen representative Karissa Bursey.  

Members were provided with agenda for September meeting, Disbursement Report, Report of Income for August, cost estimates for changing door locks and minutes of August 9 meeting.


 Meeting was called to order by President Fulmer, followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg.


Minutes of Council’s August meeting were approved, as presented, on a motion by Peggy Wilk, second by Diane Bursey. 


Treasurer Dave Wallin reviewed Disbursement Reports and Reports of Income for  August. He said “Nothing spectacular occurred during the month of August. Income exceeded expenses for the month. which is always good to report” 

On a request by President Fulmer arrangements will be made to email copies for the Financial Report to all Council Members as soon as the report is available at the beginning of each month. (Council meeting minutes will also be emailed to Council Members following the monthly meetings.)

President Fulmer suggested a payment be made to the Synod Mission Share Fund

as soon as possible.

During the month of  August (4 Sundays), attendance at the 10:15 service averaged 99 Attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service averaged 34, and on average, 5 worshippers attended Wednesday evening services (3 Wednesdays).

The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion by Diane Bursey and second by Kate Baumann.


President Fulmer briefly reviewed a cost estimate received from Employment Screening Associates for background checks on all salaried employees. No action was taken pending the receipt of additional information and cost estimates from other suppliers of this service

President Fulmer presented his concern and concerns expressed by a former Council member relative to the sale and distribution of marketing information during worship services. After considerable discussion, Council Members recommended all marketing by groups and individuals be limited to the Narthex area after the close of worship services.

(This recommendation relates to Council’s efforts to create “quiet time for preparation to worship” addressed in the August meeting minutes under “Quiet Time Before Church Service” and listed again in these minutes under Old Business.)



Pastor Jon expressed his gratitude to all those who made Rally Day a great success.

He also expressed thanks to Ken Bursey and Christopher Ostenburg who are currently participating with him and Mike Mohr in stripping and waxing floors in the education wing. 

In addition, Pastor John expressed his thanks to everyone who assisted with the funeral service held in our church for Danielle Brosonski (infant of a non-member family).

Continuing with his report, Pastor Jon asked “What can our congregation do to help one of our member families in a terrible situation where the family has lost two-thirds of it’s  household income and may lose their home.”  Pastor has taken immediate action by providing money from the Shepherd’s Fund for the purchase of food, and he is providing counseling. Dave Wallin will review the family’s financial situation and make recommendations. Council members recommended a special gift offering following worship services (as soon as possible).

In other business, Pastor Jon announced a Quarterly Planning Session is scheduled following worship service September 23.

The Pastor’s Report was approved on a motion by Ken Felt and second by Mike Mohr.   



Volunteer Pre Kindergarten Program: Pastor Jon reported Paul Rosum has completed basic information required for developing a VPK Business Plan. The Plan has now been forwarded to the VPK Committee for additional information needed to complete the Business Plan. 

Memorial Garden: Mike Mohr reported one cost estimate has been received for landscaping the proposed Memorial Garden. He has not had an opportunity to study the quotation. Additional estimates will be solicited.

Backflow Valve Inspection and Certification: Pastor Jon reported this work has not been completed due to a question about the original construction. Barbara West will schedule a meeting with Eagle Fire Protection Company. 

Caspian Way (safety hazard): Council was advised two of the trees near the exit to Caspian Way, blocking the view to on-coming traffic, have been trimmed by a member of the congregation. A third tree also needs to be trimmed.

Lawn Service Price Increase: President Fulmer has negotiated with the current service provider “no increase until Spring 2008.” 

Quiet Time Before Church Service: Gary Janz proposed purchase of  large portable panels to separate the sanctuary from the Narthex area to reduce noise. Cost estimates are to be obtained. 

Signs reading: “Tables Reserved for Families With Small Children and Handicapped Persons,” were suggested for placement in the Narthex. No action was taken. 

Change Church Door Locks: Reviewed cost estimates for re-keying or providing reader with keypad. Additional estimates will be requested. 


Copier Contract: Council was advised the current copier contract is scheduled to expire in November. Dave Wallin and Barbara West will develop specifications for obtaining quotations from suppliers.

Thrivent Group: On a motion by Ken Felt and second by Mike Mohr, Council approved request from Carol Rosum to start a Thrivent member group to meet monthly at the church for service and/or social projects. 

Spring Valley Homeowners Assoc. On a motion by Peggy Wilk and second by Heather Faraci, Council authorized Spring Valley Homeowners Association to hold a meeting at the church Tuesday, October 2 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.(approximately 20 people). 


 Pastor Jon closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Troy Evans, Secretary

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