Council Meeting Minutes – April 2018

Council Meeting 04.24.18

Attendees: Connie Kersten, Tina Crawn, Diane Bursey, Larry Holihan, Jim Johnson, Peg Massaro, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Pastor Dennis.

Excused:  Karissa Bursey and Marion Larson

7:00 pm Meeting called to order by Diane Bursey.

Diane Bursey led devotion with a passage from Devotions from Celebrate Recovery.

The minutes from March’s meeting were presented. No changes needed. Tom Klinger made a motion to accept the minutes seconded by Jim Johnson. All approved and the motion carried.

The treasurers report was discussed in fine detail. There was a committee formed of Larry Holihan, Tina Crawn and Pam Brosonski to look over the church financials for discrepancies. The committee found that while no church money is missing, the financials are extremely incorrect from being exported from QuickBooks to excel. Larry, with the help of others, recreated January through March in Churchtrac and the bank figures are very comparable. They will keep working on it to figure out the fund discrepancies. Larry also spoke to someone at the Synod about getting help with the insurance deductible. They asked for certain financial data that we had to get back to them on because Gizella has all those figures. The Synod was very concerned about the church financials not being done 100% at the church and by a church member. The committee will continue to work on these issues and come to the council with recommendations once they have had a chance to review everything. Gizella owns the QuickBooks copyright which is why we are not able to access just our records. Larry is working with her to get her to provide to us all the necessary reports from all of 2017. A special thanks to Larry and all others who have helped sort out this financial situation. Peg Massaro made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Chris Russell seconded the motion. All approved and the motion carried.

Pastor’s report was generated to all and is attached in the council blog. There were no questions or concerns with his report. Connie Kersten made a motion to accept the Pastor’s report, seconded by Tina Crawn. All approved and the motion carried.


The digital sign concerns have been put on hold until the restoration is complete.

Restoration Update: The foreman Mike said we can look to be completed by mid to end May. The back wall behind the altar will be finished with a skim coat and then the power point will be turned on to make sure it is working. The steeple is down and will be power washed, sanded down and then repainted with heavy duty paint before being reinstalled. The painting is done inside except for the doors and cold air returns. Joe and Joe would like to repaint the offices and hallways while painting is going on elsewhere. The electricians removed the lights from the roof that were pointing at the steeple but we are unaware of where they are now. The door guy was here and replaced all the weather stripping for a total cost of around $329.00. Royal Morse would like LED lights to be installed in all the spotlights outside. A motion was made to replace every light we can possibly replace with LED lights. Chris Russell made the motion seconded by Tom Klinger. All approved and the motion carried.

Maintenance Proposal- there was a proposal to bring Doug on as a maintenance worker for the church. We will need to wait until the restoration is complete and the finances are accurate before we can decide on this.


Minneola City Hall- our last week at the Clermont City center is the last Sunday in April. We have contacted the Minneola City Hall and they have agreed to let us use the facility again. However, we may have an issue Memorial Day weekend as no one will be around with keys to let us in.

The little sign out front indicating where worship service is for now needs to be updated. Also, the ad in the News Leader needs to be extended and the new meeting time and place updated. Tina Crawn made a motion for Larry to take care of these two items seconded by Jim Johnson. All approved and the motion carried.

Vacation Bible School will be held July 9-13, 2018.

The church has received two proposals to use our church during our down time. The first one came back in October before renovation from Pastor Raul. The second one came recently from Daniel Barrios. Pastor Dennis will contact Pastor Raul to see if he is still interested and see if we can work something out with both churches. This would give our congregation the opportunity to grown in ministry.

The next meeting will be on May 15th and Tina Crawn will lead devotions.

Jim Johnson motioned to adjourn the meeting seconded by Connie Kersten. All in favor and the meeting ended.

Submitted-Tina Crawn, Vice President

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