Thursday, August 9th 2012
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Governing Council

Members Present: Diane Bursey, Michelle Candage, Dwayne Dundore, Dee Shields, Karen Russell, Susan Sherman, Debbie Kiely, Diane Fischer, Bert Tunila, Nanci Etienne, Dennis Wick, Pastor Nancy Vogel

Members Not Present: Susan Sherman- excused

Diane Bursey, President, opened the Meeting at 7:02PM

Dennis Wick led a moving devotional.

A motion was made by Michelle Candage and seconded by Dwayne Dundore to accept the minutes from the general (July) council meeting and it was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report- Dee Shields reported that cash flow during the summer remains tight as expected. Available funds to draw from are the building fund, the new Pastor fund and major building repair. Can meet payroll and bills. It was decided to delay the purchase of the sign. Bert had a question regarding the location of evangelism in the budget. Bert Tunila made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. It was seconded by Dwayne Dundore and passed unanimously.

Pastor’s Report- A motion was made by Nancy Etienne and seconded by Michelle Candage to accept the Pastor’s report and it was unanimously approved.

Old Business-

Awning Installation- Waiting for summer school to be adjourned for installation.

Defibulator- There was discussion on location of the defribulator.

Budget Preparations- Need all liaisons to look over budgets and get feedback to Dee and Karen before next council meeting.

Property- Dwayne Dundore asked for ideas for property improvement. Bright house Internet- No new information.

Memorial Committee- Previously was Larry Dodge, Laura Dilley, Pastor Nancy and Pastor Terrie. Committee status needs to be investigated. Diane Bursey to follow up with Pastor Terrie and Larry Dodge.

Sunday School Update/Adult SS/Youth- Ordered SPARKS curriculum on August 26th. We need to add an adult curriculum. Chose Wired Word for High School. Should have offering for youth and adult Sunday School services. One more week of Summer Camp. Youth carwash on 8/4 raised $168. Nine youth attending Rock the Universe. Steve Senesi and Diane Bursey to chaperone.

New Business:

60th Anniversary – Michelle Candage, Sara Holton and Pastor Nancy had a meeting to discuss the anniversary even. It was decided to make it a casual and fun occasion. Ideas included a talent show and ice cream social.

Carol Rosum Memo- A letter from Carol was given to the council. It outlined concerns regarding playground upkeep and youth area cleanliness. Dwayne Dundore as the council liaison for property offered to respond in writing to Carols concerns. The Playground has had numerous recent repairs and upgrades and is within code. There was a suggestion to have a cleaning event in the youth area.

Tablet Instruction- Wayne Ehlers and Larry Holihan have offered to give free tablet (Ipad) instructions to members of the church. The council agreed this was a good idea.

Oktoberfest- Concerns were raised about the amount of work involved and the recent attendance for Oktoberfest. There is also a concern that the proximity of the upcoming Anniversary Celebration with the Oktoberfest celebration would dilute attendance at both events. It was decided that the best course of action would be to combine the two events into one large Anniversary Celebration.

Liaison Concerns/Actions- Coffee Maker- Dee Shields moved and Nancy Etienne seconded to spend $250 on a replacement coffee maker. Existing maker is broken beyond repair.

Dwayne Dundore suggested hosting a “Blessing of the Animals” to raise money for an animal group and give community exposure to SOTH. Pastor Nancy stated that someone needed to organize this project and the details that support this kind of worship service.

Dee Shields Resignation- Dee submitted her resignation to the council. Michelle Candage moved and Bert Tunila seconded to accept her resignation which was accepted unanimously. The council is grateful to Dee and Gary for their dedicated service.

Liaison Reports- See attached.

Adjournment- Nancy Etienne made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Bert Tunila. The motion was passed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Debbie Kiely
Vice President

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