Council Meeting Minutes – August 2015


Thursday, August 13, 2015

ATTENDING; Pastor Nancy Vogel Jim Johnson Judy Lojko Joe Sandor Ellen Wachowski (conference call)

The meeting was convened by Jim Johnson at 6:55 PM.

The devotion was read by Pastor Vogel, entitled “I Choose You” from the book “Velvet Elvis,” by Rob Bell.

The vision/education segment was from the book “Autopsy of a Deceased Church, chapter 8. Due to a heavy agenda chapter 9 will be discussed at the next meeting.

Discussion from chapter 8 differentiated among various sizes of churches. The family size church leading up to the mega church has different expectations of the ministers. Pastors have a high risk of burnout when the expectations of the congregation are unrealistic. Tenure is also decreasing as a result of this burnout. In churches having 0-50 matriarchs and patriarchs run the church and the pastor covers worship, visitations and rites of the church. In congregations of 50 to 150, the Pastor is the hub of all activities. A program church is where the members number 150 to 300, committees are formed and structure is needed and Pastor develops leaders. Over 300 members is more of a mega church format with multiple staff. Transitions between different size churches are often ignored and one pastor is expected to do it all. In today’s church culture, the pastor is on call 24-7 and expectations are often too high to achieve.

The question we, as a congregation, should ask is, “What do we value as a congregation”? We need to set priorities and realistic expectations.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Jim Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes, Judy Lojko seconded and motion carried.

The Call Committee will meet again to further develop the MSP; a passion for ministry is missing.

Treasurers Report
A redistribution of funds is needed in next years budget.

The funds not used for the recent Detroit trip by our youth will be designated for the Houston Gathering in 2018. The youth group money will be spent for the Rock The Universe this year. Fund Raising will be conducted to increase the funds in both accounts.

Funds for the Flower account will be removed from Worship and Music and placed in the Administrative budget. New numbers have been assigned.

Jim Johnson made a motion to accept the Financial Report, Joe Sandor seconded and motion carried.

Pastor’s Report: Joe Sandor made a motion to accept the Pastor’s Report Jim Johnson seconded. Motion carried.


Thank You notes have been sent to Larry Holihan for his work on the Data Base, to Wayne Ahlers for his work on the sound system and to Diane Bursey for her VBS coordination and volunteering in the office. We are encouraged to provide thank you’s for the newsletter. The deadline for the newsletter is the 23rd of each month for the next month.

Long Term and Short Term Staffing: For the short term, Kathy Wright is on vacation until the September 20th. Diane Bursey is volunteering in the office and doing very well. Joe Foryan is still a worship assistant. Paul Motto will be starting as supply organist on September 6th. Mr. Motto will be paid $100 for one service which includes mileage.
Judy Lojko has requested that all short term employees hours be submitted each Thursday so payment can be made.

Long Term Staffing has been investigated and inquiries have gone out to the schools that have music programs. Pastor has five resumes from musicians. Two are willing to be supply organists. Job Descriptions have been revised and approved.

Pastor has received one resume from a new Rollins graduate that is promising. He is to be interviewed this coming Sunday. Job combinations may need to be considered. Job Descriptions can be revised to share related tasks.

The sign at Caspian Lane entrance is not visible due to trees and bushes obstructing. Jerry Brown will be approached to research and take care of the problem. Joe Sandor and Jim Johnson will follow up on this item.

The Scholarship Fund has been confirmed as an endowment; only interest to be spent. Joe Sandor made a motion to release the interest for the scholarship fund from the investment account, Judy Lojko seconded. Motion carried.

The Scholarship Committee will be reactivated by pastor Nancy. Diane Bursey, Ruth Monzillo and Dave Wallin will be contacted.


Less expensive offering envelopes are available. Several issues regarding identification as well as the need for envelopes for special events such as Easter, Lent, Christmas, etc. need to be included. Joe Sandor will investigate and Diane Bursey will be consulted.

The Emergency lights are operational per Jim Johnson.

Item #5 under new business was considered a non-issue. No action necessary.

The church mailbox is located in an unsatisfactory place. Mail gets wet and there is no outgoing. A better in-out arrangement for mail delivery is needed. Joe Sandor will call the post office to investigate an improved mail delivery system.

We will continue one service through September. For October, several time and energy saving proposals were discussed. It is possible to have two identical services, continuing the Worship and Praise on the first Sunday of each month. In September the decision will be made regarding service times and process, e.g. same bulletin for both services.

A discussion was held regarding Stewardship. We must make Stewardship more creative and personal. Various media can be used. October 4th, 11th and 18th will be Stewardship Sundays. Several suggestions were made regarding having Ken Felt, Sue Sherman, Debby Keily as speakers. Pastor will contact these folks, and some of the members from the last new member class.

A new Altar Guild person is needed due to the health of the current leader. Due to difficulty in finding volunteers, it was suggested that we highlight the need for people to fill these ministries.

Vacation Bible School had over 80 students. The entire worship service this past Sunday was the VBS experience. Twenty-five of the participants attended the Sunday service. Names of all participants will be added to our data base for future mailings.

The Budget was discussed. We need to add $1200.00 for the sound system. This is under Building and Grounds. We have received a bill for exterminating services. Judy Lojko will check on this item.

Joe Sandor will check the battery on the AED. $200.00 will be left in the budget for this equipment should we need to replace the battery.

Playground equipment was discussed. It was decided that only commercial grade equipment be considered. It was decided to put this item on our Wish List and omit it from the budget at this time.

Potential to replace the office copier was discussed. This will be investigated as to cost, etc.

Signed copies of the approved Council Minutes since December 2014 must be sent to the church office for posting and filing. Ellen Wachowski will follow through with this.

The next meeting will be held September 10th.
Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Ellen Wachowski

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