Council Meeting Minutes – February 2018


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Members present: Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Marion Larson, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Jim Johnson, Connie Kersten & Peg Massaro.

7:01 Meeting called to order by Jim Johnson. Pastor Dennis led devotion with Psalm 22

The minutes from January’s meeting were emailed out week before. No changes needed. Diane Bursey made a motion to accept the minutes. Marian Larson seconded. All were in favor…no opposed.

Treasurer Report

The treasurers report was discussed with numerous concerns. There is a question over whether the building fund line includes the money we voted on previously for the hurricane deductible or has it already been moved to the deductible fund. We would like a breakdown of the deductible fund to show what portion is from the congregation, the building funds, and the insurance money. There was no mortgage payment shown for January. Is this an oversight or was it not paid? The beginning totals for numerous accounts to include lilies and poinsettias and the Virginia Circle are incorrect. We are paying high managerial fees for the Raymond James investments and are looking at other options for the funds. The memorial fund is showing $3010.00 in donations in memory of Charlie Monzillo and will be moved to the deductible fund. Diane made a motion to accept the report with the proposed changes. Connie seconded. All in favor…no opposed.

Pastor Report

The pastor presented a hard copy of his report which was covered. Mark made a motion to accept the report. Tina seconded it. All in favor…no opposed.

Committee Reports

The president report presented by Jim Johnson included the contacting and securing our temporary worship facility. Pastor, Larry and Joe went to Clermont to see the set up. Jim spent time working on the budget with Gizella.
The worship and music report was deferred to new business because of the renovation.

Old Business

We need to purchase a construction sign size 18×24 down for down by the stop sign. $37.49 is the cost and must be aluminum. It needs to say no trespassing. No one can be on property once the crane is here. We also need large orange cones to block off the drive once you get to the top of the hill. Has to be able to be moved by the workers.
The letter for the Weibush family has been prepared. Pastor and Jim will sign the letter and mail out. They will ask them if they would like to resend a check they may. Either way the names will remain in the memorial list.  The church questionnaire that was presented to council last month has been filled out. IT was then given to Joe to mail. The question of changing online giving was brought up. The person who wants to change their giving needs to alert the office, so they can log in and help the person change their giving. We need to mention this when we do the stewardship drive. Also let people know they can take a QCD from their retirement plans and use it for their offering. When doing so, this makes it tax free.

New Business

Need to elect new officers. Karissa Bursey nominated Diane Bursey for President. Tina seconded. All accepted. Diane accepted the position.
Karissa Bursey nominated Tina Crawn for Vice President. Marian seconded, and all were in favor. Tina accepted the position.
Treasurer: We still currently need this position
Secretary: Jim nominated Karissa Bursey. Tina seconded. All were in favor and Karissa accepted the position.

Mary Walsh would like to start a Thursday night AA group meeting starting around 6:30-7. Tina will reach out to her and find out more and report back next meeting. OA will still meet in the choir room during renovations. NA will be meeting elsewhere but we are not sure where. The Saturday ladies AA meeting has moved already until after the renovation. The Faith Neighborhood Center offered their conference room for any groups that needed a meeting place. We need to be sure we have names, information, and contact to reach groups in case we need the facility (i.e. Symphony), All info needs to be given to Joe.  Need Keith Tolbert’s info (from Jim) to reach NA. Friday’s OA will still meet in Choir room. We need to contact Boy Scouts to find new meeting place. Larry will email Diane Bursey information to get into church’s email so that messages are not kicked back as “undeliverable”

Electronic Sign – We did not have a permit to put the additions on the sign- permits expire after a year? We were cited- Larry went to Lake County on 2/20/18. We need to get a permit and pay a fine for not getting a permit.  We need to make amendments to the permit for the electronic signs. Problem- we lie on Clermont/ Lake County Joint (JPA). This is now in the hands of a supervisor (from zoning department) that will let us know- they will call Larry or Pastor. Electrical fee of $90 and Building fee of $150 to get the new permit. Also need an engineering group to come in and tell us how to put up the sign to code (not with 2x4s). They will not renew the old permit because Clermont banned scrolling LED signs, so we will need to go to a hearing to get us “grandfathered in” or they will give us a new permit if we adjust the points above. Maybe check with our General Contractor about signs for Construction Zone and keeping them to code.

Restoration Update – We need a 3-person committee to make some of the big decisions. Larry will speak to Royal Morse and Karissa will speak to Kendal Bursey. Karissa Bursey and Marion Larson volunteered. Need ASAP because carpet needs to be decided before March. Could go to look at other churches to see what colors can do for a vibe. Who will we hire to paint the sanctuary. Insurance company has covered 4 coats- primer, seal, and two coats of paint. Joe has volunteered- will roll and not spray- will take a week or less. Needs to make sure that he is bonded and has worker’s comp. Ask for references that have been happy with work. Possibly rent a lift- safer than a ladder for the vaulted walls. Rita will fill in the office.

NEXT STEPS: Speak to Tom and see if Joe will be approved to perform the job. Carpet must be put in AFTER the wall is painted.

Worship and Music suggestions
Warmer and more inviting, Two different warm colors, Old cross replaced by new backlighted cross, Power point wall painted with projection paint or remote controlled projection screen with wood valence (thin board at the top to hold the rolled up screen)
Paint is very expensive and has glass beads that will make the wall look slightly different.
Replace carpet with new rug that is “multicolored”, Place 8-10’ strip of tile or linoleum (that looks like wood) for pot luck dinners and leakage. Power point projector in back- need to get new lens, Corner molding on pillars at the front stained to match the altar. Recruit and train welcome center participants before we come back so that they are at the table and ready each week.

Publicity- peeled sign to go on lighted sign as well as a banner to go on the corner stating new location and time. Possibly place an ad in the News leader? (paper that everyone gets)
Contract for 13 weeks, run separate ad for return service to church, Price: 1×4 ad in black and white ($299) or color ($400), Take from renovation budget. Chris made the motion to place the ad and Tina seconded- council voted to approve the color ad for 13 weeks

Temporary Locations
Hand written “Project Plan” Church Relocation, Plan that dictates who is in charge of every piece of the move. We will need people to set up and take down chairs at the City Center (not Minneola), Volunteer list by Sunday? Coffee Hour- we need to transfer the coffee, maybe we buy gallons of coffee from Dunkin Donuts? Coordinate with Coffee Hour people about how to do that. Music will be in bulletins. East Wing (Sunday School side) cleaned out, already sorted and mostly packed. Bathrooms- put plastic sheets over toilets so that debris does not enter. Movie room electronics need to be covered. West Wing (Office Side), Office, copier, etc. will stay. Quilting room has been cleaned out and will be sealed, Choir members will take robes home and cabinets will be sealed, hallway has solid ceiling, so debris should not come into rooms, but debris may leave room and go into hallway. Storing our blue chairs, we will not rent a trailer when we move the chairs- possibly rent a forklift to lift chairs into truck. We will look into using youth first then look into the fork lift, chairs will be moved Saturday March 3rd. Youth from our church, boy scouts, and youth from the Methodist? Will have a dehumidifier in truck so chairs do not mold or start to smell. Symphony found another location for their last two concerts. They want to come back to our location next fall for acoustics. Lanyards and name tags for Council members, easily identify for congregation members, folders for council members, we decided in the past not to continue folders to prevent paper usage and toners. We need a welcome thing for new council members

Closing, Next Meeting

  • Motion to adjourn at 9:39 PM by Diane Bursey, seconded by Chris Russell

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