Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Members Present: Debbie Kiely, Judy Lojko, Carol Rosum, Pastor Nancy Vogel and Michelle Candage

 Excused Absence: Diane Bursey, Pat Quelhorst

 Debbie Kiely, President, opened the Meeting at 7:49pm

 Carol Rosum read the devotion entitled “God’s Leaders are Restored”.

 The June 2014 meeting minutes were reviewed as amended. It was moved that the minutes be approved by Judy Lojko and seconded by Pastor Nancy Vogel. The motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – The treasurer’s report was postponed until next month.


Pastor’s Report – Action Items

 Pastor Nancy reported that Sara Holton will research the options for a new membership database.

 Pastor Nancy will establish a meeting with President Debbie Kiely, Connie Schmucker and herself for review of the checklist and requirements for the call process.

 A motion was made to approve the Pastors report by Judy Lojko and seconded by Michelle Candage. The motion was unanimously approved.




Scholarship Fund: Diane Bursey will request Karissa Bursey to develop a communication for the newsletter to let the congregation know that this fund is available for donations as there are several upcoming potential high school age recipients.

 Church Vision Retreat: Council members were given the book “Living Lutheran” to read prior to the next meeting. Debbie will discuss congregational retreat agenda items with potential guest facilitators.

 Transition Check List and Process to a Call Committee: Pastor Nancy stated that the transitional check list is near completion. She met with Connie Schmucker who is the assistant to the bishop for leadership development and candidacy to discuss the call committee process timeline. To complete the transition check list in a more timely manner, a special council meeting will take place on Sunday, 8/10/14 at Bob Evans Restaurant from 2-5 p.m.

 Congregational Disaster Response Plan: Pastor Nancy reports that document drafts are finalized and ready for council review. It will be sent to the Property liaison for review and then Pastor Nancy will provide for website upload.

 Safety Policy-Permission Slips: The policy was approved in April 2014 and the forms were approved as edited in the June 2014 council meeting.

 Ministry and Leadership Development Structure 2014: Pastor Nancy reviewed the updated Congregational/Council Structure Diagram with council members. Council members will think of ways to connect several constitutional tasks to the existing structure.

 New Business


Rock the Universe: To be discussed in the next council meeting.

 Appointment of Carol Rosum to Council: A motion was made by Judy Lojko to appoint Carol Rosum to serve on council as the Christian Formation liaison. The motion was seconded by Michelle Candage and unanimously approved.

 Pledge Cards: A motion was made by Carol Rosum to resume the pledge card process for congregation members to complete privately and be returned to them unopened the following year. The motion was seconded by Judy Lojko and unanimously approved. Pastor Nancy and Sara Holton will coordinate the process in Fall 2014.

 Paid Time Off Policy: The current PTO policy will be reviewed by Debbie Kiely and potential revisions provided to council for discussion in the next meeting.

 Worship and Praise Service: The contemporary theme for the service scheduled for Wednesday, August 6, 2014 is “I Want My Life to Make a Difference”. It will be repeated on September 7, 2014 at 10:15 at both services. Pastor Nancy Vogel discussed the plan to schedule contemporary services on the first Sunday of each month for 5 months beginning on October 2014. A motion was made by Carol Rosum to move forward with the contemporary service schedule above and it was seconded by Judy Lojko.

 Discussion concerning better facilities for the Quiet Room and potential staffed nursery were discussed. The changing table in the Quiet room was noted as falling apart. If we are going to encourage younger families to attend service, we will need to better attend to their needs. Pastor Nancy will take concerns to the W&M team to address. For the current scheduled services, the Quiet room will be cleaned up, furniture checked for safety, and broken toys removed. No staffing at this time.

 Pastor Nancy asked council to support W&M as they move forward with this vision for a more contemporary service to reach more people, young and old alike.


Council Liaison Reports


Pastor – report received – action items

Christian Formation – no liaison – report submitted by Pastor Nancy

Worship & Music – no meeting/no action items submitted by Pastor Nancy

Small Groups – Diane Bursey – report submitted by Pastor Nancy; no action items

Property – Michelle Candage – report received – no action items

Finance – no liason – report received – no action items

Treasurer – Pat Quellhorst – no report received


Adjournment – Motion by Judy Lojko and seconded by Carol Rossum. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50pm.

 Closing Prayer – Pastor Nancy Vogel closed the meeting with a story by Greg Braden “God is always reaching toward you”, followed by a prayer.

 The next meeting is Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 7:00pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Candage, Council Secretary

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