Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Members Present: Debbie Kiely, Diane Bursey, Pat Quellhorst, Judy Lojko, Pastor Nancy Vogel and Michelle Candage

Debbie Kiely, President, opened the Meeting at 7:05pm

Nanci Etienne resigned from council effective immediately. Pastor Nancy will forward the email received as written documentation for the resignation.

Pastor Nancy Vogel led the devotion and prayer with a reading entitled “God’s Leaders are Equipped.”

The May 2014 meeting minutes were reviewed with no corrections. It was moved that the minutes be approved by Diane Bursey and seconded by Judy Lojko. The motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Pat Quelhorst presented the May 2014 financials.

When conducting the annual insurance review, it was found that that our insurance had increased about $1000. Several deductibles were increased to bring the overall increase down to about $500. Wachovia was listed on the policy as the payee for the insurance policy on the church. The documents have been sent to the appropriate party for signature.

Diane Bursey moved to accept the Treasurer’s report and it was seconded by Judy Lojko. The motion was unanimously approved.


Pastor’s Report – Action Items

Pastor Nancy reported that Worship and Music is unable to track an accurate amount of charges to their budget concerning flowers being ordered and reimbursed. The number debited seems higher than it should be. A reminder was being sent to those who ordered flowers. Pastor Nancy will check with Sara on what process is being used in the office to remind/acknowledge flowers ordered/paid.

A motion was made to approve the Pastors report by Diane Bursey and seconded by Pat Quelhorst. The motion was unanimously approved.

Guest: Mike Gallagher was present to discuss the Edward Jones account balances and indicated they were split from one account to two accounts to properly display the scholarship fund. He left the meeting following his presentation.



Scholarship Fund: Diane Bursey will request Karissa Bursey to develop a communication for the newsletter to let the congregation know that this fund is available for donations as there are several upcoming potential high school age recipients.

 Sara’s Days Off/Office Hours: The office staff hours were discussed with days off and work hours established. Debbie will contact Sara to discuss the PTO policy and her status of being a salaried vs. hourly employee. Pastor Nancy will take care of several personnel items including developing a form to report time off/approved for proper salary distribution.

 Revised Spending Plan: reviewed and approved.

Zion Lutheran Church Update: Pastor Nancy reported that Sara Holton took about 8 choir members to join with Zion’s choir on their anniversary weekend. The church was full and the service was festive.

Safety Policy-Permission Slips: Pastor Nancy submitted samples of the permission forms. With the edits suggested the safety policy is now completely finished and approved.

Congregational Disaster Response Plan: Pastor Nancy reports that this plan is almost ready for council review. It should be ready for the next council meeting.


New Business


Transition Check List and Process to a Call Committee with possible vision retreat:

Pastor Nancy reviewed the transition checklist and transition process from July 2013 until present. The congregation is on schedule to elect a call committee at the January 2015 congregational meeting. The Transition check list is almost complete.

Debbie Kiely proposes a visioning retreat for the congregation. After discussion, the council decided that late October early November would be a good date for this planning session (prior to call committee being established). Pastor Nancy will meet with the Bishop soon and confirm details for this retreat, and the call process. The retreat will be conducted by a synod representative possibly using Living Lutheran by Dave Daubert.

Due to the late hour Pastor Nancy suggested that the remaining items on New Business be tabled to the next meeting.


Council Liaison Reports

Pastor – report received – action items

Christian Formation – no liaison – report submitted by Pastor Nancy

Worship & Music – no meeting/no action items submitted by Pastor Nancy

Small Groups – Diane Bursey – report submitted by Pastor Nancy; no action items

Property – Michelle Candage – report received – action item

Finance – no liason – report received – no action items

Treasurer – Pat Quellhorst – report received –action items


Adjournment – Motion by Diane Bursey and seconded by Pat Quelhorst. The meeting was adjourned at 10:13pm.

 Closing Prayer – Pastor Nancy Vogel closed the meeting with a reading from the 23rd Psalm, a place of rest.

 The next meeting is Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 7:00pm.

 Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Candage, Council Secretary

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