Council Meeting Minutes – March 2018


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Attendees: Karissa Bursey, Diane Bursey, Tina Crawn, Jim Johnson, Larry Holihan, Chris Russel, Marion Larson, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Connie Kersten, Tom Klinger, Peg Massaro

Absent: Mark Jacobetz

Call to order 7:01pm

Devotion:Mark 12:14 What would belong to God? We do, we are God’s coins within the world, so pay the emperor what belongs to the emperor but give yourself to God because we belong to him.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

A motion was made by Jim Johnson and seconded by Chris Russell to approve the February council minutes. All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Treasurer Report

Larry Holihan has accepted to be temporary Treasurer.
Larry went through the financials to try and answer some questions from February’s meeting.
First question, why was only one mortgage payment made? We have automatic payments and due to higher payments last year, payments this year may be lower.

There were errors in beginning balances and Larry brought it up to Gizella and she will be analyzing the financials over the last year are highly filled with errors.
Larry proposed a committee composed of Tina Crawn, Pam Brosonski and Larry Holihan to go over the financials to find all discrepancies called the Financial Review Committee.

A motion was by Connie Kersten and seconded by Jim Johnson to accept the Financial Review Committee as stated above.  All council present voted unanimously to approve.

As of right now counters count the offering, then Gizella inputs information in QuickBooks, then Gizella composes the spreadsheets that she presents to Council.
February Financials: The total of designated funds does not match the designated funds balance in the top right. The deduction from the building fund towards the deductible for insurance was taken from the building fund but was not added to the line item of the deductible total.
The total on the sheet for the designated funds is $20,000 off from the bank account.
Line item 02-04 Fellowship has a $37.77 expense that we cannot find in P+L
Balance sheet: We want a balance sheet that could be sent to the Synod.
In the liability section of the Balance Sheet needs to include insurance payments. The words “Net Income” also needs to be removed because we are a church and do not make income, we are a nonprofit.
Motion to accept treasurer’s report was tabled until corrections are made.

Pastor Report

14 Member visits, 4 New Member Visits, 4 Hospital Visitations, 5 Nursing Home/ Hospice Visitations, 7 Private Communions, 1 Crisis Interventions, 4 Meetings, 7 Restoration Meetings/ Consultations, 9 Consultations, 4 Worship Services, 1 Mtg. with Conf. Pastors, 1 Class taught, and monthly mileage for February is 309.7 miles.

As of May our AED pads expire. We have a $95 expense (not sure if it is for one pad or two pads).  Pastor needs to attend a meeting with the Bishop and all other Clergy- only costs $100 for meals.

Need volunteers for Synod Assembly- a business meeting in Kissimmee June 1-3 Wednesday- Friday. Chris Russel may possibly attend.
Sheetrock in church is complete but if it storms badly again then it may leak, or the waterlogged insulation may damage new sheetrock. Tomorrow 3/28 the ceiling tile, ceiling insulation and roof insulation will be delivered. The contractor said that the insulation will be installed ASAP (before the roof?) We need to have assurances to be sure that if Tom does not pay subcontractors, that we do not have to. We also need to make sure that the baseboards are properly removed, and the sheetrock repaired from resulting holes.
Carol Fulmer would like to be present when next we meet with the contractor, upon council approval. No one on council objected.

A motion was made by Tina Crawn and seconded by Jim Johnson to approve the February Pastor’s report.  All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Committee Reports

Worship and Music Committee report sent by Larry through Council Blog.

Old Business

Digital Sign has been temporarily removed. We need to get a zoning variance to put the sign back up. This costs $500 for a zoning application plus a zoning permit fee if application is approved. Larry suggests we hold off on this until the issues with the renovations is finished. The city also said that we were in violation for the old sign and that it wasn’t approved in 2013 because there was no landscaping around it. Larry Holihan, Chris Russell and Royal Morse went to purchase plants and planted them. We are now within compliance on all counts. Since the sign was purchased with Memorial Funds, Larry suggested that the funds be restored to the Memorial Fund from other funds (Pastor Fund?). Marion Larson suggested to leave it as is for when we get the appropriate permits and it is installed again.

Restoration update covered in Pastors Report. A new backlit cross will be made locally and will be financed out of the Memorial Fund and other funds. Projected cost is less than $1600 and is 8 feet tall. The old cross can be moved to the office hall in front of the admin office.

New Business

Council Devotion Sign-Up: April- Diane Bursey, May- Tina Crawn, June- Chris Russell, July- Connie Kersten, Aug- Jim Johnson, Sept- Pastor, Oct- Tom Klinger, Nov- Peg Massaro, Dec- Larry Holihan

Extra Room for Easter at City Center has been resolved. We will find out on Sunday if we can rinse our dishes in the kitchen.

Easter “Fancy” Coffee Hour: Since we cannot have an Easter breakfast we will play this by ear. Holy Week Services: 4pm Maundy Thursday and Good Friday at Zion Lutheran Church in Groveland.

LED light replacements in spotlights are now brighter using a 70-watt bulb verses the older 200ish watts. This change is more economic as it uses less electricity. This was tabled until after the restoration process is complete.

Check Signers: Jim Johnson will stay on as a check signer. Karissa Bursey will step down. Diane Bursey suggested that she as President and Tina Crawn as Vice-President also become check signers.

A motion was made by Karissa Bursey and seconded by Chris Russell to accept Diane Bursey and Tina Crawn to be added as check signers for the church. All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Larry suggested that Gizella fill out an hourly time sheet with dates and number of hours both for her records and ours.

Door Repair: Before carpeting is installed we need to have new weather stripping installed. This could be taken out of the building repair fund. They charge $75 per hour plus parts and a flat fee of $50-60 for the company to come out. The company is Florida Commercial Door from Lakeland.

A motion was made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Tom Klinger to have Florida Commercial Door come out.   All council present voted unanimously to approve.

We also need to remove the bushes out front by the memorial garden. We need to dig a trench to temporarily place plants until they can be put back OR we can dig up old dead bushes by the front and replace them with the live bushes from next to the memorial garden. This will need to happen immediately after the restoration to limit possible rain damage.

A motion was made by Jim Johnson and seconded by Peg Massaro to make plans to make a French Drain on first opportunity. All council present voted unanimously to approve.

Council Responsibilities: Marion Larson stepped down from Stewardship Liaison due to her summer schedule. Jim Johnson stepped up to take over Stewardship with Marion Larson to help. Chris Russell and Tom Klinger are Property, Connie Kersten is Youth and Family, Larry Holihan is Worship and Music, Karissa Bursey is Education (VBS and Sunday School), Peg Massaro is Altar Guild.

Other Business

We would like to thank Mark Jacobetz for his service on council.


A motion was made by Jim Johnson and seconded by Marion Larson to adjourn meeting at 8:48 pm.  Closed with the Lord’s Prayer

Next Meeting; April 24, 2018

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