Council Meeting Minutes — May 2011

Minutes of Meeting

 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

 Governing Council

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meeting started at 7:00 PM

Members Present:   Karen Russell,  Dee Shields,  Dennis Wick , Marie Johnson, Susan Sherman, Diane Bursey, Dwayne Dundore, Milan Barabas, Irving Jones, Jolie Cook and Laura Dilley.

Diane Bursey opened the meeting with a prayer.

Previous month’s meeting minutes were approved on a first motion by Susan Sherman and a second by Dennis Wick and unanimously by council present.

Treasurer’s  Report:

Expenses $20,292.53  Income $22,358.69

Easter Sunday’s offering was $6,038.26 which accounts for the income exceeding the expenses.

There is $5,125.00 set aside in the Building Fund.  This money was designated as “Debt Reduction” and not “Capital Fund”.  I’m looking for direction from Council that, when the new finance program is in place, I will immediately apply these funds to the principle balance.  As additional funds come in, if they are designated “Debt Reduction” I will apply them to the balance principle; all “Capital Expense funds will go into the Building Fund.  For now we will leave 6 months of payments as a cushion for the mortgage.

Update to the Two Pledge Drives – Since our pledge drive in early April, four more pledges have been received.  Totals for the two drives are:

Make it Simple (Annual Giving)         $123,325.00

Trust in the Lord (Debt Reduction)     $178,244.00

We have received a total of 50 pledges – or 35% of the number of total families at SOTH.

Pastor Terry’s Gift – Members of SOTH contributed $525.00 in recognition of Pastor Terry’s 30th anniversary of her ordination.  Thanks to everyone who pitched in, at the last minute to make this happen.  Special thanks to Larry Holihan for the information slide.  Pastor Terry was really surprised!

Designated Offering – We have received $75.00 designated for “Confirmation Awards” Seeking Council guidance on how you want these funds accounted for. Are there awards for the Confirmands?    It was decided the funds will be designated annually for the Tunila confirmation awards.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Marie Johnson and a second by Irving Jones and was unanimously accepted by the council present.

President’s Report:

May 15th will be the last normal check for Pastor Jon.  The car allowance, continuing education and book allowance will end.  The car is in SOTH name.  Pastor Jon reimburses SOTH for the car and has already paid for the car.  When the car is re-titled to Pastor Jon we will cancel the car insurance.  The car allowance is $450.00 per month.  We have two salaried to pay out until July 11th.

Summer hours are about to start.

Website is wrong on the council roster.

Oak Tree – Pal on taking a large meal to the.

South Lake High is asking for money.

We held the 30th year ordination celebration for Pastor Terry and it was very successful.

The National Assembly is coming up and Pastor Paul Gysan is looking for volunteers to help out.

Sandy Finnela is heading up cooking meals for Pastor Jon and they should be bland and no roughage.

Pastor’s Report:

Report was handed out due to Pastor Terry’s absence.

This has been a fascinating month, more or less.  Holy week without Pastor Jon went OK but I was very tired.  This past week has been better but now a rush as I not only prepare to take a week or so off, but also Synod assembly takes so much of this past week.  We shall survive!

I appreciate all the help and the suggestions I have received both from members of the council as well as members at times of service.  I try to keep the door of the office open as much as possible, but, as you can imagine, that rather interferes with serious contemplation.  On the other hand, I appreciate that I am included in many conversations I might otherwise miss.

We will do well in the next couple of month’s but only if you continue your incredible support.   Thanks again.  Pastor Terry.

Worship services – 4 Sundays (8services), 3 Wednesday (1 with meal), Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Home and hospital visits – 15 (10 persons received communion)

Mileage – 700 miles at $0.51 per mile + $20.00 for tolls

Other – Attended the Seder meal, brought lap robes to hospital and three day of Synod Assembly

It has been requested that Pastor Terry would please also reflect the number of days worked.

Pastor Terry will be back the 20th of May.

E-mail Dwayne on any property issues and who to contact.

The President and Pastor’s report was accepted on a first motion by Diane Bursey a second by Jolie Cook and unanimously accepted by the council present.

Old Business:

 Synod Assembly Feedback-

Dennis and Renee Wick thanks for letting us go it was a very rewarding experience.

The theme was – With all boldness (synod)

Free in Christ to Serve (National)

Youth, Seniors, Homeless and Immigrants

The music was very good.

There was a lot of talk about immigration and help needed.  Bullying.  Guidance and flexibility to save costs on future Synod assemblies.

Irving Jones brought up the cost of new hymnals and the cost of projecting it.

Karissa Bursey – VBS

She requested from council regarding buying T-shits and CD’s for VBS that the cost would be approx $250.00 to $300.00.  The first 50 children would get shirts.  They would reimburse the church with the registration fee.  There is $841.20 in the fund now.  They would need about 60 to 80 CD’s.  Diane Bursey volunteered to buy the CD’s and Heather Faraci will volunteer to legitimately copy the CD’s.  Diane and Karissa will look into ordering and the cost of the T-shirts.  Council agreed to allow the purchase of the T-shirts.  A purchase order form will be used to order the T-shirts.

Refinancing –

It is moving along but a little slower than expected.  The interest rate is at 3.75%.  It will be paid as an automatic payment.  The paperwork will be kept in a safety deposit box off property.  The lawyers are coordinating everything.  Laura Dilley and Karen Russell will be the signers – President and Secretary respectively.

Job Task Force –

The next job description review will be the church office secretary – Barbara.  Laura Dilley and Diane Bursey will work on this.

Milan is working on another draft of the constitution.

We have two volunteers Lynn Wallin and Janice Jones to help with the archiving of all the church files.  Karen Russell and Diane Bursey will coordinate with Dee Shields on archiving the files in respect to the financial guidelines.  They will consult with Dennis Wick on criteria as he has experience in archiving.

AED defibrillator – The church will be billed for the purchase.  The AED will be purchased for around  $1500.00 from the choice account.

Seder Meal Update – 39 people attended.  The free will offerings covered all the food.  Dennis turned in a detailed report.  We will most likely do it again in the future.

New Business:

Church Insurance – Dwayne provided a sheet to council listing the coverage amounts which he felt were very reasonable.  The insurance is due for renewal June 15th and we will stay with the existing policy.

Per Dwayne’s list we have a new lawn care service; he reset the sprinkler timers and is doing maintenance on them.  Reset outside lighting timers. He is having someone coming to look at the sound equipment.  He would like to have permission to replace the spotlights above the choir and pulpit with LED lights; it would cost less to operate.  Also give us dimming control from the sound room.

Janitorial Staff  Pay – Marie’s proposal will start June 1st until Dec 31st, 2011.  Would like to volunteer to reduce it from $750.00 to $500.00 and take the difference and apply it toward the interim pastor fund.

There was a first motion by Diane Bursey a second by Susan Sherman to accept Marie and Jim Johnson’s offer to volunteer part of their time to volunteers their service in lieu of a salary.

We need more volunteers to serve communion please contact Dave Wallin.

We need to clean up the membership files – Susan Sherman, Dee Shields and Jolie Cook will set the process in place as it is constitutionally required.  We have to report to Synod how many members have communed.

Pastor Terry suggests strongly the stewardship drive should be in the fall.  The treasurer supports doing it in November.  Pastor Terry would like to emphasize the time and talent portion of it.  It was suggested to add it to the pledge card.  We received 50 pledges back this year.  Susan Sherman made a motion to change the stewardship drive to start the 1st week in November and end before the 15th of November.  There was a second motion to approve by Dee Shields and unanimously by council present.

Laura Dilley would like to have stewardship chair.

Access to the website is:  restricted access-

User name:   SOTHclermont

Password:   Btbab1

We have the 60th anniversary celebration of SOTH in 2012.  The date is October 28, 2012.  We will invite the Bishop to speak and then have an organized celebration.  Jolie Cook volunteered as the party chair and Dwayne’s daughter Tara may help he will need to ask her.

Congregational Feedback – We received 3 letters with feedback.  In the fall either August or September it would be nice to hold a potluck with a council member at each table with questions or issues the members may have.

In response to a letter received from Gary Janz we have streamlined prayer partners. They receive communion first.  The music during collections will taper off when collections are done to 2 or 3 minutes.  When Irving is filling in for Ed communion will be brought to him. A schedule of power point would be helpful.  Pastor Terry will limit the sermons to 13 to 15 minutes no more than that.

Wayne and Gary are working on the computer systems and they are extremely slow.  For $100.00 they can double the memory.  There was a first motion by Diane Bursey and a second by Jolie Cook and unanimously by council present to update the computer but not to exceed $150.00.

Evangelism Task Force –

  1. Music to be more contemporary.
  2. Need to have people designated friends talk to newcomers.
  3. Visitors to go to houses reaching out to people in need.
  4. Greeters (constant)
  5. Have members stand up and newcomers remain seated.  Please welcome the newcomers.
  6. VBS to have a closing program on Sunday to get the parents to come to church.

There was a motion to close the meeting at 9:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM unanimously accepted by council members present.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karen Russell

Council Secretary

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