Council Meeting Minutes – May 2018


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Members present:  Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Marion Larson, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Connie Kersten & Peg Massaro

Members not present: Jim Johnson – excused

Diane Bursey, President opened the meeting at 6:58pm.

Devotion – Tina Crawn, To Allow God to Lead

The April 2018 meeting minutes were reviewed with no corrections.  It was moved that the minutes be approved by Connie Kersten and seconded by Tom Klinger.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report –  Deductible Insurance fund- new donation has brought us closer to our goal and will lowering rates from contractor we will end in the positive. Altar flower funds are in the positive. Youth funds have achieved their goal for their mission trip. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report made by Tina Crawn and seconded by Marion Larson.  The motion was unanimously approved.

Pastor’s ReportMember visits- 11, New Member visits- 2, Hospital Visitations- 4, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations- 6, Private Communions- 8, Crisis Interventions- 0, Meetings- 7, Consultations- 21, Worship Services- 3, Mtg. with Conf. Pastors- 1, Classes taught- 0, Adult Bible Study- 0, Mileage for the month- 341.9 miles total. Motion to accept Pastor’s Report made by Chris Russell and seconded by Tina Crawn. The motion was unanimously approved.

Worship and Music –  

  • May 27- first Sunday back in our Sanctuary planning a celebration potluck following service. Diane will add to weekly email. 9:30 worship through the summer with new worship experiences. In September go back to two services and bring back Wednesday services.
  • Spanish congregations interested in renting the facility, Pastor is in contact and will keep us updated.
  • New sanctuary- no clutter, very simple
  • New round and rectangle tables that are lightweight for move in day
  • New backlit cross to be delivered and installed next Tuesday 5/22/18
  • Pastor Godfrey will preach on 6/3/18
  • Pastor and Joe will be at the Synod Assembly, that is open to all who would like to attend
  • Chris Morse will join the Worship and Music committee

Motion to accept Worship and Music Report made by Peg Massaro and seconded by Chris Russell. The motion was unanimously approved.

Old Business


  • Steeple has one more side to be painted.
  • Steeple was mounted and anchored today 5/15 before it rained.
  • Sanctuary roof is complete
  • Almost all ceiling tiles and lights are fixed
  • Need to buffer and remove all old glue before installing new carpet
  • Carpet and vinyl will be done by Friday 5/18/18
  • Office and Education wing roofs still need to be complete
  • Education hallway and nursery will be painted this week – Hallway will be Honeydew green and Nursery a baby yellow
  • Office Hallway, Secretary’s office, kitchen etc. will also be painted this week
  • Strip off shingles on the garage and the shingles will be redone
  • When we move back in, we are still not finished with restoration, need a lot of new ceiling tiles in many of the rooms
  • Once the work is complete NO LIFTS UNLESS WE LAY MINIMUM ⅝” OF PLYWOOD. Vinyl will bust, and the wheels will split carpet

VBS:  July 9-13 theme “Babylon- Daniel’s Journey” – Looking for assistance with decorating

LED lights – All installed, they will be aimed in the correct direction tomorrow 5/16. Lights on steeple and on the corner have been converted to LED. All fluorescents are now replaced and lit in sanctuary. Royal Morse has converted the secretary’s office to LED

New Business

Finance Committee Report – May 15, 2018

  • INTRODUCTION – The Church Council approved the formation of a Finance Committee to review current financials and to recommend areas for improvements.Tina Crawn, Pam Brosonski, and Larry Holihan are members of the committee.
  • COMMITTEE ACTIONS – The committee reviewed current accounting and payroll procedures. We manually inputted all financials from check stubs, bank statements, and Quicken inputs into ChurchTrac (our Membership program) from January 1 through April 30.  These transactions match the bank statements.  We set up ChurchTrac Financials to allow us to view the status of all Designated Funds including initial balances, income and expenses for any designated period.  We also created a Budget report which can replace the one currently reported through Excel. We established a report which shows current balances of all fund which match bank totals.  Tina checked with ChurchTrac support to insure we can produce accurate payroll through ChurchTrac.
  • FINDINGS – The current excel monthly report does not give a complete picture of church financials. Items listed on the spreadsheet and not complete and totals do not add up correctly. There is a lot of opportunity for error in the financials because income is recorded in ChurchTrac (our membership program), then manually transcribed into QuickBooks, and then manually transferred to an excel spreadsheet. In our analysis, we found several instances of omissions, adding errors, etc.  The QuickBooks financials added up to the total bank statements but excel spreadsheet did not.  Some Designated Funds were taken from the General Account and others from Designated Accounts.  The Flower fund was located separately on the spreadsheet.  The current method of using QuickBooks provides us with limited access to financials and doesn’t give us an easy way to analyze individual designated fund accounts.  We do not have ready access to all the financials. We must rely on the bookkeeper each time we want to look at specific items. ChurchTrac financials are in the “Cloud” and are professionally backed up each day.  These financials are available to those church members authorized to view them at any time on any computer (with proper password protection). Income records from ChurchTrac and Online Giving are automatically added into financials without any manual input. Three separate bank accounts are being used.  The totals of all three match the financials, but individual accounts do not.  We are being charged bank service fees and payroll fees.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – The financials be moved entirely to the QuickBooks financial and payroll module. This move will eliminate moving any manual movement of data and provide reports without relying on a separate worksheet.  We already have access to the Accounting module in ChurchTrac.  (Note:  Financials have already been added into ChurchTrac beginning with January 1, 2018 and match the bank statements.)  Formal conversion to ChurchTrac (including payroll) should be moved on July 1, 2018. Payroll should be produced through the ChurchTrac payroll module (which we already have).  If possible, automatic bank deposits be provided through a bank at no charge.  Ancillary payments to the pastor (such as Car Allowance, etc.) not be run through payroll, but provided as a separate check.  We move our bank to one that does not charge service and payroll charges and allows automatic payroll depositing without charge.  We only establish one general account, not three as we currently have. This could eliminate up to $600 in bank charges each year.

Respectfully submitted, Larry Holihan, Tina Crawn & Pam Brosonski

Motion to accept the Finance Committee Report and Recommendations made by Karissa Bursey and seconded by Peg Massaro. The motion was unanimously approved.

As a council representing this church, we unanimously approved to give Pastor Dennis a gift of gratitude for all his hard work and dedication to our Restoration Project. 

Motion made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Chris Russell to adjourn meeting at 8:10pm. The motion was unanimously approved.  Closed in The Lords Prayer

Next Meeting – June 19, 2018

Devotion – Chris Russell

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