Council Meeting Minutes – Nov 07

   Minutes of Meeting

   Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 

   Governing Council


   Thursday, November 8, 2007 

     7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Vice President Ken Felt, Secretary Troy Evans, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Brian Grussaute, Mike Mohr, Gary Janz, Diane Bursey, Susan Sherman, Peggy Wilk, Ruth Monzillo and teen representative Karissa Bursey, Members excused: President Carroll Fulmer, Kate Baumann and Heather Faraci. 

Members were provided with agenda for November meeting. (Minutes of October 11 Council Meeting and Treasurer’s Report were provided to Council members via email.)


 Meeting was called to order by Vice President Ken Felt, followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg.


Minutes of Council’s October meeting were approved, as presented, on a motion by  Diane Bursey, second by Susan Sherman.  


Treasurer Dave Wallin reviewed Disbursement Reports and Reports of Income for  October. He said unusually high collections were received during the month of  October due to significant donations. A $ 4,000. payment was made to the Synod Mission Share commitment, leaving a balance of $ 2,000 in our pledge for the year.

During the month of October, attendance at the 10:15 service averaged 104. Attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service averaged 50, and on average, 7 worshippers attended Wednesday evening services.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion by Peggy Wilk, second by Gary Janz.


Following an outline  (printed below), Pastor Jon provided Council members with an update on things that happened in October, current trends and things that will be happening in the near future:

Projects for October

           Survey new music and explore options for copyright services and hymnals.

           Small group discussion of music and worship

           Review worship and plan for the Holiday Season

           October Fest

           Bishop’s visit and 55th Anniversary

           Create new Evangelism Sheet – Review and finalize. So far well received

           Form for Prayer Request and Ministry Inquiry Sheet

           Survey tech needs for the office and sound room – computers, printer, network

           Survey building needs 

           Revising New Member Classes – hoping to link to website

           Prep for Advent – new wreath has been ordered


          Counseling load is still up

          Winter visitors are arriving

           Blue sheets are generating links to potential new members

                  Email form is being developed to answer basic questions. Web link in  process

           Visitation need is increased as is hospital calling


            Four baptisms scheduled for November

            Thanksgiving Eve worship

            Advent Wednesday nights

            Advent worship themes

            Church decorating

            Christmas programs

            New members second Sunday of each month

            Lutheranism Classes in January

            Pre Marriage Classes for one couple

Pastor Jon also reviewed recent problems with securing the church building. On several  occasions, he has been called by the Sheriff’s Dept. because a door or doors have been left unlocked. He asked all Council members to double their efforts to secure the building when locking-up. 

The Pastors Report was approved on a motion by Diane Bursey, second by Ruth Monzillo.


Quiet Time Prior to Worship. Council members said the efforts made so far are working and they encouraged Pastor Jon to continue to make a “Quiet Time” announcement ten minutes prior to worship. 

Painting Exterior of Church Building. Mike Mohr reported the building will be painted the week of December 12 to 19. The color will be a slightly darker shade.


Future Planning Study: Gary Janz reported power point presentations gleaned from the Future Planning study will be presented  to the congregation beginning January 13. Teasers, leading up to the presentations, via the power point, will begin in December.

Pockets on Backs of Pews: Susan Sherman presented samples of the pockets recommended for attachment to backs of chairs in the sanctuary. The samples were in two different fabrics. Council members gave approval to imitation leather.  


Tax Bill for 2007. Treasurer Dave Wallin reported the County Real Estate Tax Bill indicated a significant increase because the church has been assessed as a Profit Making Organization. The change in assessment is due to income received by the church from the Cell Tower. Wallin is working with the County Tax Collector’s Office to appeal the change in assessment.

Air Conditioning Repair. Pastor Jon reported quarterly inspection of the A/C equipment by the Gembecki Company indicated the need to replace certain actuator motors, etc., in the system. A cost of $ 1,300 was quoted for the work. Mike Mohr will ask for an itemized quotation and request estimates from other suppliers.

New Photo Directory: Pastor Jon expressed a need to produce a new photo directory of church members (families). Council members discussed various ways to cost effectively produce a directory. Options will be explored.

Nominating Committee Report: Troy Evans presented the following slate of nominees for election to Church Council for two year terms starting January 2008: Ken Bursey, Milan Barabas and Ken Stoyer. These candidates will replace Carroll Fulmer, Diane Bursey and Troy Evans who have completed two two- year terms on Council. Walt McCarty and Troy Evans served on the Nominating Committee.


Pastor Jon closed the meeting with prayer. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Troy Evans, secretary

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