Council Meeting Minutes – Oct 2019

Shepherd of the Hills

Minutes from October 22, 2019

Amended November 20, 2019


Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Tom Klinger, Joe Montfort, Marian Larson, and Peg Massaro


Larry Holihan, Karissa Schorer, Mike Walls, and Connie Kersten

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p

Devotion- Tom Klinger

Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

Looked over September 2019 Treasurer’s report. No questions or comments.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 7, New Member visits – 0, Prospective Member visits- 5, Hospital Visitations – 3, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 4, Private Communions – 3, Crisis Interventions – 0, Meetings – 5, Consultations – 4, Worship Services – 8, Classes taught – 1, Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts – Pastor Conference 10/14-10/16

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Contractor contacted to finish the garage ceiling. All the Christmas trees have been sorted and moved to appropriate locations. Planning the first Congregational clean up day. Reaching out to janitorial supply company to discuss options with the property committee. 

Worship & Music – No report

Old Business

Mean to Clean- improvements have been made. 

Time & Talent Survey- we will gear up again since our northern members are back. 

Electronic sign- tabled. Personnel and Policy Mission update- tabled

Cross Cleaning Update- tabled

Stewardship Update- Joe M sent out an email the beginning of the month giving members an idea of the direction we are going.

Supply Pastor request- we will secure a hotel for the Pastor on 11/16/19

Update on remodel of copy closet/ storage closet- tabled

Most tabled items were because the appropriate council member was not present to discuss.

New Business

Move Congregational Meeting to November beginning in 2020 so we can go into the new year with the new budget and new council members. Discussion was made about the issue of our northern members not being back to Florida by then. Discussion was to poll our members to see exactly what this true number is.

Changing service times- it was recommended that we return to one service as we only have a select few people at 8 am. This would give all members the opportunity to fellowship and worship together. Discussion was made that there are several church members who would not attend as this would not work them time wise. We will review this again after speaking to these members.

Council retreat- recommended that next year’s council go on a retreat together that will be partially funded by the church. This would give all members the opportunity to work and grow together. Team building and spirituality.

Budget 2020- The budget was presented by Tina Crawn for the 2020 Fiscal Year. The Finance Committee had already met previously numerous times and came to make their recommendations to the council. Overall the budget only increased slightly monetary wise. The biggest change was switching the cell tower income back to a designated fund and not into the general fund. This means contributions will need to increase to account for this transfer. The council has the authority to switch the cell tower income back to the general fund if the expenses far exceed the incomeThe mission support line was changed from a flat amount to a percentage of donations that come in from giving. This amount will not be reflected by designated giving, only by general fund contributions. The finance committee made a recommendation to start with a 5% giving and see how the year progresses. Joe Montfort is very certain with increased stewardship, the giving will increase as well to cover these changes. There were two line items added to the Christian Formation section. There was money added for Stewardship and for Outreach. Property increased mainly because we moved the custodial cleaning from staff to property since we have an outside vendor performing these services. The property budget has an overall increase of around $13,000 but this is because of this move. We are actually paying less for contracted custodial services than we were with in house cleaning. The staff line therefore decreased significantly to account for this change as well. The 5 staff members we have all received a small salary increase which did not move those numbers drastically. Overall the budget for 2020 had an increase of $6700.00.The overall percentage increase is 2.5%. We believe all the changes made to the 2020 Spending Plan were made being good stewards. There were no drastic changes. Joe Montfort made a motion to approve the 2020 Budget (Spending Plan). Peg Massaro seconded the motion. The motion carried and the 2020 Spending plan was approved by the council members and will be voted on at the Annual Congregational Meeting in January for final approval.

Closing, Next Meeting

Adjournment at 7:56 pm
Closed with the Lord’s Prayer
Devotion for October is Karissa Schorer
Next council meeting on November 19th at 6:30

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