Council Meeting Minutes – October 2007

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Governing Council

 Thursday, October 11, 2007

  7:00 p.m.


Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, President Carroll Fulmer, Vice President Ken Felt, Secretary Troy Evans, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Kate Baumann, Brian Grussaute, Mike Mohr, Heather Faraci, Gary Janz, Diane Bursey, Susan Sherman and Peggy Wilk. Members excused: Ruth Monzillo and teen representative Karissa Bursey. 


Members were provided with agenda for October meeting.

 Meeting was called to order by President Fulmer, followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg.



Minutes of Council’s September meeting were approved, as presented, on a motion by  Diane Bursey, second by Heather Faraci. 



Treasurer Dave Wallin reviewed Disbursement Reports and Reports of Income for  September. He said spending was normal for the month. He also noted attendance at worship services is slacking off. However, attendance should be increasing soon with the return of our northern friends. Wallin also said “ right now we are in a “ cash poor” position due to the payment of a large insurance premium and charges for Backflow Valve repair.”

During the month of  September (5 Sundays), attendance at the 10:15 service averaged 90 Attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service averaged 47, and on average, 7 worshippers attended Wednesday evening services (3 Wednesdays).


The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion by Peggy Wilk, second By Gary Janz.



President Fulmer – –


(a) Reviewed prices of moveable walls, received from supplier of used office equipment.


(b) Requested status of project to clean-up membership roster. He asked that a list of inactive members be provided to Council for review. 

(c) Requested status of project to produce and install pockets to the backs of chairs in sanctuary. Dave Wallin will research.


(d) Asked Pastor Jon to provide Council with a regular report of congregational statistics:

baptism, marriages, deaths, etc.



Pastor Jon said four weeks of cleaning floors with Mike Mohr, Chris Ostenburg and Dave Bursey made him aware of the need for a regular building maintenance program by a group of volunteers to maintain cleanliness of the building. This work would be in addition to regular cleaning provided by the current contract service.


Visitation, Evangelism and Worship will be Pastor Jon’s area of concentration next year.

Under Social Ministries, he suggested recruiting volunteers to assist elderly couples who have no family close-by or singles living alone. He also suggested helping to rehab member families in trouble. In the area of worship, he and Ed Frame are looking at the purchase of new choir music: praise and contemporary themes to put more variety in our services. 

The subject of music sparked considerable discussion by Council members.


Pastor Jon reported members of our congregation, through voluntary donations, recently contributed $ 1700.+ to assist one of our member families in trouble. The family’s financial problems proved to be unmanageable and the lady is moving to Wisconsin. The funds will be used to help with closing-out expenses.


The Pastors Report was approved on a motion by Peggy Wilk, second by Kate Baumann.



Quiet Time Prior to Worship. Discussed results of efforts made to-date to reduce noise, etc. A suggestion to move the coffee/cookie table to the rear wall was approved


Memorial Garden: Mike Mohr has not had an opportunity to solicit additional cost estimates.


Copier Contract:  Dave Wallin and Barbara West are scheduled to meet with a supplier. Dave Wallin recommends staying with the present supplier.


Future Planning Study: Gary Janz provided Council members with printed report listing preliminary results of the study. Members were asked to review the results and be prepared to comment at the next Council meeting.



 Spring Valley Property Owner’s Association requests meeting at Shepherd of the Hills

Lutheran Church the first Tuesday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m.

On a motion by Kate Baumann, second by Peggy Wilk Council authorized Spring Valley

Property Owner’s Association to meet at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church from 7 to 9 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month (same date/time as Council meeting) with a monthly fee of $ 50.00 to be paid in advance.  Barbara West will contact Spring Valley Property Owner’s Association.


Date For Congregational Meeting: President Fulmer is not certain whether the meeting should be held in January or February since we are now on a calendar year. He will research.


Use of Church for Class Reunion: Council authorized Leslie Smeaker to hold her class reunion (Calvary Baptist) at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Friday evening, April 18. 36 people, dessert and coffee.


Food for the Poor: Pastor Jon was authorized to schedule a guest speaker for this fund raising event (sometime in April).


Power Point Presentation: Ken Felt presented a request from Larry Hollihan asking Council to purchase a PC to drive the Power Point presentation. Two Council members offered PCs.



Pastor Jon closed the meeting with prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Troy Evans, secretary


















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