Council Meeting – September 2016

Church Council Minutes
September 13, 2016


In attendance:

Jim Johnson
Pastor Schmidt
Mark Jacobetz
Larry Holihan
Karissa Bursey

Meeting called to order at 7:04

Jim Johnson opened the meeting with prayer.


New members will be received first Sunday in October.

Fall clean-up will be scheduled in October.

Discussion of Pastor Discretionary Fund revealed pastor needs a petty cash fund.  Motion made to approve $300 for fund – money to come from Good Shepherd fund.  Motion made and approved.

Quilt Sunday will be the 20th of November.

Pastor and Larry will create a list of job requirements for the Church administrator.  Larry will present to Tina and train her on the responsibilities.


Nursery room needs to be cleaned and opened for use. Karissa will look into new flooring for the room.  Karissa will meet with Joann Jacobetz about nursery next Sunday.  Joann has volunteered to work with the nursery.

New teacher needed for Sunday School

Just Saying Thanks Dinner scheduled for Saturday, November 12.  This event is sponsored by the Worship and Music Committee.  Church council members will assist as needed.

Larry proposed purchase of new banner stands and banners.  Motion made to approve by Pastor Schmidt; seconded by Jim.  Approved.

Pastor expressed need to purchase two new chair dollies.  Cost about $400.  Motion made, seconded, and approved.

Meeting closed with Pastor prayer at 9:50 p.m.


— Minutes taken by Mark Jacobetz


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