Monthly Council Minutes – March 2017

Meeting Date



Jim Johnson
Mark Jacobetz
Pastor Schmidt
Diane Bursey
Karissa Bursey
Tina Crawn
Carol Kenderdine
Chris Russell
Larry Holihan
Marian Larson


Brad Haizlip

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:17 P.M. Pastor Schmidt recited a brief devotional.The February minutes were distributed to the members for review. Motion made by Diane Bursey to accept the minutes, seconded by Chris Russell. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Karissa Bursey distributed the February 1 to February 28, 2017 Ministry Spending Report.
Karissa will ask Gazella to separate 6 months of mortgage payments from the Building Fund.
Military Postage number needs to be corrected.
Mark Jacobetz asked who was going to review our Financial Report.
Jim Johnson has asked Bill & Carol Baum to do a financial review for the Church.
Jim asked each member of Council to look over the report & write down any questions to be discussed at our next meeting.
Larry Holihan indicated that the review needed to be presented at a Congregation Meeting.Motion made by Mark Jacobetz to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Diane Bursey. Motion carried.

Pastor Report

Member Visits – 14 New Member Visits – 6
Hospital Visits – 2 Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 2
Private Communions – 7 Crisis Interventions – 1
Meeting – 4 Consultations – 13
Worship Services – 11 Mtg. w/Conf. Pastors – 0
Classes Taught – 2 Adult Bible Study – 0Official Pastoral Acts – Installation of Pastor Art Weurtz, 2/19 in Ocala
Reverend Bill Renn’s Funeral, 2/17 in GrovelandSpecial Worship Services – 2 Ash Wednesday Services, 1 Lenten Service

Mileage for Month – 409.7 miles total

Motion made by Marian Larson to accept the Pastor’s Report, seconded by Karissa Bursey. Motion carried.

Committee Reports

Worship & Music Report

Larry Holihan will be having a meeting of his committee on Thursday March 23rd at 6:30 P.M. The Committee plans on discussing the Welcome Table, future worship music, format & publicity.

Council suggested utilizing public television & radio stations. Karissa is going to contact Z-88 radio which is a Christian station to promote our Vacation Bible School & provide our Sunday Service information.

Motion made by Diane Bursey to accept the Worship & Music Report, seconded by Karissa Bursey. Motion carried.

Stewardship Report

Marian Larson has been asking people in the Congregation if they are interested in joining her Committee. She has not been very successful in finding many Church members willing to commit. Marian will be having a meeting on April 20th at 7:00 P.M. to discuss ideas. She would like to do something special for each Sunday in October that pertains to Stewardship.

Motion made by Karissa Bursey to accept the Stewardship Report, seconded by Diane Bursey. Motion carried.

Old Business

a. Sign work completed – Jim Johnson announced that the work on our sign has been completed. There is a switch that needs to be hard wired, as it continues to be turned off. Mark Kenderdine volunteered to fix the problem on Saturday, March 18th at 11:00 A.M.
b. Electronic sign update- Larry Holihan distributed Research information on Signs for Council’s review. Following various discussions, it was decided that Larry would bring it up at the Worship & Music Meeting. There is money in the Memorial Fund that has not been designated for any particular purpose. This may be a good use for the money. Larry will bring it back to Council, once it is discussed. Jim Johnson will check to see if we need any special permits for changing the sign.
c. Easter Brunch – Virginia Circle will handle the Easter Brunch – There is a sign-up sheet on the table at the back of the Church for Casseroles
d. Discretionary Fund – Pastor gets $50.00 per month to use for whatever he needs. This carries over, if he doesn’t spend it. Diane will talk to Gazella about changing Pastor’s contract to provide professional allowances, such as cell phone expenses.
Good Shepherd Fund is used for a family in need to help pay rent, buy food, gas, etc. Council will provide Pastor with $500.00 to keep on hand in case someone comes into the Church asking for Help.
e. Pastor Call Fund reconciliation – Pastor Schmidt, Jim Johnson & Larry Holihan will compile expenses incurred & have them available at the next Council Meeting on April 18th. We will then determine what to do with the remaining funds.Motion made by Mark Jacobetz to close Old Business, seconded by Karissa Bursey. Motion carried.

New Business

a. Piano Bench – Following a lengthy discussion, it was decided not to purchase a new bench at this time. Chris Russell will inform Alex of Council’s decision.Motion made by Mark Jacobetz to accept the decision, seconded by Karissa. Motion carried.

b. Secretary Position – Tina Blaisdell decided the job does not fit her needs & wants the Church to find a replacement for her. Rita Schmidt is willing to work temporarily beginning Tuesday, March 21st until a permanent replacement has been hired. Jim & Marie Johnson will work in the office on Friday, March 17th so that Tina’s last day can be Thursday, March 16th. Tina has asked to have Friday off. Diane will work on Power Point in the office on Monday, March 20th.
c. Committee Report forms for council – Diane distributed samples of forms that could be used for members for reporting at the Council Meeting. Larry can create a program which will allow each Council member to access the program with a password so they can see each report prior to the meeting. All attendees were agreeable to this idea.
d. Other – Minutes should be kept on the Church computer.
Jim requested instructions on moving funds from an IRA to our Church. Diane is going to locate such information.
Husband & wife should not be on Council simultaneously
Keys to the front door & Library will be provided to Dan Kem for Thrivent
Council will host the Lenten meal prior to the service on April 5th, providing soups/chili & bread/rolls.

Motion made by Karissa Bursey to supply keys to Dan, seconded by Diane Chris Russell. Motion carried.

Tina Crawn was added as a member of Council.

Closing, Next Meeting

Next meeting will be April 18th at 7: P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Kenderdine, Secretary

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