Monthly Council Minutes (Draft)

Meeting Date



Tina Crawn
Larry Holihan
Chris Russell
Jim Johnson
Marian Larson
Pastor Dennis
Diane Burse
Mark Jacobetz
Joe Montfort


Karissa Bursey

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm and Pastor opened with devotion from Matthew 11: 28-30.

Old Business

1. We talked about leasing two difference properties for our time away from the church. Jim stated we have two calls in for possible opportunities. One is in the Winn-Dixie plaza on HWY 50 and Bloxom and the other one is the closed down Chevy Dealer on HWY 50. Leasing one of these spots would leave open the possibility of Mid-week services.
2. Council was asked to address any rumors to Pastor Dennis or to council president Jim Johnson. They have been overseeing the talks with the insurance company and the contractor and have the most up-to-date information. Some rumors they have had to resolve includes thinking every room in the church must be completely emptied. The roof and insulation needs to be removed, however, the decking on the roof will be staying. Another concern was the church has Hazmat conditions meaning the workers will be in full hazmat suits during the construction. This is also not true. The contractor is saying due to OSHA conditions, no one can be on property while they are working unless in hard hats and other OSHA approved gear. With these concerns, they are asking that church members do not just show up because they are curious of the progress. The more visitors we have with these concerns, the longer it will take to complete the task at hand.
3. There are concerns over the amount of people who Pokémon hunt at the church. It was decided we need to post constructions signs warning people to keep off the property during this time. We will also need signs for the doors to show where we have moved as well as updating Facebook and the website.
4. The remote WIFI for the digital sign has been completed. We voted in December to approve this purchase since the scrolling is no longer allowed on digital signs and can only be changed once every 24 hours.

New Business

1. There was a discrepancy found in the memorial fund. A check from James and Melinda Wabushes for $500.00 was found in a blank pew envelope. It was dated 09/14/2016. This makes the check stale dated and cannot be cashed. The memorial fund was used to pay for the digital sign which included this money. Larry suggested the shortage of funds come from the Thrivent account until the matter can be resolved. We will contact the family and ask what they would like to do. If they decide to reissue the check, we will put the funds back into the Thrivent account. We decided that would be the best solution.
2. There was a questionnaire that was received from the insurance company that needs to be filled out. It was addressed to someone who is no longer at the church. Jim Johnson offered to handle the questionnaire and send it back in.
3. Our goal on council is to become good stewards for the church as a whole. We are looking for new people to join the council this year so we keep this close to our hearts as we go to God. Karissa is wanting to stay on council but she would like to step down as Treasurer. With the departing of Carol Kenderdine, we will need a council secretary as well. Some people who have made an interest in joining are Peg Massaro and Tom Klinger.
4. We received a Benevolence letter of intent from the Synod Committee of 1% of help which could equal between $10,000-$11,000.
5. Pastor had a meeting with the insurance company and was told that the church could hire ourselves for some portions of the construction. This would allow us to put that money back towards the deductible. This includes moving most items out of the church ourselves as well as painting the sanctuary. The contractor will need to approve whoever we hire (Joe is one person we are considering). No spraying is allowed and the contractor expects a prime, a seal, and two coats of paint.
6. There will be a funeral at the church on Friday, January 19, 2018 for Charles Monzillo. In
7. There are few areas of the budget that still need attention to include Pastor’s salary and the bookkeeper. Jim proposed we talk about a salary increase for Gisella. She has never had a raise since working for us. She charges us hourly to help keep our costs down. Jim suggested we change her rate of pay from $12 an hour to $15. After some discussions, Chris Russell made a motion to increase the pay to $15 per hour. Mark seconded the motion. All in favor. No opposed.
8. When speaking of Pastor’s salary for 2018, Jim reminded us all that Pastor’s new insurance was going to save the church $6,000 a year. The council explored several options. The final discussion was to include a 5 increase. Chris Russell seconded the motion. All were in favor. No opposed.
9. Discussion of Alex compensation for next year was discussed as well. The council reviewed his contract of $75 per service. The motion was made by Mark Jacobetz to offer Alex $80 per service. Marian Larson seconded the motion. All were in favor. No opposed.
10. The council reviewed the budget line by line and made adjustments where we could. We all agreed to make sure to let Gisella know most employees are on a 1099.
11. The last thing discussed was the need to have a Stewardship Drive. The last one was several years ago. Church members were asked to put their yearly tithe intentions in a sealed envelope and it would stay between them and God. The council will revisit this again.

Closing, Next Meeting

The meeting adjorned at 9 pm.

Respectfully-Tina Crawn

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