Monthly Council Minutes – August 2018 (Draft)

Meeting Date



Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Jim Johnson & Tom Klinger


Pam Massaro, Connie Kersten, Marion Larson

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order- 7:00 PM
Devotion by Jim Johnson- God does care about our problems
Motion to accept July Council Minutes by Jim Johnson, seconded by Tina Crawn. The motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report

Financial Report: A lot of changes in balances,
• Transition to ChurchTrac and working with Tina is complete. Tina is working on organizing, filing, or shredding all old paperwork. Building fund donations are lowering each week in offering. Need to start budget discussions in September. Will discuss with the Finance Committee. Will make a budget draft for September meeting. There is a financial policy created in 2011 that the Finance Committee will potential move to put in the church bylaws

Pastor Report

• Member Visits-23, New Member visits-0, Prospective member visits-4, Hospital visitations-1, Nursing home visitations-3, Private communions-2, Crisis interventions-0, Meetings-5, Consultations-2, Worship services-4.

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report:
• LED bulbs in Pastor’s office, choir room, and admin office. Tree trimming in progress as weather permits. Congregation approved new sound system and projector. Dumpster enclosure- someone needs to contact Lake County office to see what permits, if any, will be required to move the enclosure. Needs to be done so driver has clear access to dumpster. Need to set a day for Congregational Work Day- November 4th or 11th. Diane will speak with Virginia Circle to see when the annual rummage sale will be held. Drainage issue behind memorial monument; bring in fill dirt which will be done when weather is cooler and no rain. Repair and replace awnings at entrance doors; get quotes on repairing the cloth and alternate metal. Lights on signs outside. Wireless security system- to be covered in more detail later in New Business. Next meeting for Property Committee- September 12th 7:00 PM
Worship and Music Committee:
• Need to determine dates to move back to two services and if we will still have Wednesday services

Old Business

• Restoration Update: On July 8th, 2018 we met with Tom Reeves with Restorsurance, Hector Haguayo with Floor Crafters Inc and Independent inspector, Matt Skowron who inspected the Shaw carpet in our sanctuary and took samples to be tested for defects by ProSource Wholesale. Hector with Floor Crafters Inc advised us he will do whatever it takes to make it right.
• After Hector and Matt left, Diane sat down with Tom and Pastor Dennis to go over the Scope of Work item number by item number and compared it to a list of item numbers to be completed by Shepherd of the Hills as a “sub-contractor”. Church is to be paid as a sub-contractor, however the item numbers did not match up to the actual work we completed. Further discussion needed to finalize.
• Lightning rods installed by roofers are not in the same places as before, now there are no lightning rods in the front of the church and two in the back. One on a PVC pipe and one on the vent that leads to the kitchen. This will be added to the punch list.
• Replacement of ceiling tiles: All cleaning and sanitizing has been completed except the sacristy and Tina’s office. Doug should be finished by the end of next week Sunday 8/26.
• Need to look at the AC again, leaking in sacristy
• Audio System approved by congregation on Sunday, August 19th. Larry contacted Jinx IT yesterday, contract coming within the next few days. Company will schedule to come in on a Monday, service walk through on Saturday to ensure everything is done correctly. Money for parts up front, Money for installation after project completion. Concern that money will not come in from insurance company before we want to complete this project. Jim made a motion to approve the purchase of the audio materials and continue with projector when all financials are received from Guide One, all bills are paid and given there is still enough funds and no oversights. Chris seconded, carried by a 5-2 vote
• Office Coordinator position: Motion to offer Rita Schmidt the part-time office coordinator position at $13.75 per hour for 20 hours a week. Motioned by Tina Crawn, seconded by Jim Johnson. The motion was unanimously approved.

New Business

• Security System: Option 1: Contacted previous security system installers to get a quote on upgrading our current non-active system. Proposal was to update the inside keypad on both the education wing and administration wing. Groups meeting on the education wing will be given their own individual codes to enter. Church members will enter through the administration wing. Install 4 outside cameras with a DVR that would record 4 channels and will hold data for up to 30 days. Proposal; 3-year contract, $713.98 installation plus $70 per month to monitor. Security company does not monitor the cameras they will only call the Police if the alarm should go off. Would also install a DVR that would Reach out to determine how much it would cost to install system without monitoring
• Option 2: Amazon-purchase Arlo by NETGEAR security system cameras 4-wireless for $317 that we would install, however there would be no alarm system
• All outside locks have been rekeyed; discussing who will get keys.

• Diane and Tina went to BB&T to close all the final accounts. There is a safety deposit box that only Pat Quellhorst can access. We need to contact Pat and open the box to transition to Mainstreet
• Ruthanne Godfrey and Rita Schmid are looking into a program during Christmas time called “Breakfast with the Christmas Angels”. This will be a Community event with local children and families. People will come and eat breakfast foods and do activities or crafts. Adults will stay with children the entire time
• Norma Thompson, Ingrid Kjenslie and others would like to volunteer to contact members after deaths; “Bereavement Committee”

Closing, Next Meeting

Motion to adjourn at 8:54 PM by Jim Johnson, seconded by Chris Russell
Next meeting September 18th at 7:00 PM
September Devotion: Pastor Dennis

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