Monthly Council Minutes October 2018 (Draft)

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Tom Klinger, Pam Massaro, Marion Larson, Tina Crawn & Jim Johnson


Connie Kersten

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order- 7:00 PM
Devotion by Tom Klinger- Testimony begins with test. The tests we experience in life allow us to give testimony to those that need to hear it.
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

Treasurer’s Report:
1. Renovation: Contractor has been paid in full and all known bills paid. Residual in this fund allowed us to go ahead with the Audio/Visual improvement project. Project is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, October 29 and be complete by the following Sunday (if all components arrive in time).
2. Pam Brosonski has agreed to audit the church books for 2018.
3. Proposed 2019 budget to be presented to Church Council at the October meeting. Hopefully to be approved by council at the November meeting.
4. Financial procedures are being updated with the latest ELCA financial recommendations.
5. Electric bill has risen to over $1700 the last two months. This bill needs to be controlled as it is way too high.

Pastor Report

Member visits- 37, New Member visits- 3, Prospective Member Visits- 4, Hospital Visitations- 9, Nursing Home Visitation- 2, Private Communions- 7, Crisis Intervention- 1, Meetings- 3, Consultations- 4, Worship Services- 4, Meetings with conference pastors- 1

Committee Reports

Financial Committee Meeting Minutes
1. 2018 Audit – Pam Brosonski has accepted the responsibility of performing our 2018 Financial Audit. This audit will be conducted under the guidelines of the latest ELCA Audit procedures.
2. 2018 Budget: The Finance Committee will present the Church Council with a proposed 2019 Budget at the October council meeting. This year, an Income Budget will be added. The church council needs to review this proposal and submit revisions before the November council meeting. We hope to be able to approve the budget at the November meeting.
The council also needs to provide input on the following items:
(1) Mission Share for 2019. The committee proposed $12000 for the year.
(2) Pay for staff members.
(3) Recommendations from various committees (eg. Property, Music and Worship, etc.

3. Personnel actions:
Should independent contractors be paid if they do not work?
How should pastor’s Professional Allowance be paid?
Bookkeeper does not qualify as an independent contractor. Should be moved to employee?
Custodian does not qualify as a salaried employee. Should be moved to hourly?
New contracts should be signed for 2019 by independent contractors. Employees should have updated job descriptions.
4. Financial policies and guidelines need to be consolidated and updated in accordance with ELCA procedures.
1. Conduct 2018 financial audit per ELCA guidelines.
2. Review and approve 2019 budget. November council meeting.
3. Reclassify staff members as required – effective January 2019
4. Update staff job descriptions effective January 2019
5. Approve compensation for all staff for 2019.
6. Review financial guidelines and submit proposal for addition to by-laws by end of 2018.
Property Committee Report:
Power washing algae off the building on October 13th by Jim Johnson
Royal Morse ordered and installed bulbs for the sign as well as added an outlet for the scrolling sign- cost $146
Estimate to repair awnings with similar material
Leave the frames as they are and just recover awnings $5797.31
Install handrails in men’s restroom
Flushing issue in admin wing unisex restroom
New folding changing table in education wing first unisex restroom
Find cost from amazon or e-bay
Congregational Cleanup Day 11/17/18 to include: Tree trimming, backfill drainage area behind monument, trimming bushes and pulling weeds, weed/feed grass in front of church, Island weeds/ replace plants, Fountain replace suggestions, INSIDE, Wax and strip admin hallway
Piano in choir room tuned?

Christmas Decoration Committee:
THIS YEAR: Advent Banners on the pillars on the sides. Four banners one for each Sunday in Advent will be put up each week; Rita will make
THIS YEAR: One giant tree, At least 15 feet tall and 80-87” wide
THIS YEAR: Same nativity under the altar
THIS YEAR: For the front brown pillars get the bouquets from Kendal’s Pinterest, If speakers are still there, then start the bouquets a foot and a half above the speakers
They need to be above the 15’ tree, need to be 5-6’ long. Find some horns or trumpets working into it LARGE ribbon with wire
THIS YEAR: Cluster of trees in the overhangs above the entrance doors
THIS YEAR: old trees ask for donations for smaller trees, three or four trees each for above each portico. All green with white or gold lights. Trees will be stored for the following year, possibly leave them above the portico and lay a sheet over them to collect the dust.
THIS YEAR: Green garland running down the white pillars at entrance with gold ribbon worked into it. Pine cone bouquet for table centerpieces- from Kendal’s Pinterest. We can make- we just need to get pine cones
MAY NEED TO WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR: Nice outdoor nativity scene to go by the fountain. Silhouettes of nativity that folds flat with floodlights on them
THIS YEAR: Real tree outside with just white lights
MAY NEED TO WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR: Wreaths with the gold ribbon in front of the five back windows
SEE IF WE CAN USE EXISTING WREATHS: Wreaths outside on the two main windows outside of nursery and office
THIS YEAR: Normal sized tree for family ornaments in the back between welcome center and coffee table
THIS YEAR: Outside angels- look good in the daylight- to go in front of bushes in front of entrance doors
THIS YEAR: Draped cloth to match the bouquets around the base of the altar or pine cones or bushy garland with white cloth or thick ribbon wrapped around it and pine cones garland across welcome center
Worship and Music Report:
No significant new items discussed; More planning of previous items from last month’s meeting. Possible men’s breakfast around second or third week of December. Possibly wait for after the first of the year and as a dinner

Old Business

Audio Visual Project
 Covered in Financial Report

New Business

Electric Bill: Could be AC is working more, could be we do not have the correct bat insulation above the sanctuary. Ask audio visual guy to look while he is here. No dampers in the wings? It is 60 degrees in the morning and stays. This could be expensive to fix, Pastor has called for an estimate and is waiting for a call back. Before next AC season we need to consider putting bat insulation in the wing rooms. We need to look at digital and programmable thermostats for each room to specify times when AC should be turned on
Use of Church by Hispanic Congregation: No for weekend proposal. We will discuss the use of our facilities on Sundays beginning in January further
Budget for 2019: Larry made a motion to move custodial position and bookkeeper position to part-time hourly. Council members will look at proposed budget and will discuss changes or acceptance at the next meeting

Closing, Next Meeting

Next Council meeting Tuesday November 13 at 6:30 PM
Devotions by Peg Massaro

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