Monthly Council Minutes Nov 2018

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Diane Bursey, Karissa Bursey, Larry Holihan, Chris Russell, Connie Kersten, Pam Massaro & Jim Johnson


Tom Klinger
Marion Larson
Tina Crawn

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p
Devotion by Peg Massaro – Your integrity is the best piece of character we have. That is what we leave behind us
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

2019 budget review and approval is scheduled for the November council meeting. 2019 salary proposals are also to be discussed at this meeting. The special needs of Altar paraments and parking lot lighting were presented to the congregation at morning services. A donation to pay for the paraments and over $3,000 (to date) has been received for parking lot lighting improvements. The finance committee did not meet this month. Monthly finances will be added to the council blog as soon as some minor changes are made to the budget report. (my fault, not the bookkeeper). The audio/video project should be completed this week; final payment will be made to the contractor upon completion. I plan to leave a small amount in the Insurance Funds account in case some further work on restoration is approved in future months.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 9, New Member visits – 6, Hospital Visitations – 2, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 2, Private Communions – 6, Crisis Interventions – 5, Meetings – 5, Consultations – 3, Worship Services – 7, Mtg. with Conf. Pastors – 0, Classes taught – 2, Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts – Memorial Service for Ray Riley – 10/19/2018, Memorial Service for Tammy Foryan – 11/3/2018,
Conference on Ministry – 11/5-11/7

Committee Reports

• Property Committee Report – Street light on Caspian will be replaced, Joe Montfort is taking care of ladies’ restroom in the Education Wing. Clean Up Day 11/17 is good to move forward, need to replace parking lot lights, Jim will continue to investigate his avenues to determine final costs, Normal lights will be put into the poles this Saturday (maybe)

• Christmas Decorating Committee – New Tree for sanctuary was ordered, other decorations will be purchased and made this week to be ready for our hanging of the greens

Old Business

*Sound System Update – new system is now installed. Preview of new projector went well, and our projector will be installed soon.
*Electric Bill was slightly lower than last month but not by much, our 20 thermostats were all set on different temperatures and back storage room was at 45 degrees. We will set the classrooms (except the middle one where everyone meets) at 78-80 degrees and we will lock those other rooms. We need to get in touch with boy scout leader for them to check the thermostat before they leave. Connie will investigate adult proof plastic covers for AC thermostats. Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Dennis and Renae Wick has been approved.
*Electric Sign – Sign company will take care of the engineering side; Permit about $875, we may want to put up a base ourselves, because theirs will just be a metal base. We can put up paneling to look nicer. Larry will keep us updated from sign company

New Business

*Garage – A motion was made by Connie Kersten and seconded by Jim Johnson to keep the 4×8 Choir risers that were in the church and get rid of the other adjustable risers that we cannot use because they will cut the new carpet. All in favor, motion was carried.
*Question was raised as to why are we not getting younger members to replace members that we have lost? One suggestion was to make movements to adjust music and loudness. Diane and Larry will be having a documented discussion with Alex the beginning of December. Need to work on new contracts to have on place once the 2019 budget is approved at the annual meeting.
*Budget – Adjust Supply Pastor item to $900 for the additional 2 Sundays off for Pastor; Discussion of Salaries; The council agreed on tentative salaries on the budget. Will finalize before the annual meeting.

Closing, Next Meeting

No council meeting in December
Next Council meeting Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 6:30 PM
Devotions by Larry Holihan

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