Monthly Council Minutes – April 2017

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt
Diane Bursey
Tina Crawn
Marian Larson
Carol Kenderdine
Karissa Bursey
Mark Jacobetz
Larry Holihan
Brad Haizlip
Jim Johnson


Chri Russell

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

The meeting was called to order by Pastor Schmidt at 7:00 p.m. with a devotion.
The minutes for last month’s meeting were e-mailed to all council members for review prior to the meeting. As there were no changed necessary, Diane made a motion to accept the minutes as written & Karissa seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Karissa mentioned that since Gizella has been very busy with tax season, she was unable to prepare an accurate Financial Report to present at this meeting. Karissa will have one to share with council at our next meeting.Diane stated that Carol & Bill Baum completed a complete audit of the year 2016. Everything balanced. A letter will be placed in our records indicating this fact.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 16
New Member visits – 3
Hospital Visits – 0
Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 0
Private Communions – 3
Crisis Interventions – 0
Meetings – 4
Consultations – 15
Worship Services – 16
Mtg. w/Conf. Pastors – 0
Classes taught – 2
Adult Bible Study – 0
Official Pastoral Acts – Wedding of Amanda Mueller & Brad Salas 3/17/2017
Baptism of Saydee Lynn Follett 3/26/2017
Special Worship Services – 4 Lenten Services, Maundy Thursday Service,
Good Friday Service
Mileage for the month – 279.8 total milesDiane made a motion to accept the Pastor’s report & Marian seconded the motion. Motion carried.Pastor Schmidt mentioned that our early Easter Service had 97 attendees 7 our late Service had 182 attendees. Larry stated this was 30 less than last year, however, this Easter was later in the year & many snow birds had already returned up North.
Pastor Schmidt requested that we send a Thank You card to Virginia Circle for the meals they provided prior to our Lenten Services.
Pastor Schmidt mentioned that he received a plethora of complements about our traditional Easter Service.
Pastor also mentioned that a 10 year old young lady from IL saw our Church on the web, attended our Easter Service & now wishes to make it her home Church. Shortly, she will be receiving the Sacrament of Baptism at Shepherd of the Hills & her family will be joining our Congregation.Pastor mentioned that Joe requested 10 ELW Hymnals for the Choir. The funds will come from the Music Supplies budget. Diane made a motion to purchase the Hymnals (if there is not enough in the budget, she will pick up the difference) & Marian seconded the motion. Motion carriedThe Bell Choir purchased a new set of bells. The money was donated by the member of our Church.Joe has requested 6 new music stands. the total cost will be $217.00. Diane made a motion to purchase the stands & Brad seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Committee Reports

Worship & Music Committee ReportLarry reported that Donna Dyson will be our Volunteer Coordinator. He will be meeting with her on Wednesday, April, 19th to discuss her duties. Basically, she will coordinate the pot luck for volunteers, the welcome table, Ushers, Lectors, etc.
The committee recommends we go to 1 Service on May 7th. Larry also mentioned the need for alternate types of Services. He mentioned one Church that offers a Service once a month for mentally challenges adults, which has been very successful.Larry mentioned Pairs for Spares. A dinner out night where 6 or 8 people meet at someone’s home for a meal & fellowship.The next Worship & Music Committee Meeting will be on April 27th at 6:30 p.m.Stewardship Committee ReportMarian had no report. There will be a meeting on April 20th at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

Building & Property Committee

Brad presented an itemized list of concerns for review. He is looking for a new lawn service as well as an air conditioner maintenance company, someone to check out our sprinkler system & pest control. Diane mentioned that she was unable to locate any contracts for current services.
Karissa recommended the lawn service that takes care of her house. Diane offered to get an estimate from a sprinkler company she has dealings with. Jim suggested that Brad set up an appointment for a walk-through with Del-Air so he & Brad can see exactly what they will cover under their contract, should we hire them.
Brad was told he had the authority to spend a maximum of $500.00 on supplies without getting Council’s permission.
All of the questions that Brad asked, were discussed & responded to.

Old Business

Pastor Schmidt’s Discretionary Fund/Good Shepherd Fund is down to $0. Karissa will write a check foe him tonight & we will make sure he always has $500.00 available in the future. Procedures need to be in place to make sure this never happens again.We only received one application for the Secretary position thus far. Lisa Perez, is Joanne Jacobetz’s daughter. While everyone was impressed with her resume, there were some concerns. Council decided to reach out to the Congregation via E-News & advertise the position. Karissa emphasized the importance of including the qualifications. Once applications are received, interviews will be set up, including one for Lisa. All were in agreement of this plan.

Larry explained how the Council Blog works & passed around his IPAD to show what the screen looks like. He has already placed past reports on the Blog. Some are missing, however, Jim will get him this information shortly.

The Council minutes will be sent to the Church office for their records.

Larry explained the the Worship & Music Committee recommended we purchase the 133″ x 24″ LED sign facing S 27 for $3600.00. The proceeds would come from the Undesignated Memorial Fund, providing there is enough available. The sign will cover the words ‘Lutheran Church’. Royal Morse will assist in putting the sign up. 4 lines will be available, so we can add ELCA, if we want to. Diane made a motion to accept the proposal & Tina seconded it. The motion carried.

New Business

Gazella has been out for 2 weeks, however there are no unpaid bills. The check for the lawn service continues to be returned by the Post Office, as they move & do no provide us with a new address. We have numerous invalid telephone numbers. It was suggested we wait until they ask for their money.Rita Schmidt has not been paid because she needs to complete a Form W-4. Diane is going to provide her the form & get her paid.

Larry suggested we construct a pipe frame for holding our banners. Karissa was concerned that the banners be environmentally friendly. Carol suggested we use either velcro or duct tape to put dates in, so they can be reused for annual events. Diane made a motion that we go ahead with the plan to construct the frame, providing the cost is does not exceed $100.00 & Karissa seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Pastor Schmidt mentioned the need for replacing the heavy round wooden tables with long plastic folding tables. He saw tables at Sam’s Club that were 8′ x 30″ for $79.88 each. A person in the congregation designated money for tables in the Memorial Fund for tables, so we do have the funds. Diane mentioned to be sure to use our tax exempt status when we purchase them. Diane made a motion that we but 10 tables & Tina seconded the motion. The motion carried. We will notify the member of our congregation (Bert?) that donated the money about the purchase & schedule a dedication date.

Mark mentioned the condition of the rug in the Narthex. Jim will get a quote for cleaning it.

Diane talked about using real utensils & cups for Sunday coffee & meals in the future. We would utilize the dish washer available in our kitchen. Plastic wear is getting very expensive & is not environmentally friendly. All agreed this was a good idea.

Carol brought up the question ‘how can we bring youth back into our Church?’. Larry & Pastor Schmidt will be working on alternative types of Services, which may touch on this topic.

Closing, Next Meeting

The next meeting will be May 10th.Respectfully submitted,

Carol Kenderdine,

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