Monthly Council Minutes – Feb 2019

Meeting Date



Connie Kershaw
Diane Bursey
Tina Crawn
Karissa Bursey
Pastor Dennis Schmidt
Marion Larson
Peg Massaro
Larry Holihan
Tom Klinger


Chris Russell

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:35pm
Devotion by Larry Holihan – Devotion by Connie Kersten
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

We discussed Raymond Jones losses at the Congregational meeting in January. We now have the January results and the recovery in the stock market erased all those losses. $20,000 was sent to our mortgage lender as an additional mortgage payment. Mortgage status as of February 10, 2019 is as follows: Building mortgage balance Feb 1, 2019 $225,710; Extra principal payment Feb $ 20,000; Adjusted mortgage balance Feb 10 $205,710; Bldg. Fund cash on hand $ 18,440; App. money needed to retire mortgage $187,846. Our Synod commitment has been increased to $1,000 monthly.
Electric utility costs have dropped to around $1K/month. We’ll have to see if that is a result of conversion to LED lighting and more careful monitoring of A/C, or just a seasonal recovery.
Recommendations/Action: Open position of custodian be filled as soon as possible. The custodian will be paid on an hourly basis.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 11
New Member visits – 3
Hospital Visitations – 1
Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 0
Private Communions – 2
Crisis Interventions – 0
Meetings – 5
Consultations – 11
Worship Services – 10
Mtg. with Conf. Pastors – 1
Classes taught – 9
Adult Bible Study – 3
Official Pastoral Acts – Welcomed 12 New Members into our Church Family on 1/13/2019, Baptism of Matthew Kingman on 1/27/2019
Special Worship Services – 0

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Report Date 2-12-2019
Items Discussed: Reviewed the Janitorial position description, Ladies restroom in the education wing is slow have not heard back from Roto Rooter regarding an estimate, discussed climatizing the Engineer has not gotten back to Chris Russell with an estimate for his services, Chris will place a follow up call.

Worship & Music – Report Date 01-17-2019, Attendees: Chris Morse, Pam Brosonski, Pastor Schmidt, Rita Schmidt, Joe Foryan, Larry Holihan & Marie Johnson
Items Discussed:
1. Christmas trees need to be removed from portico as they can be seen. Will be placed in temp storage if approved by council.
2. Easter lilies sign up and procurement will be coordinated by Marie Johnson.
3. A discussion of what to do with partitions was held. It was decided to not put them back up for now, but to retain them for future use.
4. Easter and Lenten worship schedule was approved:
– Ash Wednesday services: noon and 6:30 pm
– Lenten Services begin March 6 at 6:30. Meal at 6:00 pm consisting just of soup and bread.
– Maundy Thursday service (April 18) at 6:30 pm with Seder Meal
– Good Friday Service (April 19) at 6:40 pm with Tenebrae Service
– Easter Worship (April 21) at 8:00 and 10:15 am with Celebratory worship.
– Easter Breakfast between services in Education Wing (coordinated by Normal Thompson)
5. We will move to one service at 9:30 am on May 26 and return to two services on September 8.
6. Confirmation will be held on June 9 (Pentecost) with a cake reception.
7. Banners are needed for Lent, Easter, Pentecost and long green season. They will not all be done at once. Rita Schmidt is coordinating creating them with other volunteers.
8. In summer, it was recommended to conduct a monthly potluck.
9. Before Easter, it was recommended that church men sponsor a Saturday evening fellowship dinner. Larry will coordinate with council.
10. Larry will coordinate a Souper Bowl of Caring fundraiser for a local charity. Donations can be made for favorite teams.
11. Lots of openings are available for worship leaders. Committee members are encouraged to personally contact members to fill these positions. Counters are particularly needed.
10. Pastor is conducting a Bible study session between Sunday worship for 8-10 weeks. May be extended if it proves popular.
Recommendations/Action: Next meeting is scheduled for February 21 at 6:30 pm. Visitors are always welcome.

Finance Committee – Meeting date: 1/13/19; Attendees-Pam Brosonski, Tina Crawn &
Larry Holihan
Items Discussed: The Raymond James account took a hit in December, but in January we gained back more than was lost so we are in good shape. Mortgage slush fund was getting large, so a payment was made, and the account is now resting at about $17000. Pam Brosonski will complete our church’s audit- no objections from council.

Old Business

Electronic Signage- Property Committee is now working on this project, they are currently waiting on the county.
Dampers- the motor has burned out, so the dampers freeze in place and the dampers have frozen closed, so we were not getting air in the admin wing. AC company manually opened the damper which causes the rooms to get cold (sometime as low as 68 degrees or cooler) when the admin wing is set to cool. Pastor has called, but they have not returned his call as of today. The question is do we fix the problem now, or wait until we must overhaul the entire system? Pastor will get a proposal and we will move from there. Electric bill has gone down approximately $500
Storage: County will not allow us to have a shipping container, without making it a complete building; a real roof, a main door, electricity, foundation, A/C and the door must be turned into a wall or a garage door. Alternative: Weatherproof our garage; seal it, weatherproof it, dehumidification, solar panels on the roof to power and possibly a wall A/C unit. Seal one garage door seal the ceiling and put insulation inside. There are other A/C units for approximately $900 that have smaller drainage pipes. Larry motioned that the Property Committee will come back with a proposal and price estimates, Joe seconded, motion carried.
Hallway Signs: Will get specific dimensions for the signs and Karissa will send the information to her friend for a proposal.
Change for change: What would we like to do with the monies received for March? Tina motioned to send monies to LovExtensions, seconded by Peg, motion carried.
April-May donations could go to New Beginnings (or Find, Feed, and Restore?) More information on Find, Feed and Restore will sent out for review.

New Business

Election of officers – Motion from Connie that President- Diane Bursey, Vice President- Tina Crawn, Treasurer- Larry Holihan, and Secretary- Karissa Bursey stay the same; seconded by Peg, motion carried
Positions on Council: Stewardship, Worship & Music, Property, Evangelism, Education/Youth & Family, Hospitality/Service. Larger Community fellowship like Faith Neighborhood Center. Need to make a smaller handbook to pass out to members as soon as they join council.
Create a new Time and Talent survey to be distributed to our members.
Mortgage Reduction Plan: Mentioned at Congregational Meeting to pay off mortgage
We need to do a Capital Campaign; a few ideas discussed: One for One- $1 goes towards a project we need done and $1 goes towards the mortgage, Tina will come back with additional ideas. Another idea could be the purchase of bricks to make a sidewalk.
Insurance: We need to contact the insurance company to potentially reduce our insurance.
An insurance company that writes for churches has emailed SOTH. The email has been printed and left in Diane’s box for her to follow up. We will make a copy of the current policy to compare with any quote from the new company.
Youth Sunday School is now taught by Robert Kuropkat, 3rd grade through 8th grade.
Possibility of 8-10 kids, will keep an attendance sheet.
Security: Lake County Sheriff on the security of the building; Only have one entry door and keep the other doors locked and used only as exits; Use the Sanctuary Entrance by the Education Wing to allow easy access from both parking lots.
Military Bible Stick: They want us to contribute one for every member of the church ($25 each), There is a 3-minute summary DVD to show congregation.
Church History: Larry needs help going through old paperwork and histories.
Fellowship Dinner by the men could be a fish fry? Talk to Joe, women take the night off or make desserts?
New janitorial position; One candidate has withdrawn her candidacy after other life alterations. Possibly looking at in house or outside candidates. There is an outside company that is $13 per hour, has worked for another church for approximately seven years now. They have a certificate of liability, has a crew of three to four. Diane and Joe will talk with the company.

Closing, Next Meeting

Motion to adjourn by Joe, seconded by Marion, motion carried at 8:34pm
Pastor closed us in prayer
March Devotional – Tina Crawn
Next Council meeting – March 19, 2019

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