Monthly Council Minutes – March 2019

Meeting Date



Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Karissa Bursey, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Marian Larson, Peg Massaro, Larry Holihan, Tom Klinger, Mike Walls & Joe Montfort


Tina Crawn & Connie Kersten

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30pm
Devotion – Pastor Dennis about how Jesus follows us and gives us help and hope through troubling times
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Pastor Report

Member visits – 5, New Member visits – 1, Hospital Visitations – 2, Nursing Home Visitations – 0, Private Communions – 4, Crisis Interventions – 3, Meetings – 12, Consultations – 9, Worship Services – 11, Classes taught – 2, Adult Bible Study – 4, Official Pastoral Acts – Baptized Luke Daniel Vroman – 3/10/2019

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Report Date 3-12-2019
Items Discussed: Agreed to review the insurance policy that is up on June 1st, Joe Montfort to head the effort with his insurance background Contacting Guide One and Church Mutual.
Joe has replaced toilets in women’s bathroom on the Education side.
Royal has continued to upgrade the Electrical with a 4-way switch on the admin side and doorbell to the admin wing now working
Jim Johnson has been gathering options for weatherizing the Garage and will present final pricing for the project
Roto Rooter gave us an Estimate for $150.00 to clear out vent stacks, Chris to call Roto Rooter to get estimate to camera the women’s floor drain in the admin wing to see how it is connected. Which is the source of the odor.
Next Congregational Cleanup Day scheduled for April 6th (Saturday)
Next Property Committee Meeting is set for April 9th.

Worship & Music – Easter Sunday will have two worship styles. 8:00am will be an abbreviated style where more is sung. We will have our yearly Easter brunch in between and our 10:15am service will be a Full Resurrection service.
Maundy Thursday – Meal in the sanctuary in form of a satyr
May 5th- Zion’s 100th anniversary; Pastor, chime choir, choir, and Joe all need to be there at 10:00 am. Our congregation is welcome and there will be a dinner following. We will have service at 9:30 am with Pastor Godfrey and Pastor Tolander
Due to the Zion Celebration we will begin our one service at 9:30 am on Sunday May 5th
Fish Fry meal-Saturday March 30th from 4-6 pm; 55 reservations. 10-12 gentlemen will assist.

Financial Committee – Pam Brosonski will finish the audit. Financials were attached on the blog

Old Business

Council Positions – Mike will help with time and talents survey to determine what positions we should focus on.
Church Historical boxes – Larry is currently going through them
Damper repair in admin wing – Received estimate of $275 from Riffles to fix damper and add an access in the ceiling.
Weather proofing the garage- See Property Committee report
Church signage – Still waiting on sign quotes. Karissa will wait to hear from her connection and Diane will talk to other companies around Clermont
Insurance- See Property Committee report
Janitorial Position: The interviewed company has insurance; however, their insurance is not valid in Florida because the certificate was not signed. Joe will further investigate the insurance. An additional company has been referred to us. Initial contact and interviews will take place soon. Chris requested a member from the Property Committee be present in the interview.
Electronic Sign: Larry went back to Affordable Signs, a local Clermont Company. They will get the permit and do drawings for $875.00. If we choose to use them to work on the sign and the permits, the cost will be approximately $3000. Joe made a motion to spend the $875.00 and get the permit started. Motion seconded by Peg, motion carried.

New Business

Church Security – New security cameras and a license plate reader have all been installed outside. We will be installing an additional three cameras inside. One facing the administration door, one facing the education wing door, and one facing the Sanctuary entrance door. Pastor will contact the company requesting their W-9 and insurance information for our files. Pastor Dennis will work with Chris Russell to ensure we have current W-9’s and insurance information on file for all contractors and other vendors.
Church Directory – Larry is updating the church directory.
Church Handbook – We should include an informal handbook for members to read and become more familiar with Shepherd of the Hills.

Closing, Next Meeting

Motion to adjourn by Karissa, seconded by Peg, carried at 7:25 pm
Next month’s devotional – Marian Larson
Next meeting date – April 9th at 6:30 pm (changed due to Holy Week)
Pastor closed in prayer

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