Monthly Council Minutes – April 2019

Meeting Date



Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Karissa Bursey, Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Marian Larson, Peg Massaro, Larry Holihan, Tom Klinger, Mike Walls & Joe Montfort


Connie Kersten

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p
Devotion – The Lord’s Prayer
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

2019 2018
JAN $1019 $ 279
FEB $ 926 $1360
MAR $ 913 $1122
APR $ 757 $ 804
TOT $3615 $4165 Reduction of $650
Mortgage balance April 1 – $199,119
Extra principal paid April 1 – $ 2,500
Adj mortgage Bal April 1 – $197,119
April 8:
Cash on hand mortgage – $ 19,560
Needed to retire mortgage – $177,059
Jan 1 ’19 – $42,299
Feb1 ’19 – $38,931
Mar1 ’19 – $38,052
Apr1 ’19 – $37,008
Income $58,076
Budget $68,398
Difference -$10,322

Pastor Report

Member visits – 5, New Member visits – 4, Hospital Visitations – 14, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 0, Private Communions – 3, Crisis Interventions – 2, Meetings – 9, Consultations – 5, Worship Services – 9, Meeting with Conference Pastors- 1, Classes taught – 0, Adult Bible Study – 2, Official Pastoral Acts – Wedding of Karissa Bursey and Gordon Schorer 3/23/19, Baptism of Aaron Jacob Artz 4/7/2019, Special Worship Services- Interfaith Service 3/9/2019

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Report Date 3-12-2019
Items Discussed: Agreed to review the insurance policy that is up on June 1st, Joe Montfort to head the effort with his insurance background Contacting Guide One and Church Mutual.
Joe has replaced toilets in women’s bathroom on the Education side.
Royal has continued to upgrade the Electrical with a 4-way switch on the admin side and doorbell to the admin wing now working
Jim Johnson has been gathering options for weatherizing the Garage and will present final pricing for the project
Roto Rooter gave us an Estimate for $150.00 to clear out vent stacks, Chris to call Roto Rooter to get estimate to camera the women’s floor drain in the admin wing to see how it is connected. Which is the source of the odor.
Next Congregational Cleanup Day scheduled for April 6th (Saturday)
Next Property Committee Meeting is set for April 9th.

Worship & Music – May 5th starts 9:30 services on Sunday, decision on Wednesday services to come soon

Financial Committee – Mortgage is down to approximately $177,000. Mortgage Reduction Campaign or Capital Campaign to begin in June or July through January or February.
Possible events like dinners and dances to help. Discuss with Thrivent. Another consideration discussed was to rebuild our deductible fund in case we experience another disaster like Hurricane Irma. We talked about having an emergency property fund as well as investment money, so we do not need to worry about rebuilding a deductible fund at this time.
We are operating about $3,000 over our income, so we need to be careful over the next couple of summer months.

Old Business

Time and Talents Survey; we need to go through and eliminate things that do not apply to us and add things that do. One item listed was Bulletin assembly, this can be removed as our printer takes care of that. Change “Men” activity to “Member” to be non-gender specific
Damper Repair – is completed
Weatherproofing Garage- Jim is still working on this
Quote for church signs – coming soon
Janitorial position- still working on this.
Church Insurance update- Joe is meeting with our insurance agent this Thursday at 10:30a
Inside security cameras are in place, the final bill was for $14,000 which was over the donation we received. A motion was made by Tina and seconded by Chris to take the remaining amount due out of the Major Building Repairs fund. Motion carried unanimously.
Starting this Sunday, we will start locking the Sanctuary door on the office side having only one worship entrance. Diane will add a “Worship Entrance” sign to the list she is working with Affordable Signs.
Electronic Sign: We were looking to use Affordable Signs, but she said we may want to use someone else due to their busy schedule. Larry will continue talking with them. Decision will come later
Advertising – Special Easter section in the News leader for next Wednesday, ⅛ of a page for $142 in each city (Clermont and Four Corners). Motioned to accept by Joe, seconded by Tom, motion carried unanimously.

New Business

Synod Assembly- Dates are June 6-8; registration deadline is May 1st. Joe is already attending as a participant, so looking for 2 delegates from the church to attend.

We need a list of where Change for Change is going each month; Find, Feed, and Restore will receive the money for April and May. This nonprofit organization helps our local homeless community with housing in a mobile home for 9 months. They also help them with utilities and job interviews.

Zion Lutheran Church 100th anniversary; a suggestion was made to help paint their church as their anniversary gift. Possibility to use the excess money from the fish fry to purchase the paint and supplies.

Closing, Next Meeting

Adjournment at 7:45 pm
Next month’s devotional – Tina Crawn
Next meeting date – May 21st at 6:30 pm
Tina closed in prayer

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