Monthly Council Minutes May 2019

Meeting Date



Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Karissa Schorer, Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Marian Larson, Peg Massaro, Connie Kersten, Tom Klinger, Mike Walls & Joe Montfort


Larry Holihan

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p
Devotion – Tina Crawn – Standing in the Storm from Psalm 62:1-8
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

The money needed to retire the mortgage as of May 16 is about $176,992.
We received $2,592 in the Reduction fund in April. Our electric bill for April was $756. (Good! But May bill has returned to over $1,000. I have asked the electric company for a rate review to discover ways to reduce this bill. A bill for $14,879 for a security system was paid in April. All the income for this project was donated by a member.
We will be starting a mortgage reduction campaign beginning July 1 and ending in Feb or March next year. The goal will be to eliminate the mortgage by the end of year 2020. We may not make it, but it is a good goal. I am setting up a $150,000 goal. We already are close to $15,000 better than that so we will show some progress when we first put up the chart. I am ordering two charts to be displayed in sanctuary
Recommendations/Action -We still do not have electronic files of our finances from our previous bookkeeper. Recommend aggressive action to accomplish this.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 9, New Member visits – 11, Hospital Visitations – 7,
Nursing Home Visitations – 4, Private Communions – 6, Crisis Interventions – 0, Meetings – 5, Consultations – 16, Worship Services – 5, Classes taught – 1, Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts – Reception of 15 new members on 5/12, Special events – Zion, Groveland 100th Anniversary Service

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Mean to Clean estimate – Weekly Cleaning $136.00 each visit. Cleaning restroom (toilet, sink, mirror) Cleaning kitchen/break room/vacuuming carpet, sweeping, mopping Floors, dusting visible top surfaces of desks/furniture /monitors, printers & desk equipment trash collection / trash disposal, on site emptying recycle bins into your pickup bin, cleaning interior & exterior of glass on front door, tidying reception area (magazines, chairs, etc.) straightening conference room chairs. Not included in this price:• Supplying consumables such as toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, soap (we’ll let you know when you’re running low)• Cleaning surfaces above eye-level that can only be reached by climbing• Washing dishes • Trash disposal off site • Grout scrubbing• Handling bio hazardous material
TOTAL $145.52 Subtotal $136.00 Tax (state tax 7%) $9.52 Total $145.52

Air Conditioning – Two separate contractors have come out to estimate replacing the units. Riffles said the 15-ton unit on admin side has been running on ½ capacity for months- we need to still get their estimate. We need to look to replace this unit very soon; high priority. Motion to replace ASAP from existed funds by Chris, seconded by Peg, motion carried. One bid from Above and Beyond AC/Heating is $74,000, Chris vouches for them. We should budget this over the next three years so that it does not come as a nasty shock later when it breaks down. Initiate a capital campaign for $50,000 a year for three years (one-for-one for mortgage and AC), Motioned by Joe, seconded by Chris, motion carried

Worship & Music – Synod Assembly is June 6-8; we need a male and female representative. They need to register at the event which is held at the Embassy Suites in Kissimmee. 5/26 is the last Sunday for bell choir and vocal choir. Appreciation for Joe and Alex this Sunday 5/26. Gift card to a restaurant/ Amazon motioned by Connie, seconded by Chris and carried

Financial Committee – Mortgage donations are helping us to make close to double payments each month so far. This is allowing us to lower the principal each month. We have so far sponsored 14 children for the summer feeding program.

Old Business

Weather proofing the garage; Jim is buying materials. Quote for split system AC system- $2500 once it is insulated. Might wait until fall- will take approximately 2 months to complete; Should take money from major building repairs. Signage – Still getting new quotes. Talk to Roy Godfrey about routing the big signs for outside. Janitorial Position Update – Joe interviewed Santos Solutions LLC; They have a higher level of insurance and they are bonded; They have a certificate from the same people. $185 for a one time clean, $136 per week; No workers comp because employees are paid by 1099; Pay extra for shampooing carpets and waxing the floors. Chris will contact American Janitorial. Luis Cruz was $13 per hour; He will bring in his own materials and will not charge extra for shampooing carpets and waxing. This will be followed up with and sent out for a vote by June 4th at the latest. Insurance – We removed the garage from the insurance policy because it was already covered as a part of the main building; We could buy down the deductible. We could also lower the premium by having our security system monitored- but we would have to pay the company to monitor which was way too expensive. We are renewing with old company; Tina will send the premium; Electronic sign is tabled until Larry returns. Synod Assembly- still need male and female delegates

New Business

New Committee Formation – Personnel and Policy Committee formation; Need to work on things like workman comp; Need to work on policies- weddings, funerals, receptions. What do we charge, do we allow alcohol? Nursery – do we have staffers or volunteers that are trained in CPR? Who do we contact for a funeral dinner/ director, who do we contact for senior cake at graduation;
Need to also complete performance reviews on personnel; Alex, Rita, and Tina every quarter.
Form this committee to make the manual so people will know how to run every part of the church.
Education Committee – We now have 9 children that are elementary age; We need to find a teacher or teachers to teach Sunday School. Council Members will think this through and discuss at the next meeting. Time and Talents survey – Mike would like to usher and personally hand them out and personally track and get them back. Mike will add September-May for Sunday School; Mike could do a temple talk. New “quiet boxes” for the children. Larger so children can write on top and easily carry it. Rita will be attending the Synod Assembly 6/6 & 6/7 and Peg will open the mail and answer phones. Peg is also covering 6/20-6/21 and 7/9-7/16.
New request for sanctuary by Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal; They are requesting Sunday’s from 2:00p-5:30p (Boy Scouts already come in at 4pm so that would need to be adjusted). They would also need Tuesdays and Fridays from 7:00-9:30pm

Closing, Next Meeting

Adjournment at 7:53 pm
Next month’s devotional – Diane Bursey
Next meeting date – July 16 at 6:30 pm
Closed with The Lord’s Prayer

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