Monthly Council Minutes -Aug 2019

Meeting Date



Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Larry Holihan, Karissa Schorer, Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Tom Klinger, Mike Walls, Connie Kersten & Joe Montfort


Marian Larson, Peg Massaro

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:32p
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

Financial Committee: Report Date 08-19-2019
Items Discussed: Pam Brosonski will audit the church financials in the next few weeks. The Capital Campaign to raise $150,000 started on August 1. The goal is to raise this amount by the end of 2020, eliminate the church mortgage, and pay for remaining air conditioner upgrades. As of this date about $13,000 has been designated toward this goal. Some of the money was raised prior to the August 1 start date. As of yet, we have not yet seen savings from the energy reduction projects (e.g. outdoor lighting, led lights, new a/c, etc.). Usage seems on a par with last year. It is difficult to ascertain if any additional usage is due to hotter weather this summer. We need to already start thinking of our budget for the 2020 year. Financials are on track and in the norm
Recommendations/Action: We need to come up with a plan to obtain more counters. Counting should be accomplished in a group of at least two members and counting conducted on the church site.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 7, New Member visits – 0, Prospective Member visits- 4, Hospital Visitations – 3, Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 5, Private Communions – 5, Crisis Interventions – 2, Meetings – 7, Consultations – 5, Worship Services – 4, Classes taught – 0, Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts –

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Garage is making progress and should be completed soon. Put sealer on the garage floor. Looking into getting a new lawn service. Someone from the Property Committee will meet with new prospective people and go over the scope of work and ensure they have insurance. Mean to Clean review- cleaning well, however, issues keeping paper towels and toilet paper stocked. Chris will make contact to address concerns. Keys- we have records of who has keys and what keys they have. Men’s group needs a key to the kitchen, motion to give Chris and Joe a master key (excluding Pastor’s office, admin office) as Property Committee motioned by Tina, seconded by Karissa, motion carried. List of Vendors- in the office, need to include newest additions. Quotes to have chairs cleaned in the sanctuary; Chairs- 250-300 are $4 each. Motion to get the blue sanctuary chairs and the blue chairs in the classroom cleaned. Motion by Tina, seconded by Karissa, motion carried. Pressure wash big cross that faces 27, possibly do the front of the church. Nick Brosonski is setting up a proposal to trim the rest of the trees and for lawn maintenance.

Worship & Music – 5-6 members on an Outreach Program led by Pam Schuetz, beginning with “God’s Work. Our Hands.”, October 27th is Reformation Sunday one service at 9:30 am
November 3rd All Saints Sunday, November 30th Christmas decorating. Pam is planning a Veterans Sunday, Thanksgiving – Maybe go out into the public in future years, Advent- first service only is potluck. Christmas with the Angels again and Christmas Eve service 6pm and 8pm

Old Business

Interior Signage- all signs and brackets are here and will be hung soon
Door security- new doorbell with a camera. Electronic Signs permit- still waiting on Clermont Signs. Time and Talent Survey- approximately 30, holding until snowbirds return. Personnel Committee – Diane, Lou Johnston & Tina. Education Mission Team- to put together a Sunday School program; will look on the time and talents survey to see interest. Sunday School will be at 9:15am-10:00am. Pastor is trying to do an Adult Bible study during the week- mornings, afternoons, or evenings

New Business

Dumpster- put a large 20-yard dumpster once we determine what is to be done about the excess Christmas Trees. Supply Pastor request Nov.17th and Nov. 24th. Nov 17th we may have a guest speaker from Food for the Poor for free, however will need us to provide a hotel room. Nov 24th we will need to find someone to lead the service.
Russia Ensemble – Russian folk songs and Christmas music Concert in the Church in December. Requests $800 minimum donation, food, and a place to stay; Voted no by the council. November 17th is a “Stand Down” event for Vets. Move the change for change money to this during the months of October and November. Change for Change for December and January is Forward Pass. Documentation of organist interventions. Actively investigate getting a new organist – put in add on ELCA synod web news and our church email news. Contact organ instructors. Sanctuary Denomination- in the policy committee. Stewardship – we need to be proactive; Joe will take ownership of the Stewardship Committee. Council members take turns doing Temple Talks. Council should have a retreat to learn more about each other and learn how to work together better

Closing, Next Meeting

Adjournment at 8:27 pm
Closed with the Lord’s Prayer
Devotion for September is Pastor
Next council meeting on September 17th at 6:30

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