Monthly Council Minutes -June 2019

Meeting Date



Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Larry Holihan, Karissa Schorer, Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Tom Klinger, Mike Walls & Joe Montfort


Marian Larson, Peg Massaro, Connie Kersten,

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p
Devotion – Chris Russell – Be positive, laugh often, and let God worry about the difficult things. Enjoy everything you can.
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

A substantial contribution for the General Fund was received this month. This contribution puts us in line with achieving our proposed income for the year.
The kickoff for the Mortgage Reduction effort will begin the first week in July with a bulletin insert and introduction during announcements. The goal will be to raise $150,000, but over $20,000 raised by the start date. Need to get financial plan to replace a/c units as they fail. Need to determine how garage project will be financed.
Note that Raymond James investments showed a significant loss in May, but probably will substantially recover in June. We are keeping up with payment of all liabilities. Joe will reach out to contact with Raymond James to question why some of our fees are so high. Will contact our Thrivent representative to come in and discuss Grantor Trust. Due to the upcoming school year we need to request a check for $3000 from the Raymond James Scholarship fund to cover the total amount of scholarships for 2019/2020. Motion to approve by Joe, seconded by Chris, motion carried.

Recommendations/Action -We still do not have electronic files of our finances from our previous bookkeeper. Recommend aggressive action to accomplish this.

Pastor Report

Member visits – 14, New Member visits – 9, Hospital Visitations – 3,
Nursing Home Visitations – 3, Private Communions – 6, Crisis Interventions – 1, Meetings – 6, Consultations – 11, Worship Services – 4, Classes taught – 3, Adult Bible Study – 0, Official Pastoral Acts – Synod Assembly June 6-8, Confirmation of Braden Azis and Clinton Kuropkat – 6/9

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Mean to Clean has been contracted on a 90-day basis to clean the church. They have a standing once per week cleaning for Thursday mornings beginning at 9:00am. The property committee will oversee their work and will communicate any concerns from the congregation. The 12-ton Air Handler/Compressor has been replaced by Riffles in the administration wing. Riffles is not going to be able to do the 3 air handlers in the ceiling, so we have Above and Beyond quoting these using Carrier equipment. They will be able to replace these and will confirm on quote. Riffles was here to get us up and running on Confirmation Sunday, June 9th. Weatherization has started on the garage; total cost for this project will be $6000 including the mini split HVAC. Funds will come from the “Major Building Repairs” Fund. Motioned to accept by Joe, seconded by Tina, motion carried

Worship & Music – Did not meet before this meeting. Ideas are already underway for God’s Work Our Hands in the fall.

Financial Committee – Mortgage donations are helping us to make close to double payments each month so far. This is allowing us to lower the principal each month. We have so far sponsored 14 children for the summer feeding program.

Old Business

Weather proofing the garage was covered under the property committee report. Church signage will cost approximately $215 plus a Sanctuary sign. Motion to purchase signs by Mike, seconded by Tom, motion carried. Janitorial position update covered in property committee. Electronic sign permit and drawings; today Affordable Signs came out and they will provide us with a quote to perform all responsibilities. Larry should be able to present this next month. Time and Talent surveys were passed out last Sunday and we have approximately 25 completed. Diane will add the survey to the weekly reminder, Larry will put it on the website, and we will email the congregation via ChurchTrac. Personnel and Policy Mission Team update; Pastor has 3 or 4 current handbooks and performance reports from other churches that we can use as a reference point. Tina will bring the Methodist handbook; Mike has volunteered to serve on the committee and Tom will ask his mother. Education Mission Team – Use results from time and talents survey. Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal has decided to continue with their current location for the next year. What are we doing for Change for Change for the next couple of months? Building Blocks- June and July; Thrive Clermont- August and September; Forward Pass- October and November

New Business

Door Security for office personnel – The video doorbell that shows a live picture of who is at the door on the person’s cell phone. They can also speak to the person. This can happen even if the office personnel are not on property. Cost will be approximately $100 and will come from Thrivent funds or general office supplies. Recycling – We need recycling bins placed throughout the church. Diane will take over recycling the material if the custodians can gather all the recyclables in one location. We need to hold a “Special Congregational Meeting” on Sunday July 21st to approve the costs of the AC work. Will also announce new Capital Campaign; 1 to 1 for the mortgage and the AC units. We need to change the budget line item from “Mortgage Reduction Fund” to “Capital Fund”. Updates need to be made to our church By-Laws to allow council to use designated funds for large expenses without congregational approval. These updates will be presented during our Annual Meeting in 2020. Motion to move $709.06 from “Insurance Checks” to “Major Building Repairs” designated fund by Joe, seconded by Chris, motion carried. Tree trimming needs to be done all at once by a contractor. Tina will ask the person the Methodist Church uses, and we will also reach out to Nick Brosonski. Motion to move July Council meeting to Tuesday July 9th.

Closing, Next Meeting

Adjournment at 7:53 pm,
Next month’s devotional – Diane Bursey
Next meeting date – July 16 at 6:30 pm
Closed with The Lord’s Prayer

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