Monthly Council Minutes -September 2019

Meeting Date



Diane Bursey, Chris Russell, Larry Holihan, Karissa Schorer, Tina Crawn, Pastor Dennis Schmidt, Tom Klinger & Joe Montfort


Marian Larson, Peg Massaro, Connie Kersten, Mike Walls

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Call to Order – 6:30p
Devotion – The Lord’s Prayer
Minutes of Previous Meeting – No questions or concerns

Treasurer Report

Church Mortgage balance as of August 1, 2019 was $174,630.05.
At the end of August monies available for A/C upgrades and/or Building reduction totaled:
Bldg Fund – $18,120
Major Bldg Repairs – $ 9,868
Capital Fund – $ 2,670
TOTAL $30,658
Income in the General Fund in August was not enough to cover August expenses. However, a surplus from earlier months covered this loss.
The Altar Fund is in a negative position for the first time this year. Money from the General Fund (Worship: Florist) was used to cover this loss.
Pam Brosonski conducted an audit of the finances this month. A report will be forthcoming. One major deficiency she noted involved improper procedures in counting weekly offerings: two people are required to count funds each week, funds must be counted on church premises, and signatures affirming the deposits need to be on deposit summaries.
Raymond James figures delayed so they are not on this month’s financial report. Joe will work with Raymond James to get Tina access online to see the information herself
The deficiencies noted above were corrected as of September 8, 2019.
A meeting to discuss the 2019 budget will be held on Thursday, September 26 at 6:30 pm at the church. Larry Holihan, Tina Crawn, Pam Brosonski, Joe Montfort, and Marie Johnson are on the budget committee. The meeting is open to council members who may want to attend.

Pastor Report

Member Visitations – 16, New Member visits – 7, Prospective Member visits – 5, Hospital Visitations – 3, Nursing Home/Rehab Visitations – 4, Private Communions – 7, Crisis Interventions – 3, Meetings – 6, Consultations – 7,
Worship Services – 6, Classes Taught – 0, Adult Bible Study – 0,
Official Pastoral Acts – Baptism of Tess Elizabeth Brodie – 9/15/2019

Committee Reports

Property Committee Report – Motion to accept proposal by Platinum Landscaping by Chris, seconded by Joe, motion carried. Garage is ready to paint

Worship & Music – Did not meet this month

Presentation by Dennis Wick and Pam Schuetz from Outreach Ministry Team
Mission Statement: Loving, caring for and peacefully serving God’s people everywhere, we will make Christ known and worship God.
Vision Statement: Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, as part of its mission and faith in serving Christ, will serve others: the less fortunate, the needy and marginalized peoples everywhere, just as Jesus set such an example for us to follow.
Upcoming Outreach Opportunities
Tour New Beginnings of Central Florida in Clermont 8/27/19 at 10:30: Completed
God’s Work, Our Hands: 9/8/19 at 9:30a: Completed
Attend 9/11 Memorial Ceremony at Clermont Arts and Recreation Center in Clermont on 9/11/19 at 10am: Completed
Participate in continuing relief efforts for the people of the Bahamas after the hurricane
Observance of Reformation Sunday at SOTH 10/27/19 during service. Brats and beer to follow
Participate in Give Kids the World’s Challenge for Hope in Kissimmee on 9/9/19 at 7am
Observance of Veteran’s Day at SOTH on 9/10/19 at 9:15am with a Cake and Coffee Reception and a Commemorative Poster of our Veterans
Participate in Stand Down at the Counseling and Development Center in Tavares 9/16/19 at 10am
Sponsor Kids for Kids for Clermont Police Department in December 2019
Participate in Breakfast with the Christmas Angels in December
Participate with the teens at the soup kitchen at the Christian Service Center in Orlando 1/5/2020
Participate in Fish Fry at SOTH in January 2020
Participate in Corn Hole Contest for charity at SOTH in February 2020
Thanksgiving Dinner here at the church: Dennis is requesting use of the kitchen this year to cook the turkey here at the church. Dennis and others will lead the planning of the dinner
Maybe do a “Just Say Thanks Dinner”?
Can Outreach become a line item in the budget? Pam can estimate possible yearly costs and submit request to the budget committee to create an Outreach line item

Old Business

Mean to clean; Joe will meet with Rudy our contact to have a discussion regarding items not being completed; i.e. replacing paper towels or toilet paper
Electronic sign and permit- Clermont affordable signs want $850 up front. Larry is going to contact them again to get a firm estimate on the entire installation before giving them any money. Time and Talent Survey (possible Sunday School teacher), Personnel and Policy Mission Team and Education Mission Team updates all tabled until October meeting
Supply pastor request for November 17 and 24; We need housing for the visitors of Food for the Poor on the 17th. Pastor Roy will do the 24th
Nominating Committee for new Council members is usually the outgoing council members
Need to replace a Treasurer, VP, and Secretary

New Business

October’s council meeting has been moved to 10/22/19. Renovation request: Door to storage room from hallway stays and we connect storage room and copy room. Door from copy room to hallway will be removed and sheet rocked. Take that door and bring it into the kitchen to install a door to the right of the stoves after removing the first section of cabinets. Then close off the back part of the sacristy to become a pantry for the kitchen and cleaning supply closet. Motion to approve initial inquiry into the renovation project by Karissa, seconded by Tina, motion carried. Pastor and property committee will bring numbers and estimates back to a following meeting. Need to be more organized when submitting payment requests. Reimbursements requests must have the reimbursement request form filled out completely with original receipt and copy of receipt attached. All forms must be signed by the person making the request. Tina will not process any reimbursement that is turned in with an incomplete form.

Closing, Next Meeting

Adjournment at 8:45 pm
Closed with Pastor Dennis’ devotion on change
Devotion for October is Tom Klinger
Next council meeting on October 22nd at 6:30

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