Monthly Council Minutes – June 2017

Meeting Date



Pastor Schmidt
Jim Johnson
Tina Crawn
Brad Haizlip
Larry Holihan
Mark Jacobetz
Karissa Bursey
Carol Kenderdine


Chris Russell
Diane Bursey
Marian Larson

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

The meeting was opened at 7:06 p.m. Karissa read an inspirational poem.Last month’s minutes were reviewed by the Council. There were no changes needed. Karissa made a motions to accept the minutes as written & Mark seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Jim mentioned that additional funds are available in the Scholarship Fund. Applications should be submitted shortly.
Our utility bills are lower than last year.
Larry mentioned that we need a new balance sheet. Karissa has requested one from Gazella, but none has been received. Jim will see her over the weekend & ask for them.
Tina made a motion to accept the Treasurers Report & Brad seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Pastor Report

Member Visits – 11
New Member Visits – 4
Hospital Visits – 2
Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 2
Private Communions – 8
Crisis Intervention – 0
Meetings – 8
Consultations – 13
Worship Services – 6
Mtg w/Conference Pastors – 1
Classes Taught – 0
Adult Bible Study – 0
Official Pastoral Acts – Confirmation of Dustin Crawn 6/4/2017
Special Worship Serv. – Joint Reformation Commemoration Serv. 6/6/2017
Mileage for month – 391.4 total miles

Committee Reports

Worship & Music Committee
Larry emphasized the importance of publicity.
Council members are encouraged to access Facebook & make comments about our Church activities.
Tina offered to assist Pastor in adding photos showing various functions we have already had at our Church.
The relaxed Service began on Wednesday, June 7th. There were 26 people in attendance. The Service was a little too long. Pastor & Joe will work on shortening future Services.If successful, we may continue this throughout the year.
Brad explained the need for better microphones. Wayne purchased 1 new microphone & refurbished 1. Often Joe’s guitar overpowers the chimes. Brad also mentioned problems with the speakers not working.
Brad mentioned that we were borrowing a lift on Saturday to check the speakers & change light bulbs in the Church ceiling. Pastor thought the brightness of the lights interfere with the Congregants being able to see the Power Point clearly. Pastor suggested placing 2 spot lights on either side of the pillars by the altar.
Larry mentioned that he ordered 5000 postcards. They have been finished & are in the mail to us. They have to be bound in packs of 100 for the Post Office. We will be mailing about 1/2 right away. The funds from Thrivent will be paying for this.
Larry also mentioned that a large banner advertising our relaxed Service will be hung in a day or so.Stewardship Committee ReportThere was no report at this time. The next meeting will be held on July 6th at 6:30 p.m.Property Committee

Brad mentioned that he has been trying to locate a Company willing to replace the Sprinkler Panel. Since no one seems to want the job, it was decided to order the panel & have Mark K wire it.
Brad looked into various Security Systems. Council decided to table this for a later meeting.
Brad mentioned we should fix the doors by adding new seal & lights as soon as possible.
By year end, Brad plans on fixing the garage door, getting a new lock for it, cleaning it out & painting it. He wants to power wash, fountain repair & redesign the irrigation map.
Karissa asked Brad where her older VBS children could plant flowers.

Old Business

Mission Possible – We need to find out what the charge is for sending a child to camp. We are going to show the video at the Service as a Temple Talk the week after VBS is over.Pastor mentioned that our office help, Cynthia was forced to leave. Her husband needs round the clock help & she was unable to get it. We will now have to interview the 3 applicants to choose the best candidate.

New Business

Should we add the organ, piano & other valuable items to our Insurance policy?
Jim mentioned that only himself & Karissa are authorized to optain financial information & sign checks.
Jim mentioned that he received an inquiry from Duke Energy to see if we want a time of use rate review. We do not.
Jim asked if we wanted to renew our ad in the Yellow Pages. We do not.
Larry is going to review the lease for our copy machine to see if there is any coverage for loss or malfunction.
Jim asked if we should keep the coverage for sink holes.
Pastor mentioned that Ed from Woodlands Lutheran Church asked if we would like to invite 2 Ethiopian Missionaries to our Church to give a presentation/sermon/temple talk. We will probably have a free will donation. Mark made a motion to extend the invitation & Karissa seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Pastor mentioned that A-Line (aka Aztec) performed a Fire Suppression Test. The fire alarm automatically notifies the Fire Company & announces to leave the building. Haag Services performed same test 2x & never explained this feature nor did anyone here the announcement. Council decided to cancel Haag’s services.
Pastor mentioned that a supervisor from Riffles spent several hours explaining the ins & outs of the A/C system. Council feels comfortable retaining their services.
Pastor received a request to use a room on Wed, Fri & Sat for AA from 5:15 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. Tins mentioned to be sure we know it’s a legitimate program.
A certified letter along with a check was sent to the former lawn service.
Gizella is looking for a charge of $46.35 made on 3/23/17 from Lowe’s. Who charged it? Brad suggested a check-off list be completed every time someone takes the credit card. This way we know who has it on any given day.
Brad suggested we think about having an Open House with a cookout, maybe games for children to bring people to our Church.
Mark K will correct the sign at the end of the driveway with the correct Service time & add our relaxed Worship information.

Closing, Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on July 18th at 7:00 p.m. Tina will do the devotion.
Karissa made a motion to close the meeting & Tina seconded the motion. Motion carried.

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