Monthly Council Minutes – July 2017

Meeting Date



Pastor Dennis Schmidt
Jim Johnson
Mark Jacobetz
Carol Kenderdine
Tina Crawn
Karissa Bursey
Brad Haizlip
Diane Bursey
Chris Russell
Larry Hollihan


Marian Larson

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m by Jim. Tina read a meaningful devotional.
Prior to the meeting, there was a Peace Pole Project presentation given by Ruthann Godfrey & Dennis Wick. The pole would be planted in a conspicuous spot with the words “Make Peace Prevail on Earth” in several languages displayed. It is part of the Interfaith Lake County initiative. If approved, we could have a dedication close to World Peace Day which is September 21st. This will be discussed at the Worship & Music Committee Meeting. Mark suggested we have the dedication at the opening of Advent, so we didn’t have to rush. The pole is 4 sided & made of PVC. We could get either 4 or 8 languages. They range in price between $100.00 to $160.00 with $30.00 to $40.00 for shipping. Braille is also available. Dennis suggested ordering through New York. This will be discussed further as New Business.

Since there were no changes necessary to the minutes for the last meeting, Karissa made a motion to accept them as written. Chris seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Karissa was unable to obtain Financial information, so there was no Treasurer’s Report. Due to the fact that Financials are not ready for the second Tuesday, a motion was made by Chris to move our Council Meetings to the third Tuesday of each month. Mark seconded the motion. The motion carried. Our next meeting will be on August 15th.

Pastor Report

Member Visits – 9
New Member Visits – 6
Hospital Visitations – 5
Nursing Home/Hospice Visitations – 2
Private Communions – 5
Crisis Interventions – 1
Meetings – 6
Consultations – 7
Worship Services – 10
Mtg. w/Conf. Pastors – 1
Classes Taught – 0
Adult Bible Study – 0
Official Pastoral Acts – Synod Boundaries Workshop 6/10/2017
Special Worship Services – 0
Mileage for Month – 317.6 total miles

Karissa made a motion to accept the Pastor’s Report. Diane seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Committee Reports

There was discussion about changing the electrical boxes & setting timers for our signs. Jim asked that the Worship & Music Committee & the Property Committee start to coordinate, since many of their changes are crossing over the other’s responsibilities.

Our Service times will change effective September 10th. The 8 a.m. Service will be more Contemporary while the 10:15 a.m. Service will be Traditional. We will continue with our relaxed Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Service. Karissa made a motion to accept this schedule. Chris seconded this motion. The motion carried.

Larry distributed the Worship & Music Committee Report. As there were no changes needed, Karissa made a motion to accept the report as written. Mark seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Old Business

Pastor will show the Mission Possible video after the 7/23 Service, during the Announcements, if he can download it in time. If not, he will show it at the 7/30 Service.

4 A/C electric dampers have failed. It will cost approximately $250.00 each. Karissa made a motion to move forward with the repairs. Diane seconded the motion. The motion carried.

We will table Security needs for a later meeting

Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage – We need to prepare an inventory of each item we want insured, with its value. Mark volunteered to head up a group to get this accomplished. We need to insure items for replacement value, especially the organ.

The insurance coverage for our leased copy machine has been updated. Documentation has been provided to the office.

Chris made a motion to retain our Sink Hole coverage. Diane seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Pastor advised Council that after further research, it wasn’t prudent to allow the AA group to use our facility.

There now is a credit card check out sheet available in the office. It is preferable to sign it in & out when someone in in the office.

All vendors should be checking in & out through the office before doing any work on the property.

The Synod Assembly is being held in October. Pastor wanted to know if any Council members were interested in attending. It will be in Kissimmee Oct. 13th through 15th. If not, he will open it up to the Congregation.

New Business

Brad found matching replacement speakers w/equalizers at a cost of $349.00 each. Council gave the OK to purchase them, since it was within his budget. It was suggested to put our older speakers on Craig’s List & try to sell them form a decent price. This work requires a lift. He will need to contact Mark Faraci.

Chris, Larry & Marie Johnson will be on the committee to assist the South Lake Symphony performers.

All Council Officers should have a key to the Church door. Any other keys needed, must be checked out through the office.

There was a brief discussion about having an Appreciation Dinner in the Fall.

After a brief discussion, Larry made a motion to purchase an 8 language Peace Pole. Chris seconded the motion. The motion carried. Karissa will work on placing the order.

Pastor suggested we offer Joe Foryan the Administrative Assistant position. We would increase his salary by adding it to what he makes as Music Director. He would make approximately $27,000.00. He would need training on using the computer, specifically, Power Point. Both Larry & Rita agreed to help him with this. Pastor mentioned Joe’s interest in studying Theology & becoming a Deacon & possibly a Minister down the road. Pastor will talk to Joe to see if this pay is acceptable.

Pastor mentioned that the well needed repairing.

Pastor mentioned that a control valve on one of the urinals broke & had to be repaired.

A new door key pad was priced. Since the current one is working & a new one is too expensive, it was decided to hold off.

Brad got a price from one company on sealing our doors. They want $250.00 for each door. The hinges need to be moved, but they will continue to shift as the wind blows. Chris is going to call a few of his contacts to get prices.

Brad reported that the garage door has been fixed. The back lights have been replaced. The fountain is in the process of being fixed. The sprinkler control panel will be installed on Saturday. He will get sprinklers working on Saturday, the 29th. Brad wants to update the Media Room. He also wants to power wash the sidewalk in August. Brad wants to finish the large garage door sometime in October. He would like to have an Open House to show off our Church.

Karissa asked if we could consider placing Biblical pictures throughout the Church. Pastor wants Seasonal banners hanging throughout the Church. She also mentioned that the VBS children planted flowers around the property.

Larry asked if we should keep the lights inside the Church on longer to deter any break-ins.

Tina asked if we could consider having a Youth Sunday where our young folks would act as Ushers & other Service Assistants. She mentioned that Dustin & some of his friends mentioned there was nothing going on for them.

Tina asked about VPK. Pastor mentioned how difficult it is to get this started with permits & such.

Closing, Next Meeting

Our next meeting is August 15th.

Chris will give the Devotion.

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