Monthly Council Minutes – August 2017

Meeting Date

August 15, 2017


Larry Hollihan
Chris Russell
Karissa Bursey
Tina Crawn
Diane Bursey
Carol Kenderdine
Jim Johnson
Mark Jacobetz
Brad Haizlip


Marian Larson
Pastor Dennis Schmidt

Time, Opening, Devotions, Minutes

Jim called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.
Chris read the devotion, for this date, from “Jesus Calling” by Sara Young.
All members reviewed last month’s minutes on our Blog, prior to this meeting. As there were no changes necessary, Diane made a motion to accept all minutes as written. Tina seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Jim distributed the Financial Report prior to this meeting, requesting members be prepared to ask questions or make remarks.
Karissa identified 2 accounts that had negative amounts. CCLI is in question. Licensing should not have been paid yet, but some money was paid last month.
Jim mentioned that Gizella has made the necessary corrections and will send members an updated Report.
Karissa stated that we should consider increasing the amount we have in Banking, Filing, Membership Fees.
Larry mentioned that the Special Fund is for the merchandise, such as shirts, mugs, etc. Funds continue to move in & out of this line on the Report.
Diane mentioned that we need to consider the budget soon for next year.
There is currently $14,666.50 in the Call Fund, after all expenses were deducted.
There was a discussion about the fountain & the source from which the water is drawn. Karissa mentioned that the water bills have been much lower this year.

Pastor Report

Pastor Schmidt was on vacation, therefore, we have no Report for this meeting.

Committee Reports

Worship & Music Report
Larry mentioned that instead of doing the “Just Say Thanks Dinner”, we would offer a Thanksgiving Dinner, open to the community. We would ask volunteers to prepare food in their own homes & bring it to Church for serving.
Reformation Sunday would only have 1 Service, then some sort of Festival with brats & sauerkraut, etc. We thought about getting large Martin Luther & Katie models with their faces open. We can take pictures of people with their faces in the body of either person.
Our Work, God’s Hands Sunday will be September 10th. We are going to visit a nursing home & memory home to sing & visit the residents. Also, we are making baskets with cookies & small teddy bears to distribute to the
local Police & Fire Departments.
The Fall schedule will begin September 17th, where we will have 2 Services. 8:00 a.m. will be the Conservative Service & 10:15 a.m. will be the Traditional Service.
Diane made a motion to accept the Report. Chris seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Property Committee
Brad is planning on rearranging the front of the Church with risers. Once arranged, it will remain that way. He plans on power washing, finishing the sprinkler system, & fixing the garage door. Next month he will be fertilizing the property.
The top of the fountain has to be removed in order to install the new pump. That will be done on October 7th.
Chris will contact someone to flag the electric & gas lines in order to place the Peace Pole without hitting something.
Brad mentioned he thought it would be best to have a person in house to handle maintenance issues. It was decided to add this to Joe’s responsibilities.
The sign needs t o be lettered. Mark K will prepare an idea, then show Jim for approval before it is started.
Diane made a motion to accept this Report. Chris seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Old Business

Larry, Chris & Marie are on the Symphony Committee.
The location of the Peace Pole will be placed in front of the Pastor’s door.
Jim is going to get bids for shampooing the rugs. We will concentrate on the rear of the Church & spots only in the rest of the Church. It will be done sometime in November.
There was a question about whether the tables were purchased yet.
Jim asked for everyone to think about what should be on the budget.
The Constitution has to be updated to be in sync with ELCA’s.
Mark J asked about the cost of our bulletins. Diane mentioned that the cost did not increase.
Carol asked if the applicants were contacted that the Secretarial position is no longer available. Diane did contact them.
Jim then told the members that Joe came back with a counter offer of $850.00 a week, ($44,200 annually) on a 1099, without insurance. Council decided to counter with $700.00 ($36,400 annually) a week, on a 1099, without insurance & include the maintenance work.
Joe does not currently have the necessary skills. Larry would like Joe to begin training by September 1st to determine if he can quickly grasp the skills he needs to do this job. Larry, Pastor & Rita will work with him. We need to have a special Congregational Meeting by mid September to get the approval of everybody to hire Joe. Diane made the motion to offer $700.00. Tina seconded the motion. The motion carried.

New Business

Mark K needs to purchase supplies to fix the lights. The cost will be more than $300.00. Since it is under $500.00, he does not need Council’s approval. The credit card is available to him. He needs to sign it out from the Office.

Closing, Next Meeting

The next meeting will be September 19th.
Larry has Devotions next month
Jim closed the meeting with a prayer

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