Council Meeting Minutes — December 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council

Thursday, December 11, 2008

7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Karla Carson, Milan Barabas, Marie Johnson, Mike Mohr, Laura Dilley, Chelsea Armstrong

Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.

Minutes of the November Council meeting were approved with an addition on a motion by Milan Barabas and seconded by Marie Johnson. The addition was an explanation that the $844.00 Bible Camp issue was due to taxes and FICA.

Treasurer’s report:

There was a discussion of what we have in Edward Jones. It has decreased as has the Scholarship Fund with the decrease in the market.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Mike Mohr and a second by Milan Barabas.

President’s Report:

A welcome to Chelsea as our new Youth Representative was extended.

There is no replacement for Kate Baumann on Council as of yet.

Number of absences allowed for Council members is 3 unexcused.

The congregational meeting is scheduled for 1/25/09 following the 10:15 service.

Reports for the Annual meeting are due by the end of the 1st week of January (1/9/09) so they can be out by 1/18/09. Council will be installed within the next two Sundays after the meeting.

The Islam course has been great.

We are in track with the memorial garden.

Pastor’s Report:

Christmas is coming and Advent is here. Illness has been fairly rampant this year. We have many sick and shut-ins.

We are moving forward with the online directory and it is looking great.

We will be beginning the Christianity series after the Islam series is finished. Pastor will be looking at the Book of Faith after the first of the year to see if it can be incorporated..

Rev. Tulano is not comfortable doing the Liturgy for Christmas morning so Pastor will be at the service.

I am working with Barbara on the End of the Year reports.

I will take the week between Christmas and New Years off as much as possible.

I have been the volunteer Chaplain for the hospital for the last three weeks.

There have been lots of shut-in and hospital visits.

Dinner for Ronald McDonald House is Saturday 12/13.

The Children’s Program is 12/14 at the 10:15 service.

We do not have the budget to run advertising for the Christmas services.

Old Business:

Milan reported that we have talked to the Attorney, Richard Wagner, whose specialty is Real Estate and sent him the documentation. Items B and C on the Performance Bond were questioned. We want it returned to the original state. The attorney wants the Engineering drawings from the company. He says the company should pay all legal costs.

Council Advent dinner is next week. It will be soup and sandwiches. Dinner is at 6:00.

Council nominations and replacements for Kate were discussed.

We received the wrong replacement bulbs for the parking lot lights. We sent them back and have not yet received the right ones. We are waiting to get a lift to do the film on the windows and the parking lot lights at the same time.

New Business:

Mike was asked to install 2 permanent holders for the outside announcement banners. We need to find out a standard size.

Mike has found a good company to get a paper recycling dumpster. The company will bring it here, empty it, and pay us for it. A motion was made by Mike Mohr to get the dumpster on a trial basis with a second by Karla Carson. The motion passed.

A motion was made by Laura Dilley to change the date of the January Council Meeting from 1/8 to 1/15 with a second by Mike Mohr. The motion passed.

We would like to set up a couple of Movie Nights for the Youth.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Mohr with a second by Milan Barabas. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karla Carson


Council Meeting Minutes — November 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council

Thursday, November 13, 2008

7:00 p.m.

Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Karla Carson, Milan Barabas, Ken Stoyer, Dave Wallin, Marie Johnson, Susan Sherman, Mike Mohr

Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.

Minutes of the October Council meeting were approved on a motion by Susan Sherman and seconded by Milan Barabas.

Treasurer’s report:

Treasurer Dave Wallin was present to explain the $844.00 Bible Camp issue that was tabled at the October meeting. There was an additional charge of $275.00 this month.

We need around $20,000.00 per month to meet our expenses. Our collections have been on a downward trend due to the economy.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Mike Mohr.

President’s Report:

A $400.00 donation was made to Lutheran Outdoor Ministries as budgeted..

Need a replacement for Kate Bauman on the Council.

Pastor’s Report:

There was a nice turnout for Oktoberfest. Special thanks to Ken Bursey for cooking.

The church is starting to feel the economy crunch. We need to be aware of stress as we head into the holiday season.

The 2nd Sunday in advent is the text for John the Baptist as is the 3rd Sunday.

The Christmas Eve services are at 6:00, 8:00, and 10:00. The Christmas morning service will be at 10:15 with Rev. Tulano. He will do a full service.

There is a thank you card for Kate for everyone to sign.

The Pastor’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Marie Johnson.

Old Business:

The date of the Congregational Meeting is January 25, 2009 after the 10:15 service. This date was approved on a motion be Ken Stoyer with a second by Pastor Ostenburg.

Milan reported that a reply had been received from Forlesio Law Group on the three questions that we had asked about the easement issue. There is a contradiction in answer A when they state that they will not affect the 50’ easement but originally stated that they were going into 20’. A recommendation was made that we take their letter to a lawyer before answering back. The recommendation was accepted on a motion by Karla Carson and a second by Ken Stoyer. The letter will be sent to Attorney Richard Wagner for review before answering. Milan has agreed to continue leading this issue. We need more answers from the company before any decisions can be made.

Council nominations for the annual meeting – Ruth, Mike and Heather are all coming off council but can all be re-elected.

Chelsea Armstrong has been appointed as the Youth Representative to the council.

The recycling was not what it was thought to be. You don’t get a check for recycling just a savings. Mike will continue to research this.

We will be receiving the final bill from the memorial area soon. We need to think about forming a committee for landscaping. Carol is looking into asking the Lake County Master Gardener.

New Business:

In six years we will have to replace all 10 of the fire extinguishers. Should we start staggering buying new ones next year? Start recharging 8 and buying 2.

It will be $50.00 a year to maintain the online church directory. It could also be sold and printed for people as ordered. A motion was made to pay for this from the Evangelism budget by Ken Stoyer with a second by Mike Mohr. The motion was passed.

We have a new logo that will be on bulletins starting this month. We will see if there is any feedback.

Motion to adjourn was made by Ken Stoyer with a second by Karla Carson. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Karla Carson


Council Meeting Minutes — October, 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Thursday, October 9, 2008

7:00 p.m.


Members present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Laura Dilley, Susan Sherman, Mike Mohr, Ruth Monzillo, Heather Faraci, and Milan Barabas.


Members excused: Marie Johnson, Irving Jones, Ken Stoyer, Karla Carson, and Dave Wallin.


Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.


Minutes of the September meeting were approved on a motion by Ruth Monzillo and seconded by Mike Mohr.


Treasurer’s Report:


            There is some question about the Bible camp $844 reimbursement under miscellaneous. Attempts to contact Dave Wallin were unsuccessful. This will be TABLED until November meeting.

Final numbers from summer camp should be made available by November meeting.


President’s Report:


Ken has been approached by a member of our congregation about the possibility of a Catholic church renting our facility to hold their services in. The congregation is located in the HWY 27 and 192 area. Nothing was decided on this issue since no formal request has been made from said congregation.

A letter of resignation from Kate Baumann was read by Ken Felt. It is with deep regrets that her resignation is accepted on a motion from Ruth Monzillo and seconded by Susan Sherman. Pastor Jon will have a letter prepared to send to Kate Baumann.

It is suggested that the Jr. Council position once held by Karissa Bursey be brought back during the next elections around January or February. It is noted it should be a youth member that is already confirmed and we will look for Kate Baumann as the senior youth group leader to make suggestions as to who should fill this position.


The Presidents report was accepted on a motion from Ruth Monzillo and seconded by Milan Barbabas.






Pastor’s Report:


Pastor has offered his thanks to Mike Mohr and Milan Barabas for all their assistance in getting the approvals for the memorial garden as well as dealing with the easement issues with The Paradise Group.

Sunday school is in full swing. Numbers are looking good and he’s already heard from several of our winter visitors and we should see them begin arriving soon.

Pastor reports that Ed Frame is really in need of voices for our choir. We will keep the choir in our prayers.

Future planning has been set through Epiphany. Council needs to determine a date for the Annual Meeting.

Pastor Jon and Pastor Ken attended Pastor Himmelman’s funeral service in the St. Pete area. He was the interim Pastor during the call process.

Illness and shut in calls are way up. Many members of our church and their families have been afflicted by serious illness in recent weeks and months.

There has been a great response to the study series on Islam. There are 10 weeks left in the series. Laura Dilley has recommended placing an ad in the paper to let the community know about the study series we are offering. She will meet separately with Pastor to write the ad.

Meetings of the local Lutheran Clergy has begun meeting monthly again. Pastor has asked the council to keep St. John’s church in our prayers as they endure internal strife within their congregation. Also from the Lutheran Clergy meeting, it was noted that another Pastor’s congregation is setting up a separate fund to hold and raise money for members having a financial need. Pastor Jon will follow this and find out more in case we decide to do something similar in our congregation.

Pastor requests we all spend more time praying for those on the prayer list and really keeping our eyes and ears open for those that may need extra prayer that aren’t on the prayer list.


The Pastor’s report was accepted on a motion by Ruth Monzillo and seconded by Milan Barabas.



Old Business:


Easement- The Paradise Group will pay church’s attorney cost. Milan said he will get everything in writing. A performance bond will be acquired to verify we’re covered if anything goes wrong with the project leaving necessary repairs, etc. The retaining wall will be built 20 feet away from our property and will be on their property line so any liability would be on Tuscany Village. It is noted that the church attorney will review all documents to make sure everything is in order.

The Cub Scouts request to use either the sanctuary or classrooms has been denied due to rising utility cost as well as our current janitorial schedule. Pastor Jon will relay the information to Jerry with the Cub Scouts.

Memorial Garden is under way. There was mention of adding a trellis for shade coverage and it was decided to forego this due to permitting issues with the county.

Mike Mohr shared a recycling opportunity for the church. We are very interested and will wait until November’s meeting to hear more information.

The Ladies Evening Circle’s bank statements were provided for review. It is noted the current balance through the August statement is $344.86.


New Business:



Congregational meeting has been tentatively set for January 25, 2009.

*Budget should be available for review in sanctuary by January 18, 2009.

*New Council Member nominees should be available to congregation by January 18, 2009 as well.

A current copy of the council terms will be made available at the November meeting. Pastor Jon will speak to Barbara about preparing this.

Mike Mohr requested a voice recorder be brought to council meetings to aide in the accuracy of typing council minutes. Pastor Jon or Ruth Monzillo will bring one to the November meeting.

Council is asked to spend some time considering a possible replacement for Kate Baumann’s position on council.


Motion to adjourn was made by Laura Dilley and seconded by Ruth Monzillo. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,

Heather Faraci



Council Meeting Minutes – September 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Thursday, September 11, 2008

7:00 p.m.


Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Karla Carson, Milan Barabas, Ken Stoyer, Dave Wallin, Ruth Monzillo, Marie Johnson, Laura Dilley


Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.


Minutes of August Council meeting were approved with the correction of changing May to July minutes in the approved minutes section on a motion by Laura Dilley and seconded by Ruth Monzillo.


Treasurer’s report: 


Correction from last month – Summer Camp did not make a profit.  The final numbers will be available at the October Council meeting.

Attendance ths year is about the same as last year at this time.

The credit card reports have been given to the council president.  A new policy has been established for credit card purchases.  A receipt must be given to the Treasurer.  Pastor will draft a policy statement and requirements for use of the church credit cards.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Marie Johnson.


President’s Report: 


The temporary construction easement request received by the church will be discussed in new business.

The credit card issues are being addressed.

Ken thanked everyone for all their thoughts and prayers for his mother.

The President’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Laura Dilley.



Pastor’s Report:


Rally Day was a success.  Some summer camp children have come to Sunday School.

Fall Quarterly Planning is Sunday, September 14, following the second service.  We will be planning through Epiphany.

The Wednesday night Worship Group would like to start the video class following the service.  That is being scheduled and will start in a couple of weeks.  We will start with the series on Islam.

We are short on Choir members.

The organ is on its last legs.  We need to start ramping up the Organ Fund again.

Confirmation will start soon.  Lessons will be emailed.  There will be two weeks of lessons then we will meet.

The credit card policy will be drafted.

Sunday Morning Adult Class also thinking of watching the video series or reading a book and discussing.

Pastor thanks everyone for their prayers and concerns about the Chicago trip and accident.

There was an article about the Me Dolls in the Daily Commercial

The Pastor’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Laura Dilley.



Old Business:


            We are waiting to get a lift to do the windows.  We will have to move the choir bleachers.  We should also replace the burned out lights in the parking lot while we have the lift.  Should we replace all the outdoor lights or just the burned out ones.  We need to find out the cost and get it to the Treasurer for approval.

            Memorial Garden – We are meeting with a plumber and bricklayer.  We need to make sure that all necessary permits are applied for before the work starts.

            Mike and Barbara have both talked to the Janitor.  The door was left ajar one evening.  The security company called the Sheriff’s Office and they checked the church.  No recent complaints have been heard.

            Marie brought the Virginia Circle check book for the Council to review.  The Virginia Circle has approximately 200 Me Dolls for the ELCA Woman’s Conference and approximately 50 to go to the hospital.  We will receive funds back from Thrivent.



New Business:


            The Cub Scouts would like to meet Tuesday nights at the church.  Need to talk to the Sunday School about how this will affect them.  Will table till next month.

A document was received from The Paradise Group asking for a temporary construction easement.  It was discussed that if they would like the church to consider this request that they should cover all our expenses for the professional services that will be required.  A motion was made by Laura Dilley to consult a lawyer on the easement request and share with him our concerns and have him make the initial contact with The Paradise Group.  It was seconded by Ken Stoyer and carried with a unanimous vote.

Carroll Fulmer has requested to put an information flyer at the church.  A motion to post this information on the bulletin board was made by Ken Stoyer with a second by Marie Johnson.  This motion passed.

A request was made by Larry Dodge for a bulletin insert about the quilt made by one of the members and donated to the Library for a charity raffle.  A discussion of the policy for what was allowed to be advertised in the church occurred and several motions followed. 

1.  A motion was made to deny the church bulletin insert presented by Larry Dodge by Marie Johnson with a second by Laura Dilley.  This motion unanimously passed.

2.  A motion was made to set aside a portion of the bulletin board in the administrative hallway for community bulletins by Laura Dilley with a second by Ken Stoyer.  This motion passed

3.  A motion was made to allow Larry Dodge to post the information on the community bulletin board by Ken Stoyer with a second by Laura Dilley.  This motion passed.

This community bulletin board is also where the approved flyer for Carroll Fulmer will be posted.    All postings must go through the council for approval.  It was suggested that we might add a bulletin board to the Sunday School side for community notices that would apply to children and families.

            Barbara is requesting to add an extra hour to her schedule from November until after Easter.  This would make the church office hours 8:00-2:00 Monday thru Friday.  A motion was made to add the extra hour as requested by Ken Stoyer with a second by Ruth Monzillo.  The motion was passed.

            Don Himmelman passed away the first weekend in September.  He was our interim pastor before Pastor Ostenburg was called.  It was suggested that we send condolences from the church.


Motion to adjourn was made by Karla Carson with a second by Ken Stoyer.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.




Respectfully Submitted,

Karla Carson



Council Meeting Minutes – August 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Thursday, August 14, 2008

7:00 p.m.


Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Kate Baumann, Heather Faraci, Susan Sherman, Karla Carson, Milan Barabas, Ken Stoyer, Dave Wallin, Mike Mohr, Ruth Monzillo, Marie Johnson, Irving Jones


Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.


Minutes of April Council meeting were approved on a motion by Heather Faraci and seconded by Ruth Monzillo.


Treasurer’s report: 


Final figures are not in but it appears the summer camp had a profit of approximately $1000.00.  Karla Carson made a motion to carry the summer camp profit over to next year for start up costs.  The motion was seconded by Milan Barabas.

It appears that the electric bill did not increase substantially with the addition of the summer camp.  There is no electrical averaging available for commercial accounts but the electric company will give discounts for tinted windows.

Under Miscellaneous Items the reimbursement to the church is from Pastor

Pastor has given Dave Wallin and Mike Mohr a printout for Utility Auditors that would come out to the church and see what could be done by the church to save money on the utility bills.  We are looking at adding extra doors at the entryways to create an airlock and also adding tile at the doors.

There was a question raised about whether we need to review who has credit cards that bill to the church.  Barbara has the list of who has Sam’s Club cards.  Need to get a list of who is authorized to charge at Publix.  Dave Wallin will follow up on the Publix bill and figure out the charges or close the account.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Marie Johnson.


President’s Report: 


There is a separate Youth Group bank account.  The youth does fundraisers and puts the monies raised into this account.  The council needs to start checking the statements of all church related separate accounts on a regular basis.  The council will check 6 months of statements at the September meeting.

Ken wanted to make the council aware that there is a facility called Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.  We can do retreats there and there are facilities for camping.

The updated phone list of members is available but needs to be reviewed by the church.  We need to also have a phone list with consistent friends of the church.  The membership book still needs to be reviewed and cleaned.

If someone has a complaint that they would like to have addressed they need to write it down, sign it and submit it.

The President’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Milan Barabas.



Pastor’s Report:


The computer is up and the database has been installed.

            The office equipment is all working.

We have pulled off all the information for the online confirmation site and will not renew our contract.  The lessons will be emailed to the confirmants homes and they will meet once a month to review.  Should we post a version of these confirmation lessons for the adult members of the church to look at?  Laurie Freshour is interested in helping with this.

Pastor has purchased some new continuing education material.  This might make a good study for the church.  Should we start up a separate bible study group?

Pastor will be going to Chicago next Monday-Thursday (8/18 – 8/21).  Pastor Ken and Pastor Terri will cover.

We need to continue to consult the prayer list.

Mark Faraci has been very generous with his time and equipment from his business.  It is a very difficult economy and we need to not become a burden.

We need to start thinking about how we can help families that have lost jobs, homes, etc.  The Ladies group is looking at using a portion of the Oktoberfest proceeds to start an account for active church members in need.  Thrivent also helps with matching funds.

No one should give out money to people who come to the church door.  This could lead to security problems.

Pastor would like to thank all the people who have been helping with the memorial garden.

The Pastor’s report was accepted on a motion by Ken Stoyer and a second by Marie Johnson.



Old Business:


            The schedule quarterly meeting is on 9/14 following the second service.  We need to have all groups represented to plan through Epiphany.  The Annual Meeting needs to be planned.  We need to decide if we will alter the Sunday schedule for the meeting.

            The Memorial Garden schematics were passed out in the July meeting.  We are scheduled for a mid-September start.  The company has upgraded us to a bigger fountain.  Mike Mohr will be going to the planning board.  We can add no more signs to the property other than the lit sign we already have now.  We can relocate that sign at a cost if necessary.

            The back yard security lighting is too expensive ($800 dollars for one light out back, $400 for a light added to the garage).



New Business:


            The next Thrivent meeting will be held here on 9/9/08.  We will be providing a light lunch

We would like to form a task force to explore the new worship hymnals.  Do we want to purchase the books at this time?  How will we introduce them to the congregation if we do purchase them?  How many hymnals should we purchase?  There are funds we could use to purchase a CD with some of the new songs.  Ed Frame and Irving Jones are going to form this task force.

Janitorial is still a problem.  We need to find out if we have a contract or if this is a trial period.  Mike will have Barbara set up a meeting with the janitor service to discuss the problems.


Motion to adjourn was made by Ken Stoyer with a second by Mike Mohr.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.




Respectfully Submitted,

Karla Carson



Council Meeting Minutes — May 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Thursday, May 8, 2008

7:00 p.m.


Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Kate Baumann, Heather Faraci, Susan Sherman, Karla Carson, Milan Barabas, Ken Stoyer


Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.


Minutes of April Council meeting were approved with the addition of Marie Johnson – Social Ministry on a motion by Kate Baumann and seconded by Heather Faraci.


Treasurer’s report was reviewed.  It was noted that there was a closing cost on the new mortgage and that we are ½ point above prime with no ceiling on the interest rate.  This is to be amortized over 5 years.  This is different than what was presented at the April meeting.  It was requested that the treasurer attend the June Council meeting for discussion of or provide a report with the details of the new mortgage.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Karla Carson and a second by Susan Sherman.


President’s Report:  


The cell tower addition has been approved and will be further discussed in Old Business.  The church had attendees at the Synod Assembly.  We have received a letter from Gary Janz resigning from the council so there is now 1 council position open.   We will carry the question of averaging the power bill over the next council meeting.


Pastor’s Report:


Post Easter there has been 3 baptisms with another 1 scheduled for 5/11.

Registrations for the summer camp are coming in.  as of 5/4 there were 20 campers registered.  There is now a banner out front.  Talking Books and the Mothers Groups have cancelled for the summer.  Workman’s Comp will be assessed at the end-of-year contract.  Insurance will go up slightly for the summer.  The charge for the summer camp has been set at $70.00/child/week.

Pastor is now receiving email on his phone.  The email address is .  The regular shephills email address also comes to his phone.

Pastor will be out of town Wednesday-Sunday (5/14-5/18).  Richard Freshour will be leading worship on Sunday 5/18.  The 5/14 Wednesday Service will be cancelled.

The worship powerpoint needs to be changed to provide more contrast between the text and the background.

The Synod Assembly went very well.  Pastor Jon and John and Marie Johnson attended.

It was suggested that the church start a member information database.  This could contain contact information for those that have no family members in the area. 


Old Business:


We now have high speed wireless internet at the church.  The Sprint Card is the service chosen.

The 20 ft. addition to the tower has been okayed.  T-mobile will be added to the tower and will be paying an additional fee which will be added to the building fund.

The locked mailbox and window tinting estimate are still being worked on.


New Business:


The letter of resignation from Gary Janz was read and a motion to accept it with regrets was made by Ken Stoyer and seconded by Susan Sherman.


Positions for New Council Members:

Milan Barabas – Future Planning

Ken Stoyer – Mutual Ministry/Staff Concerns

Susan Sherman – Financial Secretary/Stewardship


A request to use the building was made.  The need was for 1 classroom for up to 16 children.  Our classrooms do not meet there minimum requirements. 


Motion to adjourn was made by Ken Felt with a second by Heather Faraci.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.




Respectfully Submitted,

Karla Carson


Council Meeting Minutes — April ’08

 Minutes of Meeting

 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

 7:00 p.m.

Members Present; Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Mike Mohr, Ruth Monzillo, Heather Faraci, Kate Baumann (Infant representative), Laura Dilley, Karla Carson and Marie Johnson. Susan Sherman came in after start of meeting. 

Members were provided with complete Treasurer’s Report for March, agenda for April meeting and minutes of February Council Meeting. 

Pastor Jon followed by a Prayer called meeting to order. 

President was voted on. Ken Felt received unanimous vote.

Minutes of February Council meeting were approved as presented on a motion by Ruth Monzillo and seconded by Heather Faraci. 

Treasurer’s Report reviewed by Treasurer Dave Wallin. He said collections were higher for the past month because of Holy Week and Easter. 

Heather Faraci made a motion to accept report and seconded by Karla Carson.

Dave Wallin was asked to look into the possibility of having our Electric bill averaged by the year with Progress Energy. 


Pastor’s Report:

Pastor Ostenburg thanked all who helped make the Easter Services flow smoothly and beautifully. Special thanks for all who made the Sunday School program so special.

 Five of our seven Council members had to be replaced. 

There will be a new member class during the summer. 

Will be in touch with families to plan First Communion Classes.


Old Business: Gembecki Contract for Air Conditioning cancelled. Riffles will now have a yearly contract. Gembecki was given a 30-day notice. 

Pastor Jon and Dave Wallin have been making inquiries about high speed Internet for the Church with Sprint. They will follow up and make sure it will work in our building. 


New Business:

Positions for New Council Members:

Karla Carson: Secretary

Heather Faraci: Christian Education

Ruth Monzillo: Evangelism

Laura Dilley : Worship and Music

Kate Baumann: Youth Ministry

Milan Barabas

Ken Stoyer


Mailbox: Need to have a locked mailbox. This will cost about $600.00. Possibly will be covered by Thrivent. Motion made. Seconded and approved. 

Retroactive staff raises: A motion was made by Heather Faraci to pay staff retroactively, Seconded by Karla Carson. Approved. 

Autism worship: Laura Dilley made a motion that we allow the Autism Workshop held in Church on May 17, 2008. A $50.00 deposit will be required and returned if building left as they found it. Karla Carson seconded. APPROVED.

A letter of resignation was read from Brian Grussaute stating that family and work commitments are taking up his time. Motion made by Laura Dilley. Accepted with regrets. 

Laurie Freshour presented a detailed Power Point presentation for a proposed Summer Bible Camp. This would be for a 10-week period. Ruth Monzillo made a motion for Laurie Freshour to go ahead with the camp plans after checking on Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. Karla Carson seconded. Approved unanimously. 

Florist increase to $40 from $29. Voted to change florist. New florist will charge $30.00 a week. 

Discussed a parting gift for Peggy Wilk. Suggested a $50.00 gift certificate to Publix. Pastor will purchase certificate. 

Mike Mohr made a motion that we continue to pay Laurie Freshour her salary during the summer. She had suggested in her presentation that she would not draw her salary for Youth Director while she was working for the Bible Camp. Seconded and approved unanimously.

Mike Mohr was asked to get a bid on solar film for the upper windows in the church. 

Treasurer would like not to attend Council meetings on a regular basis. With the price of gas he would rather put the cost of the gas into the offering. He would be able to be reached by telephone if there was a question. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Monzillo

Congregational Meeting – March 2, 2008

2007 Congregational Annual Meeting                                                           March 2, 2008

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Quorum of 71 members required, 87 members counted. Meeting called to order at 11:40 a.m. in the church sanctuary by President Carroll Fulmer followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg. 

November 19, 2006 Congregational Meeting Minutes approved and accepted.

Annual Report

A printed copy of the Annual Report for 2007  was provided to all members present. 

This report included the following:


Congregational Minutes –  November 19, 2006

President’s Report

Evangelism Report

Building &  Property

Music & Worship

Virginia Circle

Youth & Family Ministry

Ladies’ Evening Circle

Youth Report

2007 & Proposed 2008 Budget

Building Fund Income & Expenses 

Pastor’s Report

2007 Congregational Data

No other information was available as of Friday, February 1, 2008

                        President’s Report – approved and accepted

                        Evangelism Report – approved and accepted

                        Building & Property – approved and accepted

                        Music & Worship – approved and accepted

                        Virginia Circle – approved and accepted

                        Youth & Family Ministry – (correction: 10 new folding chairs for Sunday

                           school rooms purchased with the assistance of Thrivent) –  approved and


                        Ladies’ Evening Circle – approved and accepted

                        Youth Report – approved and accepted

Proposed Budget for 2008:   $ 237,238.00 – approved and accepted

Budget for 2007:                   $ 234,211.00

David Wallin, Congregational Treasurer reviewed the “Miscellaneous or Pass Through” items (donations) which appear on the monthly Treasurer’s Report … items ( “monies”) that do not affect the budget but must be recorded. He stated the proposed 2008 budget increase is as flat as possible compared to the 2007 budget. Increases are limited primarily to staff salary adjustments. Wallin also reported, with additional payments made to the capital (building) fund, so far this calendar year, the balance now stands at

Less than $700,000.



   2007 Congregational Data

            Membership:   714 Baptized    474 Confirmed 

32 New Members: 23 Confirmed   32 Baptized

                                           23 Baptisms   2 First Communions   1 Confirmation   5 Deaths                                     

    11 Transfers Out   157 Worship Services

President Fulmer reported an effort has begun to clean-up the congregation’s list of  confirmed members. This action should help in solving the problem of meeting  a quorum for Annual Congregational Meetings.

In response to a question: Can we offer “Associate Memberships ?” it was noted that Associate Members have no voice / no vote.

It was suggested that consideration be given to holding only the 10:15 service on  the Annual Meeting date … supported by several weeks of promotion. 

Pastor’s Report – approved and accepted

Pastor Jon thanked the Congregational Council, Laurie Freshour and individual members for their support and prayers. He also thanked Barbara West for her dedication, support and hard work. For the safety of Barbara and anyone who works in the building alone, he asked everyone to be vigilant in making sure all doors are locked when leaving the building. 

Pastor Jon also stated for the church to grow,  planning should be given to increasing our church staffing; on a part-time basis in the beginning, such as the Youth and Family Ministry. He cited several possible positions. 


 In response to a question of  “How do we create a position ?” it was suggested that the position be defined and a job description written. Another suggestion was to start with volunteers. 

Election of Church Council

Walt McCarty, nominating committee member, reported three Council Members have fulfilled terms on Council: 

Carroll Fulmer

                                                Diane Bursey 

                                                Troy Evans. 

These nominees were presented to fill the open positions: 

                                                Ken Stoyer

                                                Milan Barabas

                                                Karla Carson

The three candidates were elected by voice vote.


On a motion and second from the floor, Laura Dilley was nominated to fill the unexpired term of Peggy Wilk on Church Council. Hearing no other nominations, President Fulmer directed the Secretary to cast a unanimous vote for Laura Dilley.

Pastor Jon explained Peggy Wilk recently resigned her position on Council. She and her son, Chuck, will be moving to Jacksonville.  

Audit of Church Financial Statements As of December 31, 2007 – Approved and accepted.

A copy of the audit report, prepared by Michael Kiely CPA, is filed with this report. 

Amendments To The Constitution As Required By The Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (ELCA). – Approved and accepted. Copy filed with this report.

Acknowledgements of Appreciation by members of the congregation:


  • Recommendation to grant a one month sabbatical to Pastor Ostenburg in recognition of 10 years as Pastor of  Shepherd of the Hills.  (suggestion will be referred to Church Council for discussion and action.)
  • Recognized Larry Holihan for sharing his time and talent in production of the church’s print and electronic media.
  • Recognized Mike Mohr for his leadership in maintenance of the church building and grounds.
  • Plaques recognizing their years of service on Church Council were presented to Carroll Fulmer by Vice President Ken Felt, and to Diane Bursey and Troy Evans by President Fulmer. 
  • An illustrated book titled; “The Little Lutheran” was presented to the Youth And Family Program by President Fulmer.  

President Fulmer suggested members give consideration to subscribing to “ The Lutheran” magazine. A significant discount is available if enough  members subscribe.

President Fulmer declared the 2007 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Annual Congregational Meeting closed at 12:40 p.m.