Council Meeting Minutes — May 2008

Minutes of Meeting

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Governing Council


Thursday, May 8, 2008

7:00 p.m.


Members Present: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Kate Baumann, Heather Faraci, Susan Sherman, Karla Carson, Milan Barabas, Ken Stoyer


Pastor Jon opened the meeting with a prayer.


Minutes of April Council meeting were approved with the addition of Marie Johnson – Social Ministry on a motion by Kate Baumann and seconded by Heather Faraci.


Treasurer’s report was reviewed.  It was noted that there was a closing cost on the new mortgage and that we are ½ point above prime with no ceiling on the interest rate.  This is to be amortized over 5 years.  This is different than what was presented at the April meeting.  It was requested that the treasurer attend the June Council meeting for discussion of or provide a report with the details of the new mortgage.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Karla Carson and a second by Susan Sherman.


President’s Report:  


The cell tower addition has been approved and will be further discussed in Old Business.  The church had attendees at the Synod Assembly.  We have received a letter from Gary Janz resigning from the council so there is now 1 council position open.   We will carry the question of averaging the power bill over the next council meeting.


Pastor’s Report:


Post Easter there has been 3 baptisms with another 1 scheduled for 5/11.

Registrations for the summer camp are coming in.  as of 5/4 there were 20 campers registered.  There is now a banner out front.  Talking Books and the Mothers Groups have cancelled for the summer.  Workman’s Comp will be assessed at the end-of-year contract.  Insurance will go up slightly for the summer.  The charge for the summer camp has been set at $70.00/child/week.

Pastor is now receiving email on his phone.  The email address is .  The regular shephills email address also comes to his phone.

Pastor will be out of town Wednesday-Sunday (5/14-5/18).  Richard Freshour will be leading worship on Sunday 5/18.  The 5/14 Wednesday Service will be cancelled.

The worship powerpoint needs to be changed to provide more contrast between the text and the background.

The Synod Assembly went very well.  Pastor Jon and John and Marie Johnson attended.

It was suggested that the church start a member information database.  This could contain contact information for those that have no family members in the area. 


Old Business:


We now have high speed wireless internet at the church.  The Sprint Card is the service chosen.

The 20 ft. addition to the tower has been okayed.  T-mobile will be added to the tower and will be paying an additional fee which will be added to the building fund.

The locked mailbox and window tinting estimate are still being worked on.


New Business:


The letter of resignation from Gary Janz was read and a motion to accept it with regrets was made by Ken Stoyer and seconded by Susan Sherman.


Positions for New Council Members:

Milan Barabas – Future Planning

Ken Stoyer – Mutual Ministry/Staff Concerns

Susan Sherman – Financial Secretary/Stewardship


A request to use the building was made.  The need was for 1 classroom for up to 16 children.  Our classrooms do not meet there minimum requirements. 


Motion to adjourn was made by Ken Felt with a second by Heather Faraci.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.




Respectfully Submitted,

Karla Carson


Council Meeting Minutes — April ’08

 Minutes of Meeting

 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 

Thursday, April 10, 2008

 7:00 p.m.

Members Present; Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Ken Felt, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Mike Mohr, Ruth Monzillo, Heather Faraci, Kate Baumann (Infant representative), Laura Dilley, Karla Carson and Marie Johnson. Susan Sherman came in after start of meeting. 

Members were provided with complete Treasurer’s Report for March, agenda for April meeting and minutes of February Council Meeting. 

Pastor Jon followed by a Prayer called meeting to order. 

President was voted on. Ken Felt received unanimous vote.

Minutes of February Council meeting were approved as presented on a motion by Ruth Monzillo and seconded by Heather Faraci. 

Treasurer’s Report reviewed by Treasurer Dave Wallin. He said collections were higher for the past month because of Holy Week and Easter. 

Heather Faraci made a motion to accept report and seconded by Karla Carson.

Dave Wallin was asked to look into the possibility of having our Electric bill averaged by the year with Progress Energy. 


Pastor’s Report:

Pastor Ostenburg thanked all who helped make the Easter Services flow smoothly and beautifully. Special thanks for all who made the Sunday School program so special.

 Five of our seven Council members had to be replaced. 

There will be a new member class during the summer. 

Will be in touch with families to plan First Communion Classes.


Old Business: Gembecki Contract for Air Conditioning cancelled. Riffles will now have a yearly contract. Gembecki was given a 30-day notice. 

Pastor Jon and Dave Wallin have been making inquiries about high speed Internet for the Church with Sprint. They will follow up and make sure it will work in our building. 


New Business:

Positions for New Council Members:

Karla Carson: Secretary

Heather Faraci: Christian Education

Ruth Monzillo: Evangelism

Laura Dilley : Worship and Music

Kate Baumann: Youth Ministry

Milan Barabas

Ken Stoyer


Mailbox: Need to have a locked mailbox. This will cost about $600.00. Possibly will be covered by Thrivent. Motion made. Seconded and approved. 

Retroactive staff raises: A motion was made by Heather Faraci to pay staff retroactively, Seconded by Karla Carson. Approved. 

Autism worship: Laura Dilley made a motion that we allow the Autism Workshop held in Church on May 17, 2008. A $50.00 deposit will be required and returned if building left as they found it. Karla Carson seconded. APPROVED.

A letter of resignation was read from Brian Grussaute stating that family and work commitments are taking up his time. Motion made by Laura Dilley. Accepted with regrets. 

Laurie Freshour presented a detailed Power Point presentation for a proposed Summer Bible Camp. This would be for a 10-week period. Ruth Monzillo made a motion for Laurie Freshour to go ahead with the camp plans after checking on Workman’s Compensation and Liability Insurance. Karla Carson seconded. Approved unanimously. 

Florist increase to $40 from $29. Voted to change florist. New florist will charge $30.00 a week. 

Discussed a parting gift for Peggy Wilk. Suggested a $50.00 gift certificate to Publix. Pastor will purchase certificate. 

Mike Mohr made a motion that we continue to pay Laurie Freshour her salary during the summer. She had suggested in her presentation that she would not draw her salary for Youth Director while she was working for the Bible Camp. Seconded and approved unanimously.

Mike Mohr was asked to get a bid on solar film for the upper windows in the church. 

Treasurer would like not to attend Council meetings on a regular basis. With the price of gas he would rather put the cost of the gas into the offering. He would be able to be reached by telephone if there was a question. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Ruth Monzillo

Congregational Meeting – March 2, 2008

2007 Congregational Annual Meeting                                                           March 2, 2008

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

Quorum of 71 members required, 87 members counted. Meeting called to order at 11:40 a.m. in the church sanctuary by President Carroll Fulmer followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg. 

November 19, 2006 Congregational Meeting Minutes approved and accepted.

Annual Report

A printed copy of the Annual Report for 2007  was provided to all members present. 

This report included the following:


Congregational Minutes –  November 19, 2006

President’s Report

Evangelism Report

Building &  Property

Music & Worship

Virginia Circle

Youth & Family Ministry

Ladies’ Evening Circle

Youth Report

2007 & Proposed 2008 Budget

Building Fund Income & Expenses 

Pastor’s Report

2007 Congregational Data

No other information was available as of Friday, February 1, 2008

                        President’s Report – approved and accepted

                        Evangelism Report – approved and accepted

                        Building & Property – approved and accepted

                        Music & Worship – approved and accepted

                        Virginia Circle – approved and accepted

                        Youth & Family Ministry – (correction: 10 new folding chairs for Sunday

                           school rooms purchased with the assistance of Thrivent) –  approved and


                        Ladies’ Evening Circle – approved and accepted

                        Youth Report – approved and accepted

Proposed Budget for 2008:   $ 237,238.00 – approved and accepted

Budget for 2007:                   $ 234,211.00

David Wallin, Congregational Treasurer reviewed the “Miscellaneous or Pass Through” items (donations) which appear on the monthly Treasurer’s Report … items ( “monies”) that do not affect the budget but must be recorded. He stated the proposed 2008 budget increase is as flat as possible compared to the 2007 budget. Increases are limited primarily to staff salary adjustments. Wallin also reported, with additional payments made to the capital (building) fund, so far this calendar year, the balance now stands at

Less than $700,000.



   2007 Congregational Data

            Membership:   714 Baptized    474 Confirmed 

32 New Members: 23 Confirmed   32 Baptized

                                           23 Baptisms   2 First Communions   1 Confirmation   5 Deaths                                     

    11 Transfers Out   157 Worship Services

President Fulmer reported an effort has begun to clean-up the congregation’s list of  confirmed members. This action should help in solving the problem of meeting  a quorum for Annual Congregational Meetings.

In response to a question: Can we offer “Associate Memberships ?” it was noted that Associate Members have no voice / no vote.

It was suggested that consideration be given to holding only the 10:15 service on  the Annual Meeting date … supported by several weeks of promotion. 

Pastor’s Report – approved and accepted

Pastor Jon thanked the Congregational Council, Laurie Freshour and individual members for their support and prayers. He also thanked Barbara West for her dedication, support and hard work. For the safety of Barbara and anyone who works in the building alone, he asked everyone to be vigilant in making sure all doors are locked when leaving the building. 

Pastor Jon also stated for the church to grow,  planning should be given to increasing our church staffing; on a part-time basis in the beginning, such as the Youth and Family Ministry. He cited several possible positions. 


 In response to a question of  “How do we create a position ?” it was suggested that the position be defined and a job description written. Another suggestion was to start with volunteers. 

Election of Church Council

Walt McCarty, nominating committee member, reported three Council Members have fulfilled terms on Council: 

Carroll Fulmer

                                                Diane Bursey 

                                                Troy Evans. 

These nominees were presented to fill the open positions: 

                                                Ken Stoyer

                                                Milan Barabas

                                                Karla Carson

The three candidates were elected by voice vote.


On a motion and second from the floor, Laura Dilley was nominated to fill the unexpired term of Peggy Wilk on Church Council. Hearing no other nominations, President Fulmer directed the Secretary to cast a unanimous vote for Laura Dilley.

Pastor Jon explained Peggy Wilk recently resigned her position on Council. She and her son, Chuck, will be moving to Jacksonville.  

Audit of Church Financial Statements As of December 31, 2007 – Approved and accepted.

A copy of the audit report, prepared by Michael Kiely CPA, is filed with this report. 

Amendments To The Constitution As Required By The Evangelical Lutheran Church In America (ELCA). – Approved and accepted. Copy filed with this report.

Acknowledgements of Appreciation by members of the congregation:


  • Recommendation to grant a one month sabbatical to Pastor Ostenburg in recognition of 10 years as Pastor of  Shepherd of the Hills.  (suggestion will be referred to Church Council for discussion and action.)
  • Recognized Larry Holihan for sharing his time and talent in production of the church’s print and electronic media.
  • Recognized Mike Mohr for his leadership in maintenance of the church building and grounds.
  • Plaques recognizing their years of service on Church Council were presented to Carroll Fulmer by Vice President Ken Felt, and to Diane Bursey and Troy Evans by President Fulmer. 
  • An illustrated book titled; “The Little Lutheran” was presented to the Youth And Family Program by President Fulmer.  

President Fulmer suggested members give consideration to subscribing to “ The Lutheran” magazine. A significant discount is available if enough  members subscribe.

President Fulmer declared the 2007 Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Annual Congregational Meeting closed at 12:40 p.m.

Congregational Data – 2007

Congregational Membership

  • 714 Baptized
  • 474 Confirmed

 New Members

  • 32 new members
  • 23 Confirmed
  • 32 Baptized
  • 23 baptisms
  • 2 first communions
  • 1 confirmation
  • 5 deaths
  • 11 transfers

 Worship Services

  • 159 services 

New Members 2008

Jan 13 2008   
  • Sandy Finnila
  • Rhoda Rouse
  • Yvonne Hair
  • Shane Croye
  • Stephaine Croye
  • Cheyenne Croye
  • Dakota Croye 
March 3
  • Jim Johnson
April 13
  • Rita Cox
May 21
  • Dee Shields
  • Gary Shields
  • Nicholas Brosonski
  • Pamela Brosonski
  • Justin Brosonski
  • Kaitlin Brosonski
  • Lauren Brosonski


Baptisms – 2008

February 24
  • Anastasia Rosanne Jacobsen
April 23
  • Paul Halecki
  • Marcie Halecki
April 27
  • Layla Baumann
May 11
  • Morgan Berbin Horgeshimer

November 16

  • Hailey Olson

Council Meeting Minutes — Feb 08

 Thursday, February 21, 2008 

                                                               7:00 p.m.

Members Present; President Carroll Fulmer, Vice President Ken Felt, Secretary Troy Evans, Treasurer Dave Wallin, Gary Janz, Ruth Monzillo, Brian Grussaute, Susan Sherman, Peggy Wilk and Mike Mohr. Members excused: Pastor Jon Ostenburg, Kate Baumann, Heather Faraci, Diane Bursey and teen representative Karissa Bursey. 

President Fulmer reported Pastor Jon is at home suffering with flu symptoms. 


Members were provided with agenda for February meeting, Disbursement Report for January, Treasurer’s Report for January and Report of Income for January. (via email) Members were provided with proposed 2008 Yearly Budget and minutes of  January 10 meeting.

 Meeting was called to order by President Fulmer. He opened the meeting with prayer.


Minutes of Council’s January meeting were approved, with one correction, on a motion by Peggy Wilk and second by Ruth Monzillo.

CORRECTION: (President’s Report, Item E – Mortgage Loan) … shopping the major financial institutions in early April for best terms … should have read: shopping the major financial institutions as soon as possible for the best terms …


Reviewed printed report of  income and disbursements during month of January and proposed 2008 Yearly Budget. Treasurer Wallin noted a list of expenditures for equipment and repairs during 2007. He also called attention to a list of miscellaneous expenditures during January 2008. 

In response to President Fulmer’s question, Wallin said we have not received the auditor’s report for calendar year 2007. 

During the month of  January, attendance at the 10:15 service averaged 124. Attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service averaged 100, and, on average 10 worshippers attended Wednesday evening services.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion by Ruth Monzillo, second by Ken Felt. 


President Fulmer called Council Members’ attention to the following subjects:

 Letter of Resignation. President Fulmer shared a letter received from Peggy Wilk announcing here resignation from Church Council. In early April Peggy will be moving to the Jacksonville area. Her resignation was accepted, with regrets, on a motion by Ruth Monzillo, second by Mike Mohr.

Site Plan Amendment for T-Mobile / Cell Phone Tower.  Zoning Board and Board of County Commissioners Public Hearings scheduled for February 6 and February 26, 2008. Copy of approved “Petition to Rezone Property” by the Zoning Board was given to Secretary Evans for files. 


Lenten Potluck – March 5. Approved menue of sliced ham,scalloped potatoes and green beans was approved. Peggy Wilk will order ham.

 Rescheduled Annual Meeting. Discussed ways to encourage confirmed members to attend rescheduled Annual Meeting, March 2 at 11:30 a.m. Additional emphasis will be placed on announcements in the bulletin and on power point. Pastor Jon will encourage participation in announcements following services.

Mortgage Loan. President Fulmer suggested shopping the major financial   institutions as soon as possible for the best terms. Dave Wallin will make contacts. 

F.   Air Conditioning (#5 Blower Motor). Reviewed cost estimate submitted by

     Gembecki Mechanical Services, Inc. for replacement of blower motor, 40 amp,

     3- pole contactor and labor. ($ 1,037.50). This equipment was discovered to be 

     malfunctioning during a recent inspection be Gembecki. No action was taken

     pending discussion of the estimate with a representative of Gembecki Company.


Work Day, Monday, February 18: Mike Mohr reported a large turn-out of members for spreading mulch, cleaning children’s playground equipment, etc. Thrivent will reimburse the church for cost of  mulch. Young children’s playground equipment was donated to the Neighborhood Center. Mike identified items needed for the playground area, including rubber mulch.


President Fulmer closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted, 

Troy Evans, secretary  

Council Meeting — Jan 08

Minutes of Meeting
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church 
Governing Council
Thursday, January 10,2008 
7:00 p.m.

Members Present; Pastor Jon Ostenburg, President Carroll Fulmer, Vice President Ken Felt, Secretary Troy Evans, Treasurer Dave Wallin,  Kate Baumann, Gary Janz, Heather Faraci, Ruth Monzillo, Brian Grussaute and Mike Mohr. Members excused: Susan Sherman, Peggy Wilk, Diane Bursey and teen representative Karissa Bursey. 
Members were provided with agenda for January meeting, Disbursement Report for December, Treasurer’s Report for December and Report of Income for December. (via email) Members were provided with 2007 Yearly Budget and minutes of  December 13 meeting.

 Meeting was called to order by President Fulmer, followed with prayer by Pastor Ostenburg.

Minutes of Council’s December meeting were approved on a motion by Ruth Monzillo second by Mike Mohr.

Reviewed printed report of  income and disbursements during month of. December and 2007 Yearly Budget. Treasurer Wallin stated; “We finished the year $ 1700.00 under budget and all bills were paid and the books were balanced as of December 31, 2007.
In answer to a question of why the cost of  equipment repairs is so high, Dave said he will review the line item and have a report at the next Council Meeting. 
President Fulmer suggested an additional payment be made on the building mortgage loan as soon as possible. 
During the month of  December, attendance at the 10:15 service averaged 125. Attendance at the 8:00 a.m. service averaged 51, and, on average 30 worshippers attended Wednesday evening services.
The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion by Ken Felt, second by Ruth Monzillo..

President Fulmer called Council Members’ attention to the following subjects:

A. Christmas Card and $ 20. donation from Narcotics Anonymous Group which meets at the church.
Thank you letter for donation of toys and food to the Neighborhood Center.
B. Site Plan Amendment for T-Mobile / Cell Phone Tower.  Zoning Board and Board of County Commissioners Public Hearings scheduled for February 6 and February 29, 2008.
C. King’s Crossing Planned Unit Development . (commercial/office space). A special request has been made by the owner for a conditional use permit for a planned 70,000 sq. ft. commercial/office structure at the intersection of highway 27 and Citrus Tower blvd. (north and south corners of east side.)  Hearing is scheduled for January 28, 7 p.m. at City Hall.  Does not affect Shepherd of the Hills.

D. Tax Bill. Minutes of  a meeting held January 8 by the Board of County  
Commissioners stated: “Authorize Staff to Issue a Certificate of Correction for the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church that will reduce their Fiscal Year 2008 Fire Assessment from $ 4,046 to $ 2,023.” Commission District 2. 

President Fulmer said the church will receive a tax bill for $ 965.00 for the Cell Phone Tower – which he will pay. 

E. Mortgage Loan. President Fulmer suggested shopping the major financial   institutions in early April for the best terms when it is time to refinance the current mortgage loan.

Pastor Jon addressed the following subjects:

A. Future Planning. Circulated an outline of subjects for review, additions and/or

B. Christmas Season. Thanked everyone who assisted with Christmas services. 
     368 worshippers attended Christmas Eve/Christmas Day  services.

C. Annual Meeting. Confirmed  meeting will be held February 10 following 
            the second service. All  committee reports are to be in the church office by
            January 20. Dave Wallin said financial figures are to be included in reports made
            by committees having annual budgets or pass-through budgets. Pastor Jon
            reported the audit of financial records is in progress.

D. Annual Stewardship Drive. Pastor Jon, Susan Sherman and David Wallin will
            serve on committee. Suggested starting the drive on February 17 or 24 
            with “Pledge Sunday” on Palm Sunday.

E. Lent. Ash Wednesday is February 6. Easter is March 23. February and March will 
            be extremely busy.

The pastor’s report was approved on a motion by Kate Baumann, second by Heather Faraci. 


Painting Church Building. Mike Mohr expressed satisfaction with the recent painting of the outside of the building. He said the contractor included more work than was in the contract (at no charge) including the garage and retaining walls. In answer to Ruth Monzillo’s question, painting of the metal door frames was not included in the quote or contract.

High Lift Equipment. On behalf of Council, President Fulmer thanked Mark and Heather Faraci for donating use of this equipment for several projects at the church.

Cleaning Sanctuary Carpeting. Mike Mohr said the original contractor reneged on its’ bid. The contract was subsequently awarded to another contractor at less money               ( $  700. vs $ 850.) …including cleaning of chairs. Cleaning of carpeting in the nursery and Scotch Guarding will be added to the project.


February Council Meeting Date. It was decided to schedule the February meeting of Church Council on Thursday, February 21 @ 7:00 p.m. The regular Council meeting date was February 14 (Valentine’s Day).
Security for Rear of Building: Brian Grussaute called Council Members’ attention to the lack of security for the rear of our building. Suggestions for fixing the situation included:
extending the main building alarm system to the garage, contacting Sheriff’s office with a request to make more regular patrols of the building and grounds. Carroll Fulmer will contact the Sheriff’s office.

Muslim Religion. Pastor Jon received a request from a lady offering to speak to our congregation. No action was taken. 

Food For The Poor. A request was received from this organization to provide a speaker at one of our services in late April or early May. It was decided to respectfully deny the request and be open to a similar request from ELCA sponsored outreach programs.

Bishop’s Lenten Visitation. This annual Bishop’s Visitation and Discipleship Day is scheduled Saturday, March 15, 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at St John’s Lutheran Church, Kissimee. Pastor Jon will be attending this session. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Pastor Jon. 

Weekly Posting of Attendance. Starting as soon as possible, attendance from the previous week’s services will be printed in the bulletin, and projected on Power Point.

Conversion of a Material Gift to a Monetary Gift to the Church. (Vice President Ken Felt presiding) On a motion by Mike Mohr, second by Kate Baumann, Council accepted Carroll Fulmer’s offer of $ 2,000.00 for the purchase of Hummel and Precious Moments figurines, and Norman Rockwell plates, donated to the church as a monetary gift. President Fulmer did not participate in this action by Council. 

Pastor Jon closed the meeting with prayer.

Respectfully submitted, 
Troy Evans, secretary