Pastor Jon’s Resignation Letter

July 14, 2011

To: The Council Members of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church

From: Pastor Jonathan Ostenburg


Greetings in Christ,

It is with deepest regrets that I must tenure my resignation as Pastor of this fine congregation effective July 16, 2011. As you all know, my physical condition and illness will not allow me to maintain a full or partial ministry here at Shepherd of the Hills. My doctors have advised me to focus on the healing process and have supported me in obtaining my long term disability. Therefore, my focus for the coming months will be on healing and self-care. During that time I feel that it is in the best interest of the congregation that, with the help of the synod and the Holy Spirit, you move forward in finding a suitable pastor to continue and build the ministry here at Shepherd of the Hills.

It has been an honor to minister here over the last fourteen years. I wish to thank Laura Dilley, Barbara West and Terri Krier for their help and support over the past several months. Likewise, I thank each council member for their support of my ministry and of the congregation. My special thanks to all of our members for their continued prayers and support during my time in treatment

I pray that God will continue to bless you and make you a blessing to others.

Blessings, Pastor Jon

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