Proposed Continuing Resolutions – 2011




C12.05.a.11: Duties of the Boards of this Congregational Council are as specified in the continuing resolutions and

             should conform to and follow E.L.C.A. and Florida- Bahamas Synod Guidelines.


          General Procedures for Congregational Council Boards:

          a.  Board Chairpersons will assure that the duties and responsibilities assigned by the Constitution, 

              By-Laws, Continuing Resolutions and /or special instructions from This Congregation or Congregation  

              Council are properly discharged.                                                                                                       

          b.  Each Board Chairperson will enlist sufficient Congregation members for the board to perform its 

              duties and responsibilities. Members, other than chairperson may serve as long as they desire. 

              Members may serve on more than one board.

          c.  Each board prepares its budget request for that board.

          d.  Each board prepares reports for the Congregational Meeting.

          e.  The Congregational Secretary will maintain a list of all members serving on boards. The members 

              serving will be recognized and acknowledged by publication of their names in the annual report.

          f.   Each Board must keep financial expense transaction records as per E.L.C.A, Financial Guidelines.                                                                                                                 

          g.  Each Board Chairperson should work with other council board, committee, church staff , volunteers

              in complete harmony as well as in an amicable, cooperative Christian like manner.   


           The Christian Education Board:          

           The primary responsibility of this board is to provide a program of Christian education for all members of

           This Congregation. This includes, but not limited to, the cradle roll, Sunday School, pre-communion,

           pre-confirmation training, youth and adult instructions, teacher training and intergenerational programs.

           Toward this end, the board should:

          a.  Study, review and encourage the use of programs and resources produced or approved by the ELCA 

              and/ or the Florida Bahamas Synod.

          b.  Select and appoint a Sunday School Superintendent, and a Vacation Bible School Superintendent, and

              support the programs in any need, as per E.L.C.A. & Florida Bahamas Synod Educational Guidelines.

          c.  Promote and staff all educational programs within the Congregation and develop a training ministry to

              include the training of teachers and leaders.

          d.  Assist the Pastor in developing pre-confirmation programs.

          e.  With the Pastor, develop programs for Vacation Bible School or summer programs to best suit the 

              needs of the Congregation.

           f.  Maintain a Cradle Call, infant baptism through age (3) three, and assist the Evangelism Board in 

              maintaining the active baptized membership rolls.

          g.  Prepare a budget that will include adequate funding for the Sunday School education curriculum, 

              materials, supplies, and needs of the youth activities.

          h.  With the Pastor, develop and conduct Bible classes, New Member classes, youth and adult classes,

              pre-marriage classes, family relationship classes, special adult education forums, youth programs, 

              etc….as needed. 

              Seek to encourage and assist young adults toward a program in higher education in a Christian 

              Institution and /or training for a full time Christian ministry.

          j.   Appoint and support a congregational librarian.

          k.  Encourage trips and visits to ELCA colleges or seminaries for young adults and forums with speakers 

              or representatives from these institutions.

          l.   Promote the use of Christian literature for the homes of the Congregation and seek to develop learning

              programs for the shut-ins.

          m.  Appoint and support youth group sponsors and activities, as per E.L.C.A. & Florida Bahamas Synod

               Youth Ministry Guidelines.


          The Evangelism Board:

          The primary responsibility of this board is to seek to involve and assist all members of This Congregation

          to better witness the Lord and to the Gospel. Toward this end, the board should:

          a.  Consciously keeping a church atmosphere of open friendship within the sanctuary and among the


          b.  Provide and make available to visitors and members of the surrounding community, informative 

              visual and literary material that will meet their needs to know about the Lutheran Church and to bring 

              non-members into the family of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.

          c.  Develop informative guidelines and take necessary steps to aid in the assimilation and integration of 

              new members into the life and programs of the Congregation.

          d.  Develop annually a program or activity of outreach aimed at making the community aware of what we

              have as the people of God at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.                                                                                                         

          e.  Assist the Pastor to follow up on visitors and prospective members with the goal of sharing our church

              life and faith in the Lord.                                                                                                        

          f.  Provide new member packets for each new family unit in our church.

          g.  Meeting periodically with Pastor and the church secretary in reviewing church attendance of all voting 

              and confirmed members of this congregation, including the newly baptized , monitoring them with the 

              intent of encouraging attendance and keeping the church membership roll current.              . 

          h.  Provide within the sanctuary in pew locations literary information about our church.                                                                         

          i.   Develop and maintain a program to assist the Pastor in making visitations to the aged, sick, shut-ins, 

              or needy through a regular program of support, personal visits and home-bound care and /or



          The Finance Board:

          (The Treasurer is a member of this board)

          The primary responsibility of this board is to review all the Congregation’s financial and budgetary 

          transactions to assure accuracy and efficiency as per E.L.C.A. and Florida –Bahamas Synod Financial

          Ministry Guidelines.                   

          To accomplish this the board should:

          a.  Establish and maintain effective and efficient budgetary and accounting systems.

          b.  Establish the fiscal year (1 January through 31 December.)                                                                                                                

          c.  Ensure responsible , accurate handling and timely depositing of all incoming funds.

          d.  Provide needed assistance to the Treasurer.

          e.  Review , identify and recommend to Congregation Council specific staff positions needed to be bonded.

          f.  Review and recommend changes for Congregational investment ,savings accounts and insurance


          g.  Review and assemble the budget requests from other boards, committees, ministries and develop a 

              preliminary Congregational budget including its financial support and participation in the life of the

              E.L.C.A. and Florida Bahamas Synod..

          h.  Present a preliminary budget proposal to the Congregation Council at least (30) thirty days prior to the

              Congregational meeting.

          i.   Present a final budget for the adoption at the annual Congregational meeting.

          j.   Review, evaluate and report accurate +-membership giving and trends.

          k.  Keep membership informed of needs and responses.

          l.   Review, supervise and recommend disbursements of mission and memorial gifts or funds.

          m.  Arrange for periodic notification to members on individual contributions and provide the Witness 

              Board with inactive member information.


          The Property Board:

          The primary responsibility of this board is the care of all church property and facilities. This includes all

          property matters such as acquisition, repair, maintenance, protection and disposal thereof.

          Additional responsibility

          a.  Taking the necessary action to engage and supervise contract personnel i.e. custodial, lawn

maintenance, exterminators, trash disposal, etc….. on terms approved by the Council.

          b.  Developing and updating of job descriptions and outlines such as  schedule of inspections, repairs, 

              painting and preventive maintenance which relate to the committees work and responsibilities..                                                                                                   

          c.  Taking expeditious action in the care, maintenance, repair, decoration, protection and /or replacement              

              of all church equipment and property.

          d.  Preparing written guidelines for the use of the property and facilities, setting recommended fees, and

              reviewing requests for congregational and non-congregational use of property and facilities.

          e.  Maintaining an inventory of property and equipment, and making recommendations to the Finance 

              Board concerning the valuation of the property, and adequacy of insurance coverage.

          f.  Securing competitive bids for all major expenditures. ($1,000.00 or more)

          g.  Preparing an annual budget request to include maintenance, repair, supplies, utilities, salaries, and

              monitor expenditures to assure the approved budget is not exceeded without proper authority.

          h.  Provide for proper security of buildings and facilities.

          i.  Recruit and enlist all volunteer staff needed to carry out committee functions.                                                                                                      

          j.  Provides for Finance Committee or Church Council action drawing up all leases, joint use agreements,

             and contracts and sees all terms are met (this includes care of all legal matters)

          k.  Maintains up-to-date records of all documented plans, specifications, guarantees, insurance coverage,

              inventories, leases, contracts, agreement forms, as well as the maintenance, repair, and replacement

              schedules along with appraised value of all the property and equipment including depreciation 


          l.  Submit monthly reports to the Church Council which include completed activities, present activities 

              and work, future work and needs, and recommendations in the form of motions to be acted upon  

              by the Church Council.                                                                                                                                                                        


          The Service Board:

          The primary purpose of this board is leading This Congregation’s efforts to address the social economic,

          and emotional needs of people both within the Church Congregation and in the community at large out-

          side the Congregation. Toward this end the board should:

         a.  Establish and direct such programs and activities that will strengthen and promote Christian faith and

             fellowship in keeping with the objectives and mission of the congregation.

         b.  Develop and conduct programs to help those in need, providing material and spiritual assistance to

             those who are poor, hungry, victimized, and have fallen on times of misfortune.                                                                                      

         c.  Maintain a program for collecting and distributing food, clothing, etc…. for the needy or homeless, i.e.,

             Faith Neighborhood Center local food bank, Lutheran World Relief, Lutheran Social Services, etc….

         d.  Foster and participate interdependent relationships with other congregations, the Synod and the ELCA.

         e.  Seek congregational guidance and develop policies concerning organizational activities, fund raising

             programs, non-religious events or programs, etc….

         f.   Provide oversight, direction and assistance to all organizations of the Congregation and their activities,

             this is to include:

             1.  Giving the organization or activity a voice on the Congregational Council.

             2.  When requested, assist organizations in the preparation and presentation of budget needs to the

                 Finance Board.

         g.  Seek to have organizational representations on this board.


         The Stewardship Board:

         The primary responsibility of this board is to seek to involve all members of This Congregation in faithful

         service and generous support. Toward this end, the board shall: 

         a.  Study, review and encourage the use of Stewardship programs and resources produced and approved 

             by the ELCA and /or Florida Bahamas Synod.

         b.  Develop or conduct programs and special drives that seek to obtain membership commitments or 

              pledges of time talents and treasures as deemed necessary.

         c.  Help and motivate the Congregation members to grow in overall faith and commitment to good Biblical

             stewardship and to provide financial support for the Congregation’s ministry and the ministry of 

             the ELCA.

         d.  Establish and maintain up-to-date ‘time and talent’ lists or files of the work, talents and personal 

             preference for service of the membership, and make this information available to other boards and               

             committees on request.

         e.  Prepare a recommended budget request for stewardship programs and materials.

         f.   Arrange for the ordering and distribution of ‘Offering Envelopes’



          The Worship and Music Board:

          The -primary responsibility of this board is to seek to involve all members of the Congregation in worship.

          Toward this end, the board should:

         a.  Study, review and select the use of programs and resources.

         b.  With the Pastor, prepare an annual schedule of services to include selecting ‘settings’, special events,

             special services, i.e. youth, mission, WELCA, outdoor services, special emphasis or special speaker

             services, etc….

         c.  Prepare a recommended budget and monitor disbursements for music, candles, communion cards 

             and supplies, flowers, robes, decorations, banners, etc….                                                                                                     

         d.  Provide an organist and /or choir director, recruit and enlist members for various music groups, 

             purchase materials, develop schedules and conduct special music events.                                                                                                        

         e.  Recommend salary adjustments for the organist and /or choir director.

         f.   Provide for recruiting, enlisting, scheduling and training members for the alter guild, ushers, greeters, 

             acolytes, lectors, communion assistants, crucifers, torchbearers, and lay assistants.


          The Youth Ministry Board:

          (Youth Group Director is /or can appoint an Adult Enabler to serve as a representative member of 

           this board)

          The primary purpose of this board is to provide a support system for the youth members of This 

          Congregation and a more involved participation in the active life and ministry of the church. Toward this 

           end the board should:         

         a.   A youth representative may be selected by the Youth Group to attend and participate as a non-voting

 member of the of the Congregational Council to provide input and a voice on youth programs, needs 

 and activities associated with the church and This Congregation.

         b.   Coordinate and support all activities that relate to the youth in the total life of This Congregation. All 

              groups who work with the youth of the church such as Youth Group, confirmation classes, choir, etc…. 

              are to report to this board so that any conflicts and overlaps can be avoided, and that recognition 

              and support can be given to all youth ministry leaders, both youth and adult.

         c.   Review all activities and programs of the Youth Groups to make sure there is a balance in educational 

              and spiritual growth, worship, fellowship, service and recreation. The Youth Ministry Board is to 

              oversee the activities of the youth group and help them provide a well balanced program that is in 

              harmony with the ministry of the church.

         d.   Be an advocate for youth involvement in the total life and mission of This Congregation. The Youth 

              Ministry Board is to help the Congregation to view youth as the younger members of the people 

              of God today. It should seek to invite the decision makers in the congregation to include youth on 

              standing committees or any other role of responsibility which a qualified youth member could handle. 

              The goal is to help the youth feel that they are a part of This Congregation, and that they make a 

              difference, and that their thoughts and opinions are valued.

         e.   To secure adequate financial support for ministries with the youth in the Congregation and to develop

              good stewardship practices among the church youth. There is a need to make sure that money is 

              available in the annual budget to support this Congregation’s ministries with the youth. Youth 

              programs, resource books, retreats, etc…. are items that need to be attended to on a year to year 

              basis, and although most of the youth groups raise some of their own budget finances, it is helpful 

              for the congregation to provide them some financial assistance similar to the way they do for other 

              committees in the church.

          f.   Recruit and provide training for adults who will serve as advisors for the Congregational Youth Group. 

              The Youth Ministry Board will be responsible for seeing that the very best adults available will be 

              selected as adult advisors as per E.L.C.A. Youth Ministry Guidelines. Since adult advisors are a vital 

              part to the success of a Youth Group, it is to review the leadership annually and provide funds for the 

              training of advisors.

         g.   Plan and sponsor special programs ( such as Youth Week, Family Nights, Musicals, Youth /Adult 

              Dialogue, etc….) which involve the total congregation. The Youth Ministry Board may want to 

              sponsor programs or events other than those offered by the youth group. General events such as 

              those offered by the youth group as well as those mentioned above can be planned by the 

              Youth Ministry Board so that the leadership for the youth group will not have to be responsible for 

              all youth related events in the Congregation.         


C13.01:  Duties and responsibilities of the Committees of this Congregation are as specified in the Continuing

          Resolutions and should follow through in the same General Procedures for Congregational Council Boards 

          outlined in C12.05.a11A Items:“a, b, c ,d ,e, f, & g” and should also conform to E.L.C.A Guidelines. 


         The Executive Committee:

         The Executive Committee, together with Staff members and the Congregation Council, shall see that all 

         resolutions and actions taken by the Congregation and the Congregation Council are properly executed.

         Primary Responsibilities include:

         a.  Long range planning.

         b.  Setting goals and priorities.                                                                                          

         c.  Arranging for periodic mission statements.

         d.  Evaluating Congregational activities.

         e.  Hiring of staff members as per E.L.C.A. and Florida Bahamas Synod Hiring Guidelines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Additional duties include:

         a.  Annually review the Pastor’s call, needs and concerns, recommending salary adjustments to the 

Finance Board.

         b.  Consider and provide for Pastor’s continuing education.

         c.  Annually, or when the need arises, review with staff members regarding staff performance, needs and

              concerns, and recommending salary adjustments to the Finance Board.

         d.  Prepare a recommended budget to include and not limited to:

              1.  Pastor’s and clerical staff’s salary and benefits.

              2.  Office supplies and equipment maintenance.

              3.  Petty cash distribution or special needs.

         e.  Assure that notification of congregational meetings is given as required by the constitution.

         f.   Assure that Congregation Committees are selected, staffed and functioning.

         h.  Assure that Congregation Council boards are staffed, knowledgeable and functioning.

         i.   Under special circumstances Executive Committee will have authorization to make emergency

             decisions, and report to council as soon as it is possible.


         The Nominating Committee:

         The primary responsibility of this committee is to submit to the Congregation, at its voting meeting, 

         a slate of nominees for each office to be filled at that meeting. This will require:

         a.  Securing nominee’s written consent to serve.

         b.  Meeting with nominee’s and assuring they are eligible to serve.

         c.  Presenting a list of the nominations to the Congregation at least two weeks prior to the election.

         d.  Supervising the election, i.e., printing the ballot, counting the ballots, notifying the Pastor, President 

             and the Congregation of the results and destroying the ballots when authorized.

         e.  Providing prospective nominees for appointment or election to vacancies in offices and the duties of 

             the office during the year.


          The Audit Committee:

          The primary responsibility of this committee is to prepare an annual audit of the Treasurer’s records 

          and accounts, in accordance with good and accepted audit procedures and give written certification of 

          results to the Treasurer and the Congregation. Additional audits will be performed when requested 

          by the President, the Congregation Council or the Finance Board.

          Procedures Include:                                                                                                                        

          a.  Reconciling the checking account balance from the Treasurer’s report with the bank statement.

          b.  Comparing the various reserve balances from the Treasurer’s report to passbook, bank notice and 

              other supporting documents.

          c.  Assuring receipts and disbursements in the Treasurer’s accounts agree completely with receipts 

              and disbursements in the bank statements.

          d.  Examining deposit slips and paid invoices on a ‘test’ basis to determine that recorded transactions 

              are properly supported.

          e.  Reviewing the records for unusual transactions and to determine whether the records are organized

              and neatly kept.


           The Mutual Ministry Committee:

           The primary purpose of this committee is to support, listen, confer and counsel with the staff so they 

           can build an effective relationship among themselves and with the congregation. To accomplish this,

           committee members should study and implement suggestions, provisions and guidelines of the 

           appropriate publications approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

          a.  Provide a channel for feedback about ministry in the Congregation and take steps to correct any 

              misunderstandings and inadequacies before they become problems.

          b.  Share the joys and frustrations, accomplishments, and disappointments of the Congregation’s and 

              Pastor’s mutual ministries.

          c.  Assist in surfacing and creating new ways of carrying out the ministry in the Congregation.                                                                                                                                                                       


           The Call Committee:

           The primary responsibility of this committee is to represent the Congregation while coordinating 

           with the Synod, the procedures and tasks necessary in the selection process of a new Pastor. This 

           requires working closely with the Synod, the Congregation, the Congregation Council, the Executive 

           Committee and other committees that may be formed during the process. The following is suggested 

           as a guide:

          a.  Following their appointment, the committee chairperson will arrange a meeting of the committee with

              the Dean of the Central Florida – Bahamas District of the Florida – Bahamas Synod, ELCA to discuss 

              the procedures established by the Synod for the calling of a Pastors.

          b.  The committee will follow the procedures as established by the Synod.

          c.  The committee will prayerfully involve the members of the Congregation in a study of the 

              Congregation’s needs to be met by the new Pastor.

          d.  When the Primary Candidate has been identified by the committee who  will introduce him to the

              Congregation Council and arrange and settle on a pay package in cooperation with the council.

          e.  The committee will arrange an opportunity for the Congregation to meet with the Candidate, informing

              the Congregation of the reasons for recommending this Candidate and providing opportunity for any 

              questions and answers between the Candidate and the Congregation.

          f.   At the Congregation meeting to vote on the calling of the Pastor, the committee will provide 

              information on the Candidate and the reasons for the committees recommendation, answering any 

              questions that might arise.

          g.  When the Candidate has accepted the Call of the Congregation, the committee will serve as facilitators

              in welcoming and integrating the new Pastor and his /or her family into the Congregation.


           The Future Planning Committee:

           The primary responsibility of this committee is to provide assistance various areas of the church as to

           recommended direction This Congregation would need to take in its future development as to planning

           of the church facility and any documental research pertaining required in the interest of Shepherd of

           the Hills Lutheran Church of Clermont, Florida as follows:

           a.  Interpret , and recommend or suggest a direction to be taken by the church membership as to any up-

               coming needs as to future growth, adaptation, alteration or addition within the congregational facility.

           b.  Assist in the review of contractual documentation in specific areas related to the church facilities.

           c.  Develop and update church related key documents pertaining to future direction of Shepherd of 

               the Hills Lutheran Church. 


          The Scholarship Committee: 

          The primary responsibility of this committee is to award academic scholarships to young members

          of the church who have obtained an acceptance of entry to an approved and/or accredited college or 

          university acceptable to the Scholarship Committee and Church Council. Only the interest and not the

          principle amount accrued in the scholarship fund account may be awarded for scholarship use.

          a.  Membership to the Scholarship Committee is selected and appointed by the Church council.

              The Church Treasurer or a designated financial representative along with the Vice-President of the

              the council must be Church Council members. Other additional committee members are not

              required to be Church Council members, but should have an educational, academic, a youth

              oriented background experience and / or interest in this area may apply for nomination to the

              Scholarship Committee by the Church Council.

          b.  The Scholarship Committee shall develop a criteria to be used along with any E.L.C.A. or 

              Florida Bahamas Synod guidelines currently in effect in the evaluation and selection of a recipient

              To receive a scholarship award .

          c.  The main requirement for a prospective candidate to receive acceptance for the Scholarship Award

              is that they and their family be baptized members of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran church.



           Other committees of This Congregation may be formed as the need arises by decision of the Congregation



In accordance with Chapter17; Section *C17.01 and Chapter 18; *C18.01 and *C18.02 of our Constitution, the attached

changes are incorporated into this document by the voting members of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church of 

Clermont, Florida by a majority vote of all voting members present and voting at its Congregational Meeting. It is the

wish and desire of each voting member that these changes are approved so that Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran

Church of Clermont, Florida has the best organizational structured and written constitution, bylaws, and continuing

resolutions possible, for our present size congregation as well as for our future growth.


ENACTECTED by a majority vote of all voting members present and voting at the Congregational Meeting held on


the _____ day of _______________________ .

EXECUTED by the President of the Congregation on the _____ day of ________________________ .


                                                                          Laura Dilley, President

                                                                  Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church  

                                                                             Clermont, Florida


ATTESTED by the Secretary of the Congregation on the _____ day of _________________________ .

                                              Karen Russell, Secretary

                                             Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church

                                             Clermont, Florida





















































































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