Proposed New By Laws – 2011


                           SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS LUTHERAN CHURCH 

                                CONSTITUTION BYLAWS :


           The following Bylaws have been amended and adopted to this constitution by This Congregation:

           A complete detail description involving the Bylaw process, refer to the full content of Chapter 16

           covering the full required provisions of Bylaws by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.



 C11.01.   The officers of This Congregation shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

           a.  Duties, Responsibilities, and Qualifications of the officers shall be specified in C11.01 in the

               Church Constitution document, and in the By Laws listed below.

           b.  Specific information concerning details of the Congregational By Laws is so covered in 

               Chapter 16 of the Church Constitution document .

           c.  Officers should work with other council board, committee, staff, volunteer members in their church 

               duties and assignments in harmony as well as in an amicable, cooperative Christian like manner.

 C11.01.1. The duties of the officers of This Congregation shall be as follows:

           a.  The President shall: 

               1.  Preside at all meetings of both This Congregation and the Congregation Council.

               2.  Ensure that the constitution and bylaws of the congregational constitution are duly observed and 

                   that the actions thereof are carried into effect, and appoint all committees not otherwise provided 


               3.  Be a contributing and participating member of all church boards and committees of This 

                   Congregation, except the nominating committee.

               4.  Present a report of activities to This Congregation for inclusion in the annual report.

           b.  The Vice President shall:

               1.  Act in absence, disability, or resignation of the President. He / She shall assume the duties of the 

                   President until the vacancy is filled.

               2.  Perform such other duties as requested by the President or Council. 


           c.  The Secretary shall:

               1.  Be the secretary of the Congregation Council and Officer of This Congregation.       

               2.  Be responsible for recording and keeping the minutes of all Congregation and 

                   Congregation Council meetings and have responsibility for the archives of This Congregation


           d.  The Treasurer shall:

               1.  Have responsibility for all approved monetary business transactions of This Congregation.

               2.  Provide for the keeping of all accurate records and be accountable for all funds. 

               3.  Be responsible in paying all disbursements by as directed, in accordance with the financial 

                   policies of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church of Clermont, Florida, the Florida-Bahamas

                   Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.   

               4.  Present written report summary of financial transactions to the Congregation Council

                   monthly and, together with and including a satisfactory audit, for inclusion in the annual

                   report for the congregation.                                                                                                                          

               5.  Serve as a contact individual for the review of all contracts , proposals, bids and submit 

                   recommendation to the Congregational Council regarding compliance within budget constraints.

               6.  Be responsible in the payment of all disbursements in a timely manner, and recommend

                   budget modifications as needed. 

               7.  Be a contributing participant in the duties to Identify, train and assure accuracy of all counters 

                   And personnel involved in monetary duties.













         The Executive Committee:

         The Executive Committee, together with the Pastor and the Congregation Council, shall see that all 

         resolutions and actions taken by the Congregation and the Congregation Council are properly executed.

         Primary Responsibilities include:

         a.  Long range planning.

         b.  Setting goals and priorities

         c.  Arranging for periodic mission statements.

         d.  Evaluating Congregational activities.

         e.  Hiring of staff members as per E.L.C.A. and Florida Bahamas Synod Hiring Guidelines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

         Additional duties include:

         a.  Annually review the Pastor’s call, needs and concerns, recommending salary adjustments to the 

Finance Board.

         b.  Consider and provide for Pastor’s continuing education.

         c.  Annually, or when the need arises, review with staff members regarding staff performance, needs and

              concerns, and recommending salary adjustments to the Finance Board.

         d.  Prepare a recommended budget to include:

              1.  Pastor’s and clerical staff’s salary and benefits.

              2.  Office supplies and equipment maintenance.

              3.  Petty cash distribution or special needs.

         e.  Assure that notification of congregational meetings is given as required by the constitution.

         f.   Assure that Congregation Committees are selected, staffed and functioning.

         h.  Assure that Congregation Council boards are staffed, knowledgeable and functioning.



         The Nominating Committee:

         The primary responsibility of this committee is to submit to the Congregation, at its voting meeting, 

         a slate of nominees for each office to be filled at that meeting. This will require:

         a.  Securing nominee’s written consent to serve.

         b.  Meeting with nominee’s and assuring they are eligible to serve.

         c.  Presenting a list of the nominations to the Congregation at least two weeks prior to the election.

         d.  Supervising the election, i.e., printing the ballot, counting the ballots, notifying the Pastor, President 

             and the Congregation of the results and destroying the ballots when authorized.

         e.  Providing prospective nominees for appointment or election to vacancies in offices and the duties of 

             the office during the year.



          The Audit Committee:

          The primary responsibility of this committee is to prepare an annual audit of the Treasurer’s records 

          and accounts, in accordance with good and accepted audit procedures and give certification of 

          results to the Treasurer and the Congregation. Additional audits will be performed when requested 

          by the President, the Congregation Council or the Finance Board.

          Procedures Include:                                                                                                                        

          a.  Reconciling the checking account balance from the Treasurer’s report with the bank statement.

          b.  Comparing the various reserve balances from the Treasurer’s report to passbook, bank notice and 

              other supporting documents.

          c.  Assuring receipts and disbursements in the Treasurer’s accounts agree completely with receipts 

              and disbursements in the bank statements.

          d.  Examining deposit slips and paid invoices on a ‘test’ basis to determine that recorded transactions 

              are properly supported.

          e.  Reviewing the records for unusual transactions and to determine whether the records are organized

              and neatly kept.



           The Mutual Ministry Committee:

           The primary purpose of this committee is to support, listen, confer and counsel with the Pastor so they 

           can build an effective relationship among themselves and with the congregation. To accomplish this,

           committee members should study and implement suggestions, provisions and guidelines of the 

           appropriate publications approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

          a.  Provide a channel for feedback about ministry in the Congregation and take steps to correct any 

              misunderstandings and inadequacies before they become problems.

          b.  Share the joys and frustrations, accomplishments, and disappointments of the Congregation’s and 

              Pastor’s mutual ministries.

          c.  Assist the Pastor in surfacing and creating new ways of carrying out the ministry in the Congregation.



           The Call Committee:

           The primary responsibility of this committee is to represent the Congregation while coordinating 

           with the Synod, the procedures and tasks necessary in the selection process of a new Pastor. This 

           requires working closely with the Synod, the Congregation, the Congregation Council, the Executive 

           Committee and other committees that may be formed during the process. The following is suggested 

           as a guide:

          a.  Following their appointment, the committee chairperson will arrange a meeting of the committee with

              the Dean of the Central Florida – Bahamas District of the Florida – Bahamas Synod, ELCA to discuss 

              the procedures established by the Synod for the calling of a Pastors.

          b.  The committee will follow the procedures as established by the Synod.

          c.  The committee will prayerfully involve the members of the Congregation in a study of the 

              Congregation’s needs to be met by the new Pastor.

          d.  When the Primary Candidate has been identified by the Synod, the committee will introduce him to the

              Congregation Council and arrange and settle on a pay package.

          e.  The committee will arrange an opportunity for the Congregation to meet with the Candidate, informing

              the Congregation of the reasons for recommending this Candidate and providing opportunity for any 

              questions and answers between the Candidate and the Congregation.

           f.  At the Congregation meeting to vote on the calling of the Pastor, the committee will provide 

              information on the Candidate and the reasons for the committees recommendation, answering any 

              questions that might arise.

          g.  When the Candidate has accepted the Call of the Congregation, the committee will serve as facilitators

              in welcoming and integrating the new Pastor and his /or her family into the Congregation.



           The Future Planning Committee:

           The primary responsibility of this committee is to provide assistance various areas of the church as to

           recommended direction This Congregation would need to take in its future development as to planning

           of the church facility and any documental research pertaining required in the interest of Shepherd of

           the Hills Lutheran Church of Clermont, Florida as follows:

           a.  Interpret , and recommend or suggest a direction to be taken by the church membership as to any up-

               coming needs as to future growth, adaptation, alteration or addition within the congregational facility.

           b.  Assist in the review of contractual documentation in specific areas related to the church facilities.

           c.  Develop and update church related key documents pertaining to future direction of Shepherd of the

               Hills Lutheran Church.























































































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