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A draft of $75,000 was paid to the Restoration Contractor this month. A little over $50k will complete payments after receipt of final insurance payment and all items are satisfactorily completed.

Our safe deposit box has been moved to Mainstreet Bank.

Our current Building Mortgage balance is $255,308.63.

The bookkeeper office is being cleaned and old financial files have been shredded. The office will get new flooring shortly.

Many of our monthly transactions are now being paid online. This reduces bookkeeper work and insures timely payment of our bills.

The finance committee has yet to meet to discuss audit of church finances and 2019 budget. I hope we can complete this this month.


I would like to give my thanks to Tina Crawn and Diane Bursey for their assistance in successfully converting our financials to a new bank with less costs new payroll processing.

Attached are the August financials. Complete financials are posted in the Member Blog on our website. (Note: if financials are not attached to this report, check the website in the 2018 financials)

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