SOTH Council Monthly Committee Report

Committee Name

Finance Committee

Report Date



Pam Brosonski
Tina Crawn
Larry Holihan

Items Discussed

1 . 2018 Audit

Pam Brosonski has accepted the responsibility of performing our 2018 Financial Audit. This audit will be conducted under the guidelines of the latest ELCA Audit procedures.

2. 2018 Budget

The Finance Committee will present the Church Council with a proposed 2019 Budget at the October council meeting. This year, an Income Budget will be added. The church council needs to review this proposal and submit revisions before the November council meeting. We hope to be able to approve the budget at the November meeting.

The council also needs to provide input on the following items:
(1) Mission Share for 2019. The committee proposed $12000 for the year.
(2) Pay for staff members.
(3) Recommendations from various committees (eg. Property, Music and Worship, etc.

3. Personnel actions

(1) Should independent contractors be paid if they do not work ?
(2) How should pastor’s Professional Allowance be paid?
(3) Bookkeeper does not qualify as an independent contractor. Should be moved to employee?
(4) Custodian does not qualify as a salaried employee. Should be moved to hourly?
(5) New contracts should be signed for 2019 by independent contractors. Employees should have updated job descriptions.

4. Financial policies and guidelines need to be consolidated and updated in accordance with ELCA procedures.


1. Conduct 2018 financial audit per ELCA guidelines.
2. Review and approve 2019 budget. November council meeting.
3. Reclassify staff members as required – effective January 2019
4. Update staff job descriptions effective January 2019
5. Approve compensation for all staff for 2019.
6. Review financial guidelines and submit proposal for addition to by-laws by end of 2018.

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