SOTH Council Monthly Committee Report

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Report Date


Items Discussed

1. Renovation: Contractor has been paid in full and all known bills paid. Residual in this fund allowed us to go ahead with the Audio/Visual improvement project. Project is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, October 29 and be complete by the following Sunday (if all components arrive in time).

2. Pam Brosonski has agreed to audit the church books for 2018.

3. Proposed 2019 budget to be presented to Church Council at the October meeting. Hopefully to be approved by council at the November meeting.

4. Financial procedures are being updated with the latest ELCA financial recommendations.

5. Electric bill has risen to over $1700 the last two months. This bill needs to be controlled as it is way too high.

6. Financial committee met this month and has submitted several recommendations to council to be considered this month (See Finance Committee report for details.

7. Increased focus on Building Fund balance will hopefully encourage us to pay off the remaining mortgage of slightly over $200,000.

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