SOTH Council Monthly Committee Report

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Note that we discussed Raymond Jones losses at the Congregational meeting in January. We now have the January results and the recovery in the stock market erased all of those losses.

$20,000 was sent to our mortgage lender as an additional mortgage payment. Mortgage status as of February 10, 2019 is as follows:

Building mortgage balance Feb 1, 2019 $225,710
Extra principal payment Feb $ 20,000
Adjusted mortgage balance Feb 10 $205,710

Bldg Fund cash on hand $ 18,440

App. money needed to retire mortgage $187,846

Our Synod commitment has been increased to $1,000 monthly.

Electric utility costs have dropped to around $1K/month. We’ll have to see if that is a result of conversion to LED lighting and more careful monitoring of A/C, or just a seasonal recovery.


Open position of custodian be filled as soon as possible. The custodian will be paid on a hourly basis.

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